Visualization for Christ Presence, Peace and Love

May the Elohim of Peace enfold each one in a flame of peace. May the Divine Mother enfold each one in her great love. If you are willing, take a moment to visualize with me. There is a spiritual flame burning at about the level of your heart. Picture this in any way you wish. Focus on that flame. Envision moving your focus into your heart. Picture the disk of the sun in your heart, radiating its light and warmth all thru you. Think of that sun as the presence of the Christ in your heart. Feel the warmth radiating to the tips of your fingers and the tips of your toes. From this sun in your heart feel the peace that Jesus spoke of radiating thru your entire being. Now from this sun feel the love of The Mother radiating thru your entire being. Feel both the peace and the love surrounding your physical form and radiating where ever you put your focus of attention and to all whom you come in contact. Enjoy your day.

Posted August 8, 2008.

Modified slightly to remember the outward flow, as well as the inward flow. March 24, 2010.




This energy is sent out thru the protective filter of Father/Mother God's will
 and can only be returned in that will and by God's grace.