March 19, 2011

I've been asking and asking for evidence that I'm in attunement with my I AM Presence. I know if my acceptance of the fact were solid, the question would go away. But some part of me continues to worry, so I ask the question. The great thing is that I keep getting all sorts of substantiations. The latest example is that I woke up this morning and wrote a couple short paragraphs of thoughts to give my manager. This is something completely out of the ordinary for me and the thoughts are not popular opinion. I walked into his office and handed him the typed thoughts to read on his coming plane flight. However, he happened to be writing something right at the moment that the thoughts applied to. He read them right away with interest while I waited, even though he was having to multitask to fit it in. So this is an example to me of supplying a different perspective at just the right moment on just the right subject. Do I see this as evidence of my I AM Presence at work, because that is what I'm looking for? Most probably. Never the less, it helps me relax into being more of myself and that is potentially the point of my sharing this, to bring to mind to people those things that help you gain confidence in flowing with YOU.


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