June 30 , 2012

I’m really having to concentrate on getting and keeping my energies up.  Even small conversations about anything touching on the condition of the world or concerns about the future seem to be weighing more heavily than usual.  Sometimes people refer to talking as unburdening themselves.  I know sometimes when I have discussed a deep concern with someone, I have felt better.  There have been times I hoped I didn’t just pass the burden.  A lot of people I’m acquainted with know how to protect themselves.  I thought I was one of those.  I know one way is to call for a cylinder or sphere of white light to be three feet thick about yourself.  This is typically said to represent the white light of Christ.  Some add three rings or spheres of blue flame, each concentrically three feet larger, about the white light.  Blue flame has been explained to me as representing the Father’s divine will, guidance and direction.  Of course, people also call on Archangel Michael for aid.  I was also taught to fill the white light with violet flame for self-purification.  As far as I know, what might put “holes” in our protection are our own thoughts, feelings, fears, beliefs.  Hence we are always working on ourselves to be able to live up to the scriptural sense of the devil not being able to find anything in us that will accept any influence from any energies of a lower frequency than Christed energies.  Hence, the long of it is, that apparently I share more of the concerns and fears than I’m crediting to myself.  I recognize that the mass becomes more intense as more and more people feed the fears and concerns.  Unfortunately, I’m finding I’m not as immune as I hoped.  So my advice to people is to put more concentrated focus into keeping your energies up (“girding your loins” so to speak).  This might mean taking more care about what you let fall out of your mouth when you are speaking.  It might mean taking a good hard look at your feelings, thoughts and beliefs right now.  It probably means more concentrated time in decreeing, praying, meditating and singing sacred names.  But also I think it actually means stepping out of our comfort as we are able.  If you find it easy to focus on others and help others, then do something that only benefits yourself.  If you find it easy to focus on self, then put some time into reaching out to and helping others.  If you are well grounded, then get a little more spiritual.  Do something esoteric.  If you tend to be more spiritual, then get more grounded.  Do something more earthy.  But more than all this, I think it means making an actual shift within ourselves, an anointing of the Holy Spirit, if you will.  What will get you out of what ever rut you are in, how ever shallow; and really put you on a new path.

I do hope that I help lessen people’s burdens, but it is more important to me to be a firm frame of reference.  I don’t feel that that is coming across.  I don’t feel solid within myself.  And even as I say it the fear of careful what you ask for hits me.  Yet, I proclaim AND LOUDLY from the depth of every cell (and my computer even hiccupped) – I want to be a FIRM frame of reference that it is who we are in God that matters.  The world conditions we see with our physical eyes are not what are really real.  It is the underlying energy, the oneness of God in everything and everyone that is the reality that counts.

After writing this I went into the forest and sincerely from the depth of every cell called for that anointing of the Holy Spirit.  The shift occurred during my decrees.  I felt Mother Mary’s love and that feeling stayed with me for hours.  The determination :) and the sense of some integral difference inside me still remains.  Oh and within just a few hours five possible postings surfaced and perhaps four more from this morning.  


June 28, 2012

The best fighters are constantly ready to die. I prefer to be ready and willing to truly live.

June 27, 2012

Let me use traffic in a construction zone where two lanes are funneled to one lane to illustrate a point.  We’ll just discuss three groups of people.  Which of these three groups are at peace?  There is the group that stay in the closed lane as long as possible.  They typically have the attitude that some “stupid sheep” will always be available to let them in and justify their behavior as the most “intelligent.”  There is the group that lets multiple cars in and slows down to 10 or even 20 miles less than the posted already reduced speed.  The people in this group typically believe that speed kills and use this opportunity to force slowness on everyone.  This group typically sees itself as “benevolent properly defensive” drivers and justify their behavior as the safest.  There are the people who stay in the lane that will get thru and wait their turn while having labeled people in the first group as rude and people in the second group as rude to the people behind them and passive aggressive for slowing down traffic even further.  This group typically feels “righteous indignation” and perhaps punished by the first two groups.  None of the three groups stated are at peace because each one is basing their happiness, intelligence, superiority, victimization on the conditions of the situation.  Real peace with a firm understanding of free will would not base peace on anything to do with the situation, nor whether you cut in, let someone in, or stayed in line.  A person in real peace would not judge people to be “intelligent,” “stupid sheep,” “properly defensive,” or “rude.”  A person in real peace would probably be somewhat unaware of any of the dynamics and would have no attachments.  The whole situation would be a complete “non-issue” not even worthy of comment.  So how do we cultivate a sense of real peace and apply it to more important events?  Well, we appear to back to not judging other people’s decisions.  Does this have anything to do with letting go of judging our own decisions?

June 24, 2012

Well it appears that this cycle of opportunity to work thru these feelings has passed.  The feelings have receded and I don’t seem able to get in touch with them anymore.  So the moral is to process emotions when they present themselves.

In missing this cycle, I also missed a potential opportunity.  Because I didn’t have my own feelings worked out, I was unable to offer encouragement in conversations that actually brought up this very subject of condemning other people’s decisions.  I offered the frame of reference for my usual peaceful self, but I was not able to offer a frame of reference for a more positive attitude in today’s world.  I made attempts, but they were weak, because I did not have a firm foundation within myself.

Sure hope you are doing much better.

June 19, 2012

I didn’t recognize that in blocking this one posting, I was blocking the flow.  So let’s see what I can do with this, and hopefully begin again.  I think the first paragraph is on point.  But I wrote the 2nd paragraph first, so I’ll just include it for grins.  Maybe it will speak to something one of you is looking at.

Have you ever noticed within yourself, others, or just generically an anger at the decisions people make?  It can be quite subtle at times.  I think it has something to do with not completely understanding free will.  But more than that, it seems to be a fear of adverse affects on self.  And that has to do with giving our power away.  I usually don’t have any issues with maintaining my personal sense of responsibilities and personal power.  But that is generally with respectful people.  It is when the people involved in a conflict of interests are only willing to see just their own agenda and nothing and no one else matters to them, that I tend towards more and more passiveness.  I know I choose not to engage in such conflicts and so it appears that the overbearing force makes all the standing decisions and I just have to adapt to the consequences as peacefully as possible.  Just writing the sentence gave me a sense of wanting to puke.  That sentence doesn’t have an ounce of the firm confidence that speaks to my current sense of identity.  And that is the source of the anger.  Wow!  It is strongly resisting being seen.

(Someone recently called free will an experiment.  I don’t believe that at all.  So perhaps it also has to do with not recognizing free will as a god quality or at least a God given undisputable right.)  At any rate, I haven’t been making choices in my own life that I’m 100% happy with and there has been this low level subtle unease.  There is a technique of dislodging something by exaggerating it to ridiculousness.  So I decided to try it.  I asked myself to assume that someone had chosen to do the most horrible thing possible to me.  Would I want God to withhold love from that person?  Would I want aid or healing withheld from that person?  Would I in any way want to see that person suffer?  The answers are all no.  Therefore, why would the person’s choice cause me to have any ill feelings?  That answer appears to be ‘because it does’ and I find that unacceptable.  I perceive a person’s choice to harm me as restricting my own choices.  Yet, that is never true.  The only person who can possibly restrict my choices is me, by accepting limitations that simply do not have to apply.  So why would I assume that because someone else chooses to harm me, I have to accept that harm as a result.  I don’t have to in any way enter into a dispute or a struggle, but I also don’t have to accept that someone else’s desires override my own.  It is simply a matter of a polite ‘oh, I’m not playing that game.'

June 8, 2012

I love this poster a friend has in her office.

Those who claim it can not be done are usually interrupted by those who are doing it.

(Regarding processing emotions, I'm not sure what to say, yet. Perhaps it is exactly what the poster says.)

June 7, 2012

I was so very delighted when a neighbor told me she has healed a rift between she and her sister. They were not on speaking terms. She just decided to apologize and put and end to the foolishness. It was so delightful to hear. I told her that I had just driven by this sign in this man's yard that has advertised his anger for the past 5+ years and he actually just repainted it. I can't imagine wanting to advertise to the world that you are so inept at processing emotions that you haven't worked thru an anger in 5+ years. I definitely can't imagine wanting to feed and regenerate that anger every time you enter your property. With her tongue in her cheek she said it is so rare that she is wrong, but at least she is fully willing to realize and admit it. We both laughed.

June 6, 2012

May a deep sence of peace enfold and infuse every person who reads this.


This energy is sent out thru the protective filter of Father/Mother God's will
 and can only be returned in that will and by God's grace.