September 30, 2008

There is nothing better for inner peace than coming to that point of determination to change after grapling with a limiting portion of our psyche.


September 29, 2008

I hearby declare that I am willing to look at the illusions that I have come to believe, the conditions that I have set up, the expectations of life that I have.

September 28, 2008

Noise. My Mom wanted a new TV. We walked in the store and the noise from all the TVs was horrendous. It was terribly agitating. I actually complained to the manager. The sales person said you get used to it. Why would anyone want to? Are we insane? I suggested he'd be as agitated in the silence of a grove of redwoods as I was in the noise of his store. He admitted it takes him hours of silence each day to recuperate after work. They had a sound room where a little boy, perhaps an employee's child, was watching a movie. I would have thought the decibels could homogenize a brain. It reminded me of this nasty joke back in high school when they put a woofer speaker under a guy's bed and turned it on full blast. What are we doing to ourselves and to our children?

September 27, 2008

Today I did what I could do regarding the economy. I went into my credit union (where I have my savings and checking) to ask questions on how they do business. The CEO wasn't in, but the second person in line talked with me for one full hour. He was very forth right about answering all my questions. I asked what percentage they hold in reserve, explain their lending practices, can they clearly see their risk ratio, how many layers do they investigate when they invest, how many defaults on loans do they typically see, what would they do if there were a run on the bank, in response to recent events what adjustments are they planning, and what general suggestion does he have for a simple person like myself. You can imagine that I don't tend to panic in the first place, but I sure felt the pull from the mass consciousness. I felt I got honest, solid answers that helped me relax some more. Actually I feel quite confident. I would heartily suggest that we all ask questions that hold accountable businesses where we have financial co-dependencies. For me my mortgage lender and my retirement fund investors are next. Then I'll create my plan of action.

September 26, 2008

Join me. I hereby give myself permission to be happy. In fact right now I have a smile on my face. Ha Ha. Ho Ho. Hee Hee. Please, have fun today. Inject fun into today's routine. Look for or make up reasons to laugh. Laughter is the most powerful action to dispel stress. And dispelling stress makes room for more peace.

September 25, 2008

May the Elohim of Peace fill your heart with the deepest peace you have yet to experience. And from my heart to yours, all the peace of my being.

September 24, 2008

Most people think they stop at their skin. They don't realize that their presence naturally extends to nine feet all about them and is not limited to that. How far does the light from a light bulb extend? It's not limited to the bulb. How far do radio waves travel? They're not limited to the radio. Neither are we limited. People think about what their clothes and physical appearance say about them. What do we want people to pick up on when they're less than nine feet from us? Fear, distrust, anger? Peace, love, calm? Leaders know that what they project about themselves makes all the difference on how people respond to their leadership. Have we decided to project inner peace? Do we have it within to project out?

September 23, 2008

What does it mean to have active peace, to be peace in action? The definitions of active are very interesting. Tending to become wider in scope. Effectuate change. Exerting influence. Currently operating. How often do we think of actively pumping peace into our every day situations?

September 22, 2008

Another type of circumstance is when evil wants to place us in a no win situation, the 'you must kill this person or I'll kill this other person' setup. About all you can do in order not to play evil's game, is to create a third option. This is a set up to get people to feel powerless, by pretending they have power over evil's decisions. Of course they don't. How do we forgive ourselves for feeding into this on smaller scales and actually feeling powerless? Well, like everything, it just takes making the determination; deciding to forgive ourselves. And as soon as we make that decision, we feel our sense of power over our own lives return.

September 21, 2008

Drink this poison or I'll shoot you. How many movies does that line show up in? Have you ever asked yourself what you would actually do? Perhaps it's fanciful, but I did just that as a child. It doesn't matter if I'm never in that position or what I really do if ever placed in that exact position. Asking myself the question and answering it in truth and honesty for who I am has given me strength in all circumstances. I decided that anyone wanting to do evil was responsible on their own, that I would not help them or remove the responsibility from them. If someone wants to kill, they must do the act; I will not do it for them. I always thought it a stupid question and only in Hollywood. But having made that decision has set a pattern for my life. If I want to walk alone, I do and take what precautions I see fit; but I don't allow fear to stop me. If someone wants to hurt me, that is their choice, not mine. I refuse to make decisions out of fear, which would be harmful or limiting to myself simply because there are many who do choose to hurt people. I'm not going to hurt myself 1000 times simply because they might hurt me once. By answering this question, fanciful or not, I chose to never allow fear to rule my decisions. It has also meant that I don't allow other people's fears to rule my life. Ask yourself the question what would you do if you were placed in a position of being told 'drink this poison or I'll shoot you.' See what the answer means in your life.

September 20, 2008

At first I just couldn't feel the happiness I've known before with these giant coastal red wood trees. I have a special affinity for forests and it actually hurts and sickens me to see bald areas that have been stripped of all life by today's logging practices. This pain kept me from enjoying what was in front of me. Red wood trees reach for sunlight first. They can grow to 260 feet tall and just have 2 foot diameter trunks in the first 100 years. At 750 years old they can have 15 foot diameter trunks and could be 350 feet tall. At 2000 years old they can have 30 foot diameter trunks and could be 380 feet tall. They form a community devoted to stubborn and steadfast life. They survive fires in creative ways. They help hold each other up. The air about them smells like rich oxygen. They form a trampoline with their root systems to help them sustain the winds. Trees growing too close will simply grow together. When one looks like it must surely be dead, there's a new red wood growing from it. And when they do finally die, they give life to all other life in the forest, including other varieties of trees. Yet, because I was focused on what has been lost and what could still be lost, I just couldn't release my love. It was when I actually questioned, and looked at this; that I quit focusing on wanting to force my will on others to appreciate and keep these trees. It was when I released the fear and resentment of loosing so many of them; that I was able to focus on appreciating and loving the grandeur that stood right in front of me. Is there someone or something in your life that you could allow your love to flow more freely, by letting go of the fear of loosing it?

September 19, 2008

There is an immense silence in a grove of red wood trees. Even a car on the road can only be heard for a few yards. I would think that sound would travel for long distances in such silence, but it's as if the environment absorbs sound. It almost causes a desire to disrupt the silence. There were times I reveled in the silence and times I wanted to sing into it. There was one section of red woods called Stout Grove. Here there were far more people and far less ferns. Sound did carry a bit more here. I was somewhat irritated by the screaming tantrum of a child. I'm sure she wanted attention; but I also wonder if she's just so used to a noisy world, she couldn't stand the silence of the place.

September 12 thru 18, 2008

Unable to post.

September 11, 2008

Do we remember horrible events to learn from them so we can honestly work towards keeping them from happening again? Do we remember horrible events to try to rekindle the oneness of purpose that was ignited, when everyone forgot about their self-created boundaries? Do we remember horrible events to strengthen new self-created boundaries? Or do we remember horrible events to keep the anger and hurt alive? What would a Christed or Buddhic spiritual teacher suggest? We'd probably be surprised at the answer. I get to fly today. Who would feel a twinge of fear at the thought? My suggestion is to overcome any fears that are triggered and noticed today.

September 10, 2008

I got testy today with someone, because I didn't own up to the situation. I was in somewhat urgent need of food. I had only meant to drop something off on my way to lunch. When it was evident that a conversation was required; I would have been more honest with myself and the person if I had simply said: "I feel faint and really need some food, we'll have to discuss this later." Instead, I had the conversation and allowed myself to be agitated. Of course, the person had no idea that my agitation had nothing to do with her. I simply wasn't taking care of myself and she happened to be in the way.

September 9, 2008

What are some things that can help us easily surrender a potentially peace disturbing situation when it occurs?
A firm decision - to not let things rattle you, or to do better than last time, or to not let outside circumstances determine your inner level of peace.
See the humor – It might seem like THE worst timing, or the magnitude of what has happened might seem totally out of proportion.
Attitude - I just think if some force were trying to get me angry, how much effort did they just waste.
Knowledge of our abilities – Knowing we can deal with whatever it is.
Experience – Knowing that things will work out in some reasonable manner, or that people will be understanding, or that ten years from now it won’t matter a hoot.
Perhaps you can think of some others.

September 8, 2008

I saw this woman at the gas station. It was obvious that she lived in constant fear and I suspected much abuse. I wanted to tell her to leave the man she was with, but knew it was her free will to believe she deserved such treatment. I just sent out the thoughts to her that she does not deserve it. Perhaps a baby step will be for her to just recognize next time she is being beaten or yelled at, that it's not because of anything she deserves. The actions of the other person actually have nothing to do with her.

My sister once made the observation that I would never stay in such a situation, because I simply wouldn't tolerate it. What she doesn't know is how hard I worked to develop this attitude in myself. On just a very small scale, I realize that I remove myself from any situation I consider abusive, even if others don't see it that way. A simple example is this meeting at work where a co-worker kept asking me the same question over and over and not accepting any of my answers. On the 4th time I calmly asked why she was attacking me on this issue. She said it was because the same had been done to her. I informed my supervisor that I will not be in meetings with the individual any more and why. He was surprised that I considered it abusive and I had the impression that he has had the same done to him. I stated that asking the same question over and over is an inquisition tactic that went out of style in the middle ages. It is definitely an abusive tactic. The light went on in his mind and he agreed. My viewpoint was that if the person is simply using me to make an example and has no interest in what I'm saying, I don't choose to be part of the situation.

September 7, 2008

What a day of incredible peace. I almost feel like I could physically touch it, it feels so strong. I pray each of you gets to feel it. Oh there was one moment today when I caught myself trying to make the day enjoyable for someone else. When I stepped back and let them determine what would be enjoyable, it went quite well and I relaxed more.

September 6, 2008

We have only begun to scratch the surface of our real potential. Yet, it only takes one small step at a time. What decision can I make today that will help me recognize a little more of my true self, that God created?

September 5, 2008

I realized the other day that people ask me to do things that "aren't my job" because they think I can do them… I should be flattered, not insulted. This doesn't mean I have to do what they are asking, or even that I can do what they are asking. There is no reason to be unsettled by this. In all likelihood, they have a higher opinion of me than I have of myself.

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September 4, 2008

I willingly accept full responsibility for determining what I allow to influence me.

September 3, 2008

Sometimes dark forces will stoop to some pretty low tricks to take us out of peace.  But I did good on the one last night.  I was working on a document of spiritual importance to myself.  I had put in at least a half hour of tedious work, without saving.  I had just started a class where this document and preferably the use of my computer would be needed in the morning.  For the first time on a home computer for me, I got the blue screen of death – core dump, all data lost.  Two things occurred in me instantaneously.  I surrendered the situation.  I knew with out a doubt that I’d figure out how to deal with it.  And thirdly, I saw the humor in it.  I turned the computer off and let it sit for an hour, while I went and ate dinner.  I said a prayer that if it was possible to save the computer and all the files on it, that would be very nice; but if not that would be OK.  I also asked that if by any chance the document could be saved, it would be quite spectacular.  I’d know for sure that forces were working on my behalf to help me get thru.  But, I was also truly at peace in not needing the sign.  I resolved to just recreate the document, take the computer to see if anything could be saved and not even think about money to purchase a new computer, if that was required.  I resigned myself to the loss of all my pictures and resolved to just spend the numerous hours it would take to gather up the many other spiritual documents that were stored on my computer.  So after eating, I went in and turned the computer on, hoping.  It came back beautifully and I was even able to restore all but about the last five minutes of the document I had been working on.  I’m so very glad I didn’t mis-qualify energy worrying or creating a scene.  I’m so very glad I controlled myself to stay calm and just deal with whatever the situation would turn out to be.  Now I need to back up all these files and pictures I would have missed.  Is God good or what!

September 2, 2008

Decisions I made got me into this trouble and decisions I make will get me out.

September 1, 2008

Forgiveness is an inner condition in which a person has shown a willingness to overcome hardness of heart, the desire for revenge and the anger that feeds it. The person may even see that forgiveness is an opportunity to take a look at what about themselves either brought this situation to their doorstep or allowed it. There is no element of blame, just an honest stepping back from the emotions and making an accurate evaluation of choices.


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