January 26, 2015

WOW!!! I felt the energies for that vigil from Saturday morning through sunset on Sunday. In fact, I'm still literally vibrating all over. So, I want to send out and share the energy, even though I didn't give myself enough time to share the words. I'm really back-logged on postings. For this one there is how people contributed to the quality of me saying the prayers and some funny things that occurred. Perhaps, later today.

OK.  Some of the things that made the experience richer, some of the funny things and maybe some of my perceptions.  I’ve really, really missed saying these decrees in groups.  Unlike the other vigils, having this framed in the manner it was helped me feel more like I was part of a group.  I wasn’t just intellectually knowing it, I was feeling it.  And it was so exciting I was downright hyper.  I just wanted to dance and sing.  It also felt like someone was holding a sacred space to be prayed within.  It was a very different experience from other vigils.  I have a new meditation I need to post somewhere and feeling the energies started Saturday morning right after I finished that meditation and stayed with me all day.

A group of people I’ve started meeting with on Sunday mornings added to the experience, as well.  Their term would be that I received “medicine” from the sharings.  Meeting with them meant I was a half hour late beginning the vigil, so I prayed a little longer – until I felt a release from the vigil.  And I truly felt that, also.  It was like: ‘Thank you, rest now.’  This small group gets together, centers, meditates; and then, each person requests attention.  That person looks each other person in the eyes and soaks in the love.  Then, the person shares what they are feeling in that moment and what they want.  After everyone has done this, we share what medicine we received.  Well, in order to start the vigil, that is when I left; and I didn’t even know how much medicine I had received until it kept showing up during the vigil.

Even though there are all kinds of feelings about how possible is it to actually realize peace in the world and to have an environment where people can live without fear; I had to enter into a frame of mind that believed in a very real potential for both of these.  And one lady had shared what a huge difference prayers had just made in a situation and that helped me enter that frame of mind.  During my sharing in the group, I had said how excited I felt and that I wanted to calm down so I could focus.  So, one of the men actually asked me to dance and just that 30 seconds of dancing with him and the unexpectedness of the offer helped me do just that.  Like a crystal transmitter, I was able to focus on receiving and transmitting during the whole vigil.  There was much more that was meaningful to me, but I’ll just share one more that might be useful to you.  WINV06 Miracle Invocation for Consuming Conflict (link) is so incredibly powerful and it makes us feel so empowered while we’re saying it.  Well, one of the men was sharing what he is learning about not being the doer.  That reminder helped me a lot, along with remembering what Gautama Buddha said at New Year’s (link) about us making the calls and letting him DIRECT the ruby ray. The first thing I did when I began the prayers was call on Gautama Buddha to direct the Ruby Ray and Mother Mary to direct the energies of this vigil. But partially through WINV06, feeling all that power flowing through, my mind started wanting to direct the energy.  It started going into all kinds of thoughts.  I was able to catch it, stop the prayer, reiterate the request that the Buddha and Mother Mary direct the energy, and continue the prayer by focusing on being the conduit and not the doer.

Two of the funny things.  I had some of the prayers on audio and some printed.  I would drive during the audio ones and whatever location I was in when I reached a printed one, I’d get out and walk.  The first time was quite normal, a residential area.  But, the second time was a graveyard.  I thought it odd, but could also see some parallels; so I went with it.  The other funny thing happened when I found myself in open ranch land.  By the way, I could see 5 mountain ranges in all directions.  It was beautiful.  Anyway, this rancher drove a fair distance to come and quite seriously ask me if I had seen his lost black sheep.  Now, he had no idea I was about to start saying some prayers and I found it quite humorous.  Someone I verbalized this to this morning didn’t see the humor and I didn’t explain the connections between Jesus being the good shepherd who went after the lost sheep and how we often call people the black sheep of the family when they don’t measure up to the family’s standards and the fact that I was praying.  Anyway, I saw humor in it and perhaps you will, too.  I guess it would have been even funnier if I’d actually found the black sheep.

And just two of my perceptions.  The ravens had flown off when I arrived at the ranch lands and there were no other birds about.  And yet, I kept hearing very large wings.  Now, I’m not saying that angels have wings, but I wouldn’t put it past them to use the sound to communicate to my mind that they were present.  And I certainly had the sense of a lot of activity in the area.  There wasn’t even a cow or a rabbit, so this was all invisible activity.  The sense of it was of very large groups coming and going.  Ok.  My other perception was that at one point I would not have wanted to be standing in the way of Michael and his billions of angels.  I remember one of the dictations from Russia or Kazakhstan when Archangel Michael dropped in just to say thank you and how eager he was to be about what had been called for.  From Saturday morning on, I had felt this eagerness. I don’t remember which prayer I was saying, but I actually stopped and went WOW and had to really concentrate to continue.  We may not ever know specifically what occurred, unless the ascended masters wish to tell us; but I certainly had the impression it was quite powerful.  Like I said, I sure would not have wanted to have been someone standing in ego and stubbornness (or even some thought form) in the face of Michael and his billions of angels.


January 24, 2015

My dream last night perhaps speaks to the process of the vigil that starts tomorrow, at least for me, but perhaps for others, as well. I was a member of a group of lots of people working with angels and archangels to build a bridge by singing it into existence. We'd go back and forth from thinking about personal issues to world issues. Maybe that is what the bridge is between. In my dream the bridge was an ancient style stone bridge with arches. That may simply be because in real life just before going to sleep last night I was reading about building a stone bridge.

And by the way, this book, so far, is great. Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin about Greg's experiences building a school in a village in Pakistan at the base of K2 (28,251' (8,611 m) elevation). Mount Everest is 29,029' (8,848 m).

Oh, and I'm finally catching up to the rest of the world and have seen Disney's movie Frozen. If you are even more out of the loop than me, it is certainly a must see.

January 23, 2015

Wow! The days are just zooming past. There is a worldwide prayer vigil starting this Sunday, if you would like to contribute your time and energy. Mother Mary has said she will multiply whatever we invest. Click the link below for the details.


I think the purpose is to help people with the challenges of this year by releasing light similar to when we all come together in peace and love for Christmas. We're just saying the prayers on our own. But, we're saying the same prayers at the same approximate time. I happen to have them recorded and usually say them while I'm driving or walking.

January 3, 2015

It comes in handy to know about the violet flame.  It is a spectrum of light at a particular frequency great for purifying.  St. Germain is awakening us to the potentials for this flame and they far exceed purifying our food and water.  But using it for this purpose, as well, sure eradicates a lot of fear.  While I am at it, I ask my I AM Presence to infuse my food and water with whatever nutrients I need and to help me absorb them in the most efficient manner for the health of my body.  I still take supplements.  I figure we’re on this planet, in this human form, for many reasons and learning to deal with the physical must be included in the reasons.  So, I always look for a balance between what is physically logical and what is spiritually helpful.  I know.  I see it.  My mind still has a hard time synchronizing the two into one.  It’s not that I never get sick.  It just helps immensely to not be concerned, even if I eat at a fast food place.  (You’d think in the US it would be a matter of national health to require employers to provide sickness absence plans for people in the food industry.)  And I don’t have to feed into the bottled water industry.  I love the stories like the Apostle Paul with the snake bite, showing the other sailor’s not to be afraid and Ireland’s Patrick cleansing the poison out of the drink in the chalice offered him before he drank it.  I suspect they knew quite well how to utilize the violet flame.  I never thought to use violet flame on my organs when I was going thru chemo, but at that time I was not aware that the chemo was damaging them.  I did help the effectiveness of the chemo by blazing the violet flame regularly thru the cancer cells.  I didn’t have quite the faith to depend on it alone, nor was it appropriate for me at that time; since other changes were needed in my life.  But, I’ll start blazing the violet flame thru my organs to detox them, now that I have had the thought, to help them recuperate from all that poison.

Some people ask that it flow thru the chakras in their hands to flow into their food.  Some people visualize the violet flame engulfing their food as they eat it.  Some people simply ask and accept that it is done.  I blaze the violet flame thru any food I cook for others.  I still take normal precautions, but I want to be sure it doesn’t make anyone sick.  Can you purify someone else’s food?  What would be the point?  If they don’t know about it or believe in it, they’re still going to be afraid.  The point is not to avoid sickness.  The point is to stay out of fear.  Now, of course, I don’t want to make anyone sick; but the concern is not so much about anyone getting sick from my cooking.  It’s about me not having to fear that anyone might get sick.  Hence, the violet flame.  It really is a valuable and powerful tool.  Like I said, violet flame has WAY more uses than just sidestepping fear.  But, since it works, why not use it?

Looking at what takes us into fear is the same as looking at what takes us out of peace.  However, this illustration came to mind regarding fear.  It’s like walking along a path and occasionally a shiny stone catches your eye and you pick it up and put it in your pocket.  With just that much subtleness you have just accepted a fear.  We can take the same steps to remove the fear as we have taken before to bring back our peace.  We take the stone out of our pocket and place it on a table where we can look directly at it.  We notice right away that it is not an integral part of our being.  What about it caught our eye?  Does it contain some shiny quartz or feldspar?  What about this stone is so attractive?  We start by describing the stone (or fear).  We ask ourselves what beliefs opened us up to considering this attractive.  We explore what triggers the fear.  When we see that it is just a rock and not even the shiny stone we originally thought, we ask ourselves why we would defend carrying this rock in our pocket.  Then we ask ourselves if we do defend carrying this rock in our pocket (or having this fear)?  And we ask ourselves if and why we would like to continue carrying this?  If we choose to be free of it, we look in our toolbox and develop a plan for leaving it behind.  Guess what one of the handy tools in the toolbox is.  Yep, violet flame.




January 2, 2015

The practical tools for staying out of fear. As always, we begin with the decision. When we can say it honestly, we state emphatically that we refuse to live in fear. We our adamant. We are serious. There is no maybe or might in what we are telling our minds. We refuse to live in fear. We simply refuse to go there. So, now our mind, our emotions and all parts of our being have been informed what is expected. At the same time we are aware that we need to tender that part of our mind that cannot help but fear. It is not our enemy and as we focus more on love, it will recede.

We also decide to be an example to ourselves. Have you ever thought of that? You are your own example. So very often we are not aware of how much we teach ourselves. After all, who is with you 24/7 and who has access to all your thoughts and feelings? You! In situations that are difficult for us, if we think in terms of if we had a child in this very situation with us; what kind of example would we want to be for that child? How often have you seen mothers and fathers change or show great courage because they are parents? So, we use this to our advantage in caring for ourselves. When you hear the news about the conditions in the world or about deaths from viruses, be your example to yourself. Intentionally shift your focus to your love for God. Focus on your love for this planet. Focus on the light. Focus on whatever will help you stay in an attitude of love. This involves some trust on our part. Choose right now, before you are in these situations, what will help you. What can you shift your focus to in order to help you stay out of fear, fear for yourself, your family, friends, the world? How are you going to keep from going there? Make the plan right now. What tools do you need? An affirmation? A prayer? Visualizing Jesus hand in hand with you? Visualizing the Buddha and calling on him to focus the ruby ray? Make your plan, make it simple, and ask an angel to help you remember when the time is critical. And each day, just to practice, do whatever you have chosen. Be ready to go there in an instant.

For an example, I'll tell you what I do for car accidents and just about anything I have no control to physically help. It's obvious I believe in angels and, as far as I know, I always have. First thing upon waking up each morning, I ask for some angels to accompany me throughout the day. I'm prepared. I have my plan. I know that the instant I ask, they are eager to help. Let's say I see an accident about to happen in front of me. It takes me a micro-second to think: "Angels." That's it. That's all I have to do. They will do whatever they can. I can honestly say that any accident that I have seen the potential for has not occurred. I don't look for the potentials. I'm just ready if I happen to see it. I have trained myself to call on the angels without even thinking about it. It's an instantaneous response, regardless of if or how any anxiety spikes in the moment. This is what I mean by be prepared ahead of time and ready to move away from fear and into a place of trust in an instant. The moment you begin to hear or read a news report, shift your focus. The moment a friend or family member becomes ill, shift your focus. And keep shifting your focus every second, until you can relax into the trust.

January 1, 2015

Wasn’t Gautama Buddha’s New Year’s message a huge relief and so empowering.  (http://www.ascendedmasteranswers.com/blog-rss/880-gautama-buddha-s-new-year-s-dictation-2015) We don’t have to fix the world or anything outside of ourselves.  Our biggest job this year is to stay out of fear by focusing on love.  And we can visualize him radiating a ruby colored love like a powerful laser into any situation we choose, especially if it helps keep us out of fear regarding illness, economy or wars.  Let the Buddha direct the light.  We don't have to define how we would like the situation to be. We just let the light work. And the light ALWAYS works. All we have to do is focus on the Buddha, who remains in whatever state we use the word ‘non-attached’ to refer to.  I love the vision of riding a wave of love.  It sounds like I’m going to be asking Archangel Michael even more often to remind me of the love that brought me into embodiment on Earth.

Someone tried to explain to me that everything is energy and that energy is love. And if we could see beyond what our physical eyes see; we would be able to see that the energy of love is unchanged, regardless of what is being out-pictured. I think the person was trying to explain that if we can focus on the energy of love, we can see more clearly. I'm grateful for the opportunity to practice. Maybe it will help show up the fear tactics behind all the hand-waving and what the media bombards us with, if not specific events. But, perhaps even with specific events.

It's our job this year to stay out of fear. Today, I'm saying we can do this. I hope I can say the same on December 31st. You may wish to join me in requesting an angel to remind ourselves at critical moments of whatever will help us stay out of fear and focused on the Buddha and love.


This energy is sent out thru the protective filter of Father/Mother God's will
 and can only be returned in that will and by God's grace.