February 13, 2015

Spiritual recognition. I've been listening to several people talking recently and sometimes it sounds like just because their soul recognizes someone, they feel they have to strike up a romance with them. To me it is an odd phenomenon to hear people talk like this. To me recognizing someone spiritually is no different from seeing a neighbor or a work acquaintance in the grocery store. It caused me to consider people confusing spiritual recognition with the need for romance and that led me to a series of postings on self-love. In this first one let's explore why we might recognize someone's spirit.

First, what do I mean? You meet a stranger and immediately you have rapport. You feel at ease. You feel like you know them. A lot of times if someone also feels some agitation, the new age terminology is that they have some karma to work out with each other. And perhaps they do. History of a past life can certainly be one reason for recognizing someone, but there are so many more possibilities.

Another reason for recognizing someone spiritually is that we came into embodiment in soul groups, as a class, so to speak. We came in with a group that shares the same goals. Another reason can be that we share elements of the same God Flame, such as Peace or Joy. Sometimes souls have agreed to support each other and it has nothing to do with romance. It could even be the spiritual equivalent of fame. Something along the lines of being equivalent to recognizing an actor because we liked a movie we saw them in or recognizing a singer or musician.

It just comes across to me that this propensity to confuse a desire for romance with spiritual recognition of someone is actually more along the lines of thinking that person, or association with that person, can provide something we feel we lack. And since these people were talking about romance, perhaps they feel a lack of self-love.


January 28, 2015



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