February 11, 2015

Exploring Willing Lovingness on all 12 rays. On January 26th I didn't really explore anything with regard to the 9th ray of Harmony. The divine qualities are balance, assurance, solidity, inner confidence of divinity. I'd say that solidity here means being able to stand firm and strong in one's devotion to the light, the quality of being substantial or reliable in character.

Willing lovingness and harmony. Wow! I can easily see where this could have 144 levels or flavors. Goodness. Alright. When we're willing to love, we've stepped into the flow of the Holy Spirit, the river of self-transcendence, the willingness to allow the belief in our own identity to gradually change. This is a personal, as well as several group-collective, as well as a universal journey. So, just bringing the three of those into harmony within our personal view, world view and galactic view is a job. I guess it brings to mind: "Love God with all your heart, mind and soul. And love your neighbor as yourself." The willingness to bring God, neighbor (all people) and self into harmony in our thoughts, beliefs and emotions; but especially in our identity. The willingness to do this in a gentle, gradual and loving manner. It involves a willingness to open ourselves to look at what our opinions of God and our neighbors (again, all people and groups of people we have opinions about) say about us and to do this with the intent of seeing the love in it.

So, what would a balanced willing lovingness look like? I would say this would help a person be always willing to step in and help another, but also always cognizant of not interfering in their free will to experience whatever they are in. Certainly respond when approached. Even offer, but with absolutely no flavor of pushing. This acquaintance recently was going on and on about the negative side of some very large problems he is facing. I simply gave him a token to remind him spiritual help is available and indicate that I trusted in his abilities to deal with these situations. Very quickly things started shifting for him in big ways. There was a huge shift in his attitude and his manner of speech and, of course, that has quite an effect on physical manifestation.

Willing lovingness and assurance. To me this speaks of self-confidence and self-knowledge and self-trust. Yes, acceptance of the confidence and knowledge that I am capable of being a living representative of Divine Love in action. Trust in my abilities to discern appropriate boundaries.

Willing lovingness and solidity. Regarding the definition of the quality of being substantial or reliable in character, this speaks to me of the quality of one's foundation and history of honesty with oneself. In order to be substantial and reliable in character, I think a person has to have faced some hard questions about themselves in a very honest and direct manner. And I think a person needs to have come to the understanding that the opinion of others really does not matter. It is being true to one's self. This involves knowledge of self and the willingness to allow that knowledge to constantly transcend itself, constantly expand. And when this has the foundation of being able to stand firm and strong in one's devotion to the light, any obstacles dissolve. So, I guess solidity in willing lovingness builds assurance that a person's loving intentions can manifest in very positive ways.

So, that speaks to inner confidence in general, but inner confidence in divinity? Well, there's a topic for thought and discussion. And yet, perhaps it is far better to simply accept and be. Wherever we are in our journey out of the belief in separation is a valid place to be. And in that place we can be divine to whatever extent that has meaning to us. It doesn't have to be some ultimate all or nothing, black or white, type of scenario. Years ago, Mother Mary gave a dictation in which she said something along the lines of the next step is just the next step for you. If we're on the 20th level, we're not stepping to the 144th level in one step. We're simply making a quantum leap to the 21st level. To me inner confidence in divinity is an ever transcending journey of becoming aware of and accepting more and more of our true identity as God created us to be. Willing lovingness is the willingness to believe that the Creator God created us in love and would not block our ability to allow Divine Love to permeate and flow through us. And in reality, all our illusions cannot stop it either. Our creator's love is stronger than our illusions.

And that brings us to: What are your thoughts and feelings and higher experiences on exploring Willing Lovingness on the 9th ray of Harmony?

February 10, 2015

This dream recurred so many times in one night that I'll post it in case it means something to someone. In the dream I received an e-mail from a friend saying they were finalizing their invention and already had a contract with someone to utilize it. It is a cylinder about a foot long and an inch and a half in diameter. It has four chambers for dispensing ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, and/or mayonnaise in the chosen amounts.

I responded about how happy I was and how hard I know he had worked on this. And then I suggested he might want to expand his idea and have ones for different textures. Perhaps to dispense four flavors of ice-cream in a slightly more frozen state than traditional soft ice-cream. Maybe also offer a special pound cake to put the ice-cream on. And perhaps another one that dispenses something slightly more watery like yogurt sauces. Perhaps for salads or fruit cups.

Maybe I was just hungry when I went to bed. But normally if I cycle through a dream repeatedly, it changes a little each time. This was the same each time.


February 8, 2015

Freedom Meditation. We call forth or reinforce our protection. We take three deep breadths.  We breathe in freedom and with our exhalation release anything less than freedom into a violet flame. We especially focus on our emotions and take three more deep breadths, releasing anything less than freedom.  We draw energy from each of your four lower bodies, mental, emotional, physical and identity into our heart.  We become more aware of our connection with a higher self. We focus our attention on our oneness with our higher self.  We call forth Freedom.  Say 3x: “I AM Freedom.  Freedom I AM.”  We focus on our breathing as we become more aware of our presence in our heart.

We move our consciousness into a tunnel of light that has bands alternating between a deeper dark violet and a bright lighter violet.  The pulsation accelerates as we move further into the tunnel.  When the tunnel opens we find ourselves before a violet pool.  This pool is St. Germain.  We respectfully step into the pool, moving to the center.  In whatever manner and to whatever extent we’re able, we experience oneness with St. Germain.  You might dive into the liquid, or swim in a circle, or spiral in and out, or melt into the substance.  You might sit on the edge of the pool and absorb the vibration of freedom.  We take some time to feel it.  We focus on allowing ourselves to feel freedom.

Perhaps we’d rather visualize the chohan of the seventh ray of Divine Freedom as a person and we either sit with him for a while or take a walk with him, or both, absorbing his vibration.  Perhaps we sing and dance with him.  Perhaps you feel you could absorb more freedom if you gaze deeply into his eyes.  Perhaps you’d like to receive an embrace that takes you straight into the heart of this master teacher.

Let’s allow St. Germain to escort and transport us to what we’ll call the throne room of God.  We see a constant flow of souls approaching from all directions and gently withdrawing again. We join the flow. As we approach the throne, we inhale and absorb the Divine quality of Freedom straight from the source.  With each exhale we release all that is less than freedom from our beings and worlds.  We convey our gratitude and gently withdraw as others of our brothers and sisters approach the throne and withdraw.

Very gently we return our attention to our heart chakra.  We bring all that we’ve absorbed with us.  We focus on radiating freedom into our identity body.  We radiate freedom into our emotional body and really spend some time feeling it.  We radiate freedom into our mental body and into every cell and fiber of our physical body.

We become aware of our bodies again and move and stretch, open our eyes really wide several times, rub our feet on the ground or rug or floor and ground ourselves. We accept that we are full to overflowing. We note our protection. We send out and share what we have freely received. Perhaps we envision ourselves in some location or situation we think could especially use a dose of freedom right now. Freedom just naturally flows through us into any place we are, into any situation we focus our attention on, into any people willing to receive it. Let’s go play, even if we have to go to work.


This energy is sent out thru the protective filter of Father/Mother God's will
 and can only be returned in that will and by God's grace.