October 15, 2012

The maples in Fourth of July canyon near Tajique are putting on their yearly show.  Aren’t the small coincidences in our lives amazing?  I had a desire to see the maples turn red this year and went to Fourth of July canyon and campground a little over an hour on what I still call South 14, but has been renamed NM-337.  Later out of town guests were here and the lines on the tram were an hour and half wait, so we ended up driving up to Sandia Crest instead.  The aspens are lovely but hard to to have them in the background with people in front.  A few days later my brother was feeling ill and wanting a ham sandwich from Dion’s.  This young lady sits next to me on the bench while we wait for our orders.  I happen to ask if she is familiar with Fourth of July canyon.  I enthusiastically tell her about the lovely maples in fall color.  She says she was thinking about having her wedding pictures taken with the aspens in the Sandia Mountains the coming weekend.  And I suggest that getting pictures with the aspens would be difficult, while getting pictures with the maples would be easy from the campground at Fourth of July Canyon.  She was quite enthusiastic.


October 3 thru 14, 2012

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October 2, 2012

The aspen trees are starting to turn gold in Santa Fe. It was great fun to see young people out enjoying nature. Joy is such an important part of life. I learned a chant for singing the Hebrew for the trinity of the Father aspect of God (Yahweh or YHWH), the Mother aspect of God (the Mother light that Mother Mary and Kwan Yin are representatives of) and the Son aspect of God (the Christ light). It is great fun. I'll spell it first as it is pronounced. Yod (long o) Hay Vod (long o) Hay She (sounds like the e in leg) ki (like the i in kite) na (like the a in about) Christos (the i and o both long). YHWH Shekinah Christos. sound file. It sure works to lift our energies out of the mass consciousness. Calling on any hierarchical names helps get our focus into higher energies. And I'm sure having to take keeping my energies up seriously.

September 4 thru October 1, 2012

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September 3, 2012

I seem to be in very good company with quite a lot of people who have similar trouble in balancing that God isn’t going to do the work for me and I can’t do it with out God’s help.  Is it God's 'responsibility' to save us? Many people live their life seeming to believe it is the responsibility of a being they perceive as being completely separated from themselves. I've never desired to be any good at assigning responsibility to other people or beings. I KNOW it is my responsibility to live my life in partnership with God, even though my concepts of what that means are ever changing.

Jesus and all teachers of light have made it quite clear that we are not the doers.  In my current terms – we allow light to stream thru us, we allow God qualities to be expressed thru us.  We naturally do this.  We can’t help but do it.  The problems have been described in terms of us being like panes of glass.  Some of us have colored our glass.  Some of us have smudges or even caked mud on our glass.  Some of us have built various types of walls in front and around our glass.  These conditions are created by us buying into various lies, literally investing our very selves in these lies, making decisions to believe whatever perversions, and the emotions that lead us to these decisions.  Apparently we know what decisions we made, even if we are not conscious of this knowledge, and only we can unmake/replace these decisions.  These conditions are all illusions, so God the Creator of All does not see them as having any reality or permanence.  Those who have trod the path beyond the same illusions can understand and help.  But it is up to us to unravel our own ball of yarn, to wash our own glass, to remove the walls.  Ascended Masters and angels are quite willing to help, but they must respect free will.  This means they must wait for us to ask AND they must wait for us to invest some of our energy in some process with the intent of washing our glass or removing walls.  It seems to be the intent that matters.  Apparently our efforts can be multiplied significantly so that we receive far more than we put out.

So I have a desire to help raise the vibrations of all energies to help all lifestreams, whose embodiments are tied to planet Earth.  I clear the pane of glass by being willing to see the illusions I have bought into and making new decisions based on higher images that I am of my free will requesting.  And God’s always radiating energies are able to flow more freely thru me.

September 1, 2012

Today has infinite possibilities.

Where do we see potential?  First of all do we see potential in ourselves?    Do we see potential in others?  Does potential lend itself to something we are not yet, or is it along the lines of more attunement with what we truly are?  Do we see potential for our planet?  How about high potentials for healing?  Ah, do we see potential in the seemingly ordinary?  Does the ordinary need to become extraordinary or can the ordinary be very fine in itself?  What potential does today have for you?

Would you say that you live with a heart that feels alive?  I sure never thought in those terms before.


This energy is sent out thru the protective filter of Father/Mother God's will
 and can only be returned in that will and by God's grace.