December 25, 2012

I AM Christ. Christ I AM. I don't have to dump some great wisdom on people, that they may or may not be ready for. I'm here to offer a glass of cold water to each person I meet. I just need to tune into the door in my heart being open and speak from there. I don't need to throw the glass of cold water in anyone's face. I don't need to dump a bucket on them. Simply focus on my heart and smile. I saw a lady today with the most beautiful peace-filled smile. I truly wondered if an angel had just walked past me. So much struggle disappeared in me after that lady walked past me and I returned her smile and wished I had spoken to her. But when I turned around, she was gone. I want to be that lady. I want my smile to help struggle within any person I pass just dissolve. I'm learning to live it more and more. There are fewer days of forgetting. Each year I give a gift to Jesus. For the last few years it has been a deeper understanding of being Christ and being who I am in Christ and in God my Father/Mother. I choose to take this moment to give the gift of my heart each day so that I remember the love, touch the love, experience the love in honor of which I came to planet Earth. I send out that love and say: Arise beloved ones. Awaken. Give your cups of cold water to whom ever you meet. Let go of the struggles. Be sealed in peace.


December 10 thru 24, 2012

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December 9, 2012

This morning I'm reading this teaching ( and in the back of my mind is this conversation between some people about when to place Jesus in the manger at church. It came to me how much we focus on the outer things about Jesus, the shepherds coming, the wise men, the angels even, or Mary and Joseph. We focus on what we do regarding Jesus. How many of us focus on Jesus or recognize that he is not being placed in a manger in a church? And Easter - how in some of the churches they focus so on the crucifixion. Again focusing on what was done to Jesus, on people's reactions, on the people around him, on how the church leaders at the time murdered him - as if they had any real power. Give me a break. We pay lip service to them not having the power, but how many of us believe Jesus Christ is very much alive right now today in each of our hearts and present in so many more ways and present in Being because there is no power on Earth that can kill spirit. How many of us focus on the Ascension? There is the key. The Ascension, where the energy behind Jesus as Christ truly shares his very being with each and every one of us. Jesus Christ willing to be born in each of our hearts as our Christ Self to hear and translate the Living Word streaming thru. How kool is that! I know it is said so many times in so many ways. But when you actually hear it (and I thought I had heard it for years). I thought I heard it, I thought I was accepting oneness, but I still had this sense of separation. I still saw the separate hand in my separate hand, instead of one hand. When you actually identify with it, when you truly accept that yes I am Christ in this world, when you ponder what that means about what you are changing in your own consciousness to accept this, how you are willing to allow your life to change to indeed identify and focus on this reality that is offered so freely by Jesus Christ being willing to truly be born in our hearts and show us the open door that he has spoken about for some 2000 years already. Do you get that vision? He is knocking at an open door. How polite is that? We are the ones that don't recognize just how open the door is. Jesus can do so much more than talk to me right in my very own heart. In Jesus' ascension, he showed his oneness with all creation. And thru our oneness by following an example such as Jesus set, we can show our oneness with all creation. What does all creation mean to you? What does that open door mean to you? What do you see? Please take a moment to consider what so many people take for granted or think it has to be given to them or think they have already looked at or like me - so and so can do it, but can I really trust myself to truly BE my Christ Self - so and so can stumble and that is OK, but if I stumble then obviously I'm not ready - Gees, give me a break. Jesus' very words are:

And if you have doubts, be willing to set aside some time and go within your heart, sending me a simple prayer:

Beloved Jesus Christ, I ask you to protect and seal me from the forces of this world and the lies of anti-christ, in whatever disguise they have entered my consciousness. I ask you to reveal to me the truth about your inner teachings and how I can be true to your calling by putting on the mind of Christ. Jesus, please give me the truth that will make me free, for I am willing to be free of the lies of anti-christ.

I ask you to reveal to me how I can help you spread your true teachings in this age. Beloved Jesus, I am willing to be God-taught, I am willing to discover your Living Truth and I am willing to be reborn into a new understanding of your Truth. I am willing to let your Living Word enter my heart and mind, letting it transform me according to your perfect vision for me. I am willing to let my carnal self die in order to receive the immortal life of the Christ consciousness.

Beloved Jesus, I love you and I long to keep your commandments so that I can be with you in our Father’s kingdom. Therefore, I pray that you show me your true commandments that I may be a true disciple of the Living Christ and never again reject your gift to me. Amen.

(This prayer does happen to be copyrighted and is reprinted here with permission.
Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels. For more information and additional teachings from Jesus, visit

It dawned on me again that all I have to do is point the direction and let Christ speak in each person's heart as that person is willing. That is being Christ? What does BEING CHRIST mean to you? What do you recognize in you?  What is in your heart? What is streaming thru your open door? And as someone so rightfully told me recently - any question I ask, I have to answer for myself, as well.

Many blessings, along with my love to each of you.  I hope you receive it in a personal way for you.

December 2 thru 8, 2012

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December 1, 2012

ONENESS! Oneness is not just: OK I asked, now it is done or OK I know about it. Oneness is a change in perspective. Oneness is an experience. It is not a physical hug of someone still separate from you. It is not even an energetic hug across many miles. Oneness is more than a recognition that there is no distance, no separation. Oneness is an unconditional acceptance. Oneness is a recognition of the same source and an unconditional acceptance of that source in self as well as in others. And then for all our individuality there are no others, there is we.

For years I asked Jesus to come into my heart so I could get to know him. Well, he taught me to know myself. Hand in hand, as I came to know more of myself, who I was in God, I came to know more of Jesus. When I said hand in hand did you picture my physical hand holding someone else's physical hand. That is the way I used to see it. Now I picture one hand.

November 30, 2012

Well in the November 14 peace posting I said I needed more water, exercise and sleep. It hasn't been as easy as I thought, but I have made great progress. I wish each of you progress, as well, in what ever steps you are taking. I joined my prayers to a group saying a 7 month vigil. The people involved were in 49 countries. How cool is that? So many changes have and are taking place in my being, in my outlook, in my attitude, in my energy level. And people respond to what they see. It is a great joy to be living right now. May all the joy that Jesus IS flow in and through and outward to bless ALL. May it be multiplied and sent back to Jesus to be sent out again in a never ending flow.

November 13 thru 29, 2012

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November 12, 2012

I wanted to accomplish something that would require me staying focused on my connection with higher energies. I tried yesterday and didn't accomplish what I wanted. I went off on a tangent. I just didn't hang on to the concept long enough to get it into words. Then I took time off, centered and prayed. This morning I got little snippets at a time and I was able to convey a whole chapter. It was great. May you have success.

November 8, 2012

May you each truly feel the immense love that the God, that is beyond any concept you may have, has for you. I send out all the love I can contact. And I remind you that we can do this. Each of us can accept a higher view of ourselves and our abilities. Each of us within our own perception can rise higher and be more. This picture is an example of what I call abundance. May you each touch abundance in your own way.

October 16 thru November 7, 2012

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