A Visualization for Life

Let us place our attention where our physical heart is.  Let us picture a doorway to a secret chamber behind the heart.  It is not so much a physical chamber as a spiritual chamber.  Focus on moving our attention thru the doorway into the chamber.  The walls of the chamber disappear and we see a water fountain.  We move our attention to the fountain and drink of the life-giving healing waters.  We notice that we are in a garden and that a little further on there is a gathering of beings.  We join this gathering and find that they are THE CREATOR and the creators of planet Earth.  We ask why we are here on planet Earth.  What was the intention?  How can we live in attunement with the original vision and the current vision and the eternal vision?  We know that no choices will be made for us, but that we can ask for a deeper understanding of anything we wish.  We spend some time in this relaxing environment, mingling, absorbing life.  We might draw aside one being, sit down and have a conversation.  Eventually we return past the water fountain to the secret chamber behind our physical heart.  We gently withdraw our attention thru the doorway and back into consciousness of the physical world. We move our attention throughout our body bringing the life we absorbed to every cell.  We move our attention to any areas of healing in our own body and remember the water we drank.  We picture that water flowing into any area needing healing.   We let our attention move to our family and friends.  We send them life and healing.  We let our attention move to our neighbors.  We send them life and healing.  We picture offering each person a glass of crystal clear water.  They may take the glass or not.  They may drink of the water or not, as they choose.  We simply offer to share what we have been freely given.  We picture a gentle rain in our area and a soft dew on everything.  We expand this gentle rain to the whole state, to the nation, to the whole continent, to the world.  We open our eyes wide, stretch and move our body, even giving a dance of joy.  We are alive and ready to live.

Posted July 18, 2012.




This energy is sent out thru the protective filter of Father/Mother God's will
 and can only be returned in that will and by God's grace.