December 22, 2014

Announcement for people in Albuquerque. A man is being certified in January into leading Dances of Universal Peace. They are dances based on all religious traditions. January 18 would be a great time to join in, if you've ever been curious. It will be a very special celebration.

Sunday, January 18, 2015, 5:00 pm

Albuquerque Friends Meetinghouse
1600 5th Street NW (corner of 5th and Bellamah)


December 19, 2014

Exploring Willing Lovingness on all 12 rays for Christmas.
7th Ray: color – violet
Chakra – seat of the soul (midway between belly button and pelvis)
Elohim – Arcturus and Victoria
Archangel and Archeia – Zadkiel and Amethyst
Chohan – Saint Germain
Some of the attributes of the 7th ray are: freedom, transmutation, alchemy, liberty, justice, victory, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, transcendence and knowledge of self.

Willing lovingness on the 7th ray of freedom. Hmmm. Becoming conscious of a willingness yields a sense of freedom. The desire to love something more than what ever is being transmuted or transcended helps accomplish those. It provides a source for mercy and compassion.

I'm told that having succeeded in coming back to a willing lovingness is a great victory. I'm still digesting that. Like Mary when Gabriel told her she was pregnant with Jesus, it's not that I doubt the truth of it; it's just the understanding of the why and how of it.

Certainly being willing to apply love to ourselves helps us overcome that criticizing voice that so many of us have been programmed with. There even seem to be spirits that whisper criticisms of ourselves and others in our ears just about constantly. Thank God for Archangel Michael and spiritual protection. And when the harsh criticisms are silenced, we can be more honest about seeing our selves realistically. So, that's how it contributes to knowledge of self. And I associate forgiving as an aspect of loving. And forgiving our perceptions of ourselves is just as important as forgiving our perceptions of God, our perceptions of other people, our perceptions about their actions and motives, our perceptions about danger, our perceptions about our circumstances and our perceptions of life on Earth in general.

Is love an integral element of alchemy? I honestly don't know. What do you think?

What are your thoughts and feelings and higher experiences regarding willing lovingness on the 7th ray?

December 18, 2014

Exploring Willing Lovingness on all 12 rays for Christmas.
6th Ray: color – purple with gold
Chakra – solar plexus
Elohim – Peace and Aloha
Archangel and Archeia – Uriel and Aurora
Chohans – Lady Master Nada and Sananda (Jesus)
Some of the attributes of the 6th ray are: peace, ministration, service.

We can easily see how willing lovingness applies to ministration and service. They become quite natural, spontaneous and easy flowing.

Peace can be a great foundation for just about anything, including willing lovingness. Does the willingness to love accentuate peace? I can see how it could. It's a little surprising to me that I don't see where the two are necessarily related. And perhaps that is a lesson to me in itself. It wasn't a given that I would pull the two together in my being.

What are your thoughts and feelings and higher experiences regarding willing lovingness on the 6th ray?

December 17, 2014

Exploring Willing Lovingness on all 12 rays for Christmas.
5th Ray: color – emerald green
Chakra – third eye (middle of the forehead)
Elohim – Cyclopea and Virginia
Archangel and Archeia – Raphael and Mother Mary
Chohan – Hilarion
Some of the attributes of the 5th ray are: healing, illumined truth, consecration, concentration, clarity and inner vision (in-sight), balance creativity and logic.

I'd say willing lovingness and healing go hand in hand. Being willing to love helps us heal and healing helps us be more willing to love.

With regard to truth, don't you think some people can be so focused on loving that they see beyond what their physical eyes are telling them and are indeed seeing a truer reality? But, some people seem to have a tendency to go into denial and be intentionally blind to either what their instincts or their physical eyes or both are telling them.

When I look up the definition of consecration, it mentions Communion. My willingness to love Jesus kept me out of a lot of trouble and manifested in my adoption of the following affirmation. I am in union and communion with Christ.

Looking at situations and people and ourselves with a willingness to love focuses us understanding. It helps us give space and allowances, helps us to be willing to shift our perception, to look from several angles, to be more open minded. It is also, a willingness to give and receive, be open handed, as well. We're more willing to let go of judgmental analysis, criticism, and mental gymnastics. Here we're prompted to ask for a higher vision and let in the light.

What are your thoughts and feelings and higher experiences regarding willing lovingness on the 5th ray?

December 16, 2014

Exploring Willing Lovingness on all 12 rays for Christmas.
4th Ray: color – white
Charka – base of the spine
Elohim – Purity and Astrea
Archangel and Archeia – Gabriel and Hope
Chohan – Serapis Bey
Some of the attributes of the 4th ray are: purity, hope, the Immaculate Concept, wedding the material to the spiritual and so, integration, self-discipline, perfection, wholeness, nurturing, balance, restoration, resurrection, and ascension.

Note: I'm aware that there are places of information that say the color for our base of the spine chakra is red. People who can see chakras have often seen a red color here, because so many people are out of balance in this area. It appears that, at least, since the 1980s people have been working with the ascended masters to purify the color of this chakra to white.

I actually have a recent story that applies here. I was saying prayers with a friend. This friend is very good at being an open door and feeling divine qualities flow through her. There was a place where if a requirement were met, a multiplication of energy would be granted. And we had not met the requirement of saying the prayer a certain amount of times for a specific number of days. We had finished the prayers and were mostly quiet, allowing the energy to flow where it was needed most. I don't know that my friend even knew she spoke aloud, when deep from her soul she said: "But, you know my heart is pure." Even remembering the power of that moment brings tears to my eyes. And I thought the oddest thing was that I could not say that at that time. Several months later I went to a retreat and got in touch with a new inner child. We were doing a ceremony where we offered Mother Mary what was in our heart. I was quite surprised and moved when I spoke with the voice of this inner child and said: "I offer you the darkness in my heart that was never meant to be there." It still gives me chills to remember that moment. And ever since, I've been able to say aloud: "My heart is pure." Funny, the little events that add up to quantum leaps.

Exploring willing lovingness on the ray of purity. Perhaps it starts with feeling pure, with knowing that you know that you know that you are pure, that nothing that has ever happened has truly affected that purity, that nothing you have ever thought or felt has affected that purity, that no amount of pollution in the base of the spine chakra can keep it from returning to its natural state of purity. I guess I'd say that the willingness to love God - even if you've no idea what that means or who that really is or what that really is - the willingness to love that is a most pure intent. Isn't it important to hang on to the hope that there is a something that you can truly contact of the Creator of ALL. I guess that describes the immaculate concept of a willingness to love. In one of the teachings Mother Mary indicated that our highest potential is not some lofty unachievable standard; it is simply the step we are capable of in that particular moment. For better or worse, I tend to think of immaculate concepts in this fashion, as well. The concept is always focused on purity; yet, constantly changing in the moment; just like a tapestry is made of many threads and the addition of a thread shifts the vision of the overall picture. In the past I thought there was only one immaculate concept and that its conception in this world was miraculous. And I'm sure there is still truth that runs through this statement; but, it appears I've allowed my vision to expand a bit. I don't think Mother Mary or Jesus ever intended for us to cut our selves off from actually experiencing the miracle of God in Man.

Well, perhaps I'll revisit exploring willing lovingness relative to some of the other items in the list some time.

What are your thoughts and feelings and higher experiences regarding willing lovingness on the 4th ray?

December 15, 2014

Exploring Willing Lovingness on all 12 rays for Christmas.
3rd Ray: color – pink or rose
Chakra – heart
Elohim – Heros and Amora
Archangel and Archeia – Chamuel and Charity
Chohan – Paul the Venetian
Some of the attributes of the 3rd ray are: unconditional love, transfiguring Divine Love, tolerance, adoration, oneness, reverence for ALL life, compassion, empathy, beauty, selflessness, appreciation, comfort, charity, and generosity.

I thought this would be the easiest to write, but it has proven the most illusive. When I had time to write it, I didn't feel it. When I felt it, I was going somewhere. Perhaps it's because loving is an action and not a thought, although you can have thoughts based on loving attributes. One teacher said Divine Love isn't even a feeling, which I find quite difficult to reconcile. I guess he was referring to the formless God being beyond feelings as we relate to them as products of our emotional bodies, which are one of our four or five "lower" bodies, part of being in the physical. As far as I can tell Divine Love and the transfigurations it produces just have to be experienced. Being Divine Love in action. I still look at that as being beyond me right now. I think I have moments when I allow the Divine to flow through me. Perhaps I apply too high of standards to what I perceive as Divine Love. There are people like Mother Theresa, The Dalai Lama, Amma and numerous others, whom we tend to associate Being Love with. I still sense in myself the tendency that the word Divine immediately lifts it out of reach. That's a perspective I would like to change within myself.

Now, being willing to love unconditionally. Wow! That takes eradicating all prejudice from one's being. In unconditional love, there are no standards, expectations, judgments or requirements - no conditions :). On this plane that takes work and a lot of reminders, but what a goal. I find being tolerant of others much easier, because then I feel like I can still disagree with them. Some would say this is still demonstrating unconditional love. And some would say unconditional love is Divine Love. I certainly believe that God loves unconditionally. The definition that anything having its source in God is Divine seems to be a no brainer. But I only get there in theory. I have a difficult time truly applying that definition to ALL things, situations and qualities within people. I want to say man-made is not divine, yet I believe man has its source in God. So, it looks like I'm unearthing (pun intended) some discrepancies. Reverence for life seems to be a willing choice more people are making. I do quite well, except for some insects and some people bent on large scale destruction. I find it easy to be appreciative, comforting, compassionate, empathetic, generous and to act with charity. To me, the word beauty doesn't belong in the list of attributes of love; although I can see that people who love, or are in the midst of loving, emanate a special beauty.

Oneness seems to encompass the list, but wants me to add respectful. I'm actually attending a group called Oneness and there is something called a Oneness blessing. There is definitely a feeling of love within that group. But, within that group we have a common denominator of love for God, whatever our perception is. I still don't do oneness very easily where I don't have, or can't easily see, a common denominator. In theory I resort to that we at least share the spark of the divine, but in reality?

I guess that leaves us with adoration and selflessness. Adoration I can't do with people. I can apply that to angels and elementals and ascended masters and the Creator. This might just be a perception thing, a programming of semantics. Selflessness is fine and I get it. But I think and feel it is very important not to forget to apply love to self. In fact that's where I believe we each need to begin. We practice unconditional love and the willingness to love by applying it to ourselves, as well as to others.

What are your thoughts and feelings and higher experiences regarding willing lovingness on the 3rd ray?

December 6, 2014

Exploring Willing Lovingness on all 12 rays for Christmas.
2nd Ray: color – yellow gold
Chakra – crown
Elohim – Apollo and Lumina
Archangel and Archeia – Jophiel and Christine
Chohan – Lord Lanto
Some of the attributes of the 2nd ray are: wisdom, illumination, discernment, enlightenment, understanding, perception, constancy, and Christ Consciousness.

Is there wisdom in being willing to love? I'd have to answer a resounding yes. It's pretty obvious that Christ Consciousness is loving, even though, and perhaps especially because, it's a tough love at times. I've looked at the difference the perception of a loving attitude makes in several situations recently. It completely shifts the reactions. There's just automatically more of a respectful approach. It doesn't hang on to people or clutch at them. It's more of an open, giving, trusting approach. There's a willingness to understand, not just our own motives, but the motives and conditions of other people, as well.

I'd say discernment relative to willing lovingness comes in the form of self trust. Perhaps an attitude of willing lovingness opens us up to more illumination and enlightenment. And what about constancy?

What are your thoughts and feelings and higher experiences regarding willing lovingness on the 2nd ray?

December 1, 2014

Exploring Willing Lovingness on all 12 rays for Christmas.
1st Ray: color – sapphire blue
Chakra – throat
Elohim – Hercules and Amazonia
Archangel and Archeia – Michael and Faith
Chohan – Master More
Some of the attributes of the 1st ray are: will, illumined faith, power, protection, God's will, creativity, ability, desire, determination, knowing choices and making decisions.

So, it makes sense that we begin with the desire to love, the desire to truly know love.  I am making the decision to express love in every circumstance, to make a habit of having a loving manner, to love myself through and beyond fears, to simply enjoy expressing love for the sheer joy of it.  I know that I have the choice to express love.  I know I have the ability.  I know that expressing love is in alignment with God’s will.  I am empowered to love, for it is natural.

The word protection brings up odd thoughts.  The need for protection from the cruelty outplayed on this planet has a belief behind it that a loving nature makes a person more susceptible to this cruelty and to being taken advantage of.  I suspect this is not true at all, and yet, right now I can’t say that I know that the previous sentence is not true.  I don’t tell the stories of the cruelty experienced in my childhood anymore and I haven’t experienced any cruelty in my adult life, yet apparently some childhood experiences (and perhaps past life, as well as mass consciousness) still color my vision here.  It does bring to mind a time when I got angry at a family, because I felt they took advantage of my generosity.  Now, I see that I’ve allowed that experience to color my attitude about giving, even though I see how I set the situation up.  But, there was an innocent ignorance involved, as well.  I certainly don’t think that my vision is very clear when it comes to associating protection with willing lovingness.  One difficulty is the dualistic perception that the need for protection infers that there is a threat.  I would really like to shift my vision.  Also, illumined faith and creativity need some more exploration.

Regardless of some shadows of “risks” lurking, feeling empowered to love is a feeling I’m enjoying.  I’ve asked Master More to help me experience what he feels relative to willing lovingness. There is certainly no shadow of risk there.      

What are your thoughts and feelings and higher experiences regarding willing lovingness on the 1st ray?


This energy is sent out thru the protective filter of Father/Mother God's will
 and can only be returned in that will and by God's grace.