February 24, 2014

Consequences. I agree with the statements that one of the reasons for life on earth is to learn about consequences. Consequences from our own actions just being one of the learning experiences. But, I think it is important when we are making decisions based on experiencing consequences that we make a real effort to place ourselves in our best frame of mind when making these decisions. It's easy to make the snap decisions of 'I'll never do that again' after we place our hand on a hot surface. When perhpas just a modification of the action is in order; say: 'Wow, I'll put a heat resistant glove on next time.' I think it is important to look at our motives. I performed an action about a week ago. The consequences played out over 4 or 5 days. I've given myself a couple days to distance myself from the immediate emotions. Perhpas the best mode of operendi is to not set up any standard for future behavior. I know this causal action to be part of a large picture for me and so I know this will cycle around again. I'd like to be on a higher level of consciousness when that cycle occurs. Part of it is taking a good firm look at the cause, which I did after a few days and while the consequences were still occurring. Sometimes the reason for a test is to see where you are at, and this may have simply been a placement test. But, as I said, I expect the test again and I'd like to place differently. But what more can I do now? Of course, I have to continue to let the fall out occur; but I can meet that fall out from a determined place of higher love than my causal action came from. I can be sure I face the fear that the causal action came from; which I have been doing these past few days, once I finally recognized the source. I can release the old stuffed and frozen feelings that influenced the causal action. I've used my new tool that I described on my peace website on the 19th. It worked pretty cool. I "happened" to be in an intensive class on Saturday that encouraged me to feel the feelings in spades, and I took full advantage of the opportunity. And now, with courage and that higher love that I am able to access; I face the fall out.

And so I send out encouragement to not run away from that which is teaching you. Much Love. Oh, and peace.


February 19, 2013

Isn't it amazing the things that are in our own backyards that we are unaware of? During the winter I go to Oak Flats on what I still call South 14 (NM337). I go there when there is a lot of snow or mud; because it has a lot of pavement, so I haven't really explored the trails. However, my feet are getting better and I'm branching :) out. From the Pine group picnic area there is an entrance to trail 05637. The trail leads you to "the blue table" and on to Pine Flats. Perhaps "the blue table" is a geocache spot, or perhaps it used to be for early detection of fires; but it's a great view of the east side of the Sandia Mountains. I walk slow because it's a rocky and still muddy path, so it takes me 20 minutes to get to the fork with trail 05638. Notice in the second picture there is a sign on left edge, as well as one on the right. It was difficult to get them in the same shot. Just stay on 05637 to the left, down over the rocks, toward Pine Flats. There is a journal where people leave notes like: perhaps I'm too old at 75 to be riding my bike over here. Hopefully the scrub oaks in the foreground will fill in this spring and summer and provide food for the deer. On the return to the parking lot, stay to the left when you cross under the power line.

February 15, 2013

The sunset last night went on for such a very long time. It just kept getting better and I had to just stop and watch it. Then the moon was as beautiful this morning in it's fullness and brightness, as it was last night coming into view and all through the night as I occasionally awoke and glanced out my window to check on it. It held such a fascination for me, such an image of the beauty and hope I see within myself. May you each feel some semblance of this within your own selves, as you are ready and willing, with no pressure to hurry whatever your process is. I send you peace and a very deep love.

(Below is something that I found I had ready to post, but didn't get it done.)

November 28, 2013

Well my goodness, hasn't this been a time? The last two months have been so very full. People have come to visit. Prayers have been answered. Some difficult situations have been weathered. Lots of time has been spent absorbing Mother Nature. Old emotions and false beliefs have knocked on the door demanding attention. New spiritual practices have been learned. And most important, new awarenesses have been seeded or planted.

I have a deeper appreciation for us all being in this together.


This energy is sent out thru the protective filter of Father/Mother God's will
 and can only be returned in that will and by God's grace.