February 8, 2015

Freedom Meditation. We call forth or reinforce our protection. We take three deep breadths.  We breathe in freedom and with our exhalation release anything less than freedom into a violet flame. We especially focus on our emotions and take three more deep breadths, releasing anything less than freedom.  We draw energy from each of your four lower bodies, mental, emotional, physical and identity into our heart.  We become more aware of our connection with a higher self. We focus our attention on our oneness with our higher self.  We call forth Freedom.  Say 3x: “I AM Freedom.  Freedom I AM.”  We focus on our breathing as we become more aware of our presence in our heart.

We move our consciousness into a tunnel of light that has bands alternating between a deeper dark violet and a bright lighter violet.  The pulsation accelerates as we move further into the tunnel.  When the tunnel opens we find ourselves before a violet pool.  This pool is St. Germain.  We respectfully step into the pool, moving to the center.  In whatever manner and to whatever extent we’re able, we experience oneness with St. Germain.  You might dive into the liquid, or swim in a circle, or spiral in and out, or melt into the substance.  You might sit on the edge of the pool and absorb the vibration of freedom.  We take some time to feel it.  We focus on allowing ourselves to feel freedom.

Perhaps we’d rather visualize the chohan of the seventh ray of Divine Freedom as a person and we either sit with him for a while or take a walk with him, or both, absorbing his vibration.  Perhaps we sing and dance with him.  Perhaps you feel you could absorb more freedom if you gaze deeply into his eyes.  Perhaps you’d like to receive an embrace that takes you straight into the heart of this master teacher.

Let’s allow St. Germain to escort and transport us to what we’ll call the throne room of God.  We see a constant flow of souls approaching from all directions and gently withdrawing again. We join the flow. As we approach the throne, we inhale and absorb the Divine quality of Freedom straight from the source.  With each exhale we release all that is less than freedom from our beings and worlds.  We convey our gratitude and gently withdraw as others of our brothers and sisters approach the throne and withdraw.

Very gently we return our attention to our heart chakra.  We bring all that we’ve absorbed with us.  We focus on radiating freedom into our identity body.  We radiate freedom into our emotional body and really spend some time feeling it.  We radiate freedom into our mental body and into every cell and fiber of our physical body.

We become aware of our bodies again and move and stretch, open our eyes really wide several times, rub our feet on the ground or rug or floor and ground ourselves. We accept that we are full to overflowing. We note our protection. We send out and share what we have freely received. Perhaps we envision ourselves in some location or situation we think could especially use a dose of freedom right now. Freedom just naturally flows through us into any place we are, into any situation we focus our attention on, into any people willing to receive it. Let’s go play, even if we have to go to work.

Posted January 8, 2015




This energy is sent out thru the protective filter of Father/Mother God's will
 and can only be returned in that will and by God's grace.