November 27, 2014

Today I am grateful for all the balanced people in the world and all the people seeking balance and harmony in their lives.  I am also grateful for all the people that create pockets of space around people to be able to grow from their experiences without the pressures of the world for a while.  I am also grateful for the people who allow me to open a space about them so that they may feel safe and protected to look at the illusions they have bought into.  I am grateful for the opportunity life on earth is and for the glimpses of understanding I am receiving to be able to digest the concept of the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional life on earth.  I am grateful for all those who lead love-based lives and all those who are seeking to live more an more love-based lives.  I am grateful for such an amazing and wonderful Creator to love with all of my heart and all of my being and for the experiences that help me more fully know and appreciate our Creator.  I am grateful to all those who point the way and lovingly guide us on our paths of self-discovery as God in man and for the many who demonstrate some of the infinite possibilities.  I am grateful for the spirit behind this planet that so lovingly supports us in our experimentation with and learning about free will and in our progress towards manifesting truly free will.  I am, also, grateful for me.

May your blessings be so abundant that they can't help but spill over to your family and friends and all those in your circles of influence.


November 20, 2014

How would you define a truly free choice?  My definition surprised me and is not accurate.   I wrote that a truly free choice is a choice that isn’t dictated by anything in this world, no peer pressure, no mass consciousness influences, no fallen consciousness, no duality, no influences from wounds, no circumstances, no predefined preferences, no earthly rules.  I do believe the no peer pressure, etc.  It’s that subtle twisted attitude that the list after “anything in this world” is all this world offers that I take exception to in my own beliefs.  I still have this engrained concept that this world is either meant to be the way my eyes physically see it or that there is something very wrong here on earth.  Neither of those is true.  Both are the duality of the fallen consciousness.  And so, it’s good to see it, so I can ask for truth.

Leaving the topic of free choices for now.  At some young age, out of some instinct or inner wisdom, I just knew that the Bible was not God; it was perhaps enlightened attempts to put people’s experiences of God into words.  I also realized that the church I belonged to was not God.  It was meant to be a place to learn to experience God.  So both of these have experiencing God on Earth in common.  Yet, I don’t associate the great privilege, the opportunity provided by embodiment on Earth, with experiencing God.  Where my beliefs are twisted is that I see life on Earth as getting in the way of experiencing God.  When I look out at what is reported in the news about what is going on, I don’t see any God in it nor anything I want to have anything to do with.  When I look at individuals all around me, I see lots of God qualities.  When I look within myself, I pause and hold my breath.  What is that about?  I do see lots of God qualities, also.

So, my view of Earth needs to be adjusted.   A lot of people believe the whole purpose of Earth is to experience duality.  I don’t believe that.  I do believe that behind all outer appearances the Earth really is the Freedom Star she is meant to be.  I just don’t know what that means, yet.  Also, I can stop blaming humanity for falling prey to the fallen consciousness.  On this point I vacillate between compassion and exasperation.  I think I need to look at the separation between these issues.  Duality is where we define two opposing poles and then apply a value judgment that one is good and the other is evil.  Perhaps in the original intent of experiences on Earth that has some place and perhaps that consciousness arrived with the fallen consciousness.  But duality and the fallen consciousness are not the same.  However, they may go hand in hand.  The fallen consciousness is the belief that we are separated from God.  That crept into humanity only after the mass consciousness of humanity fell below a certain point, so it is not inherent to humanity.  And humanity can be separated from the beliefs of the fallen consciousness, because supposedly that is the purpose of every religion on the planet (or being acceptable to God in spite of believing we are separate).  So, there is a great deal going on on Earth, but how much of it was part of the original design?  Well, everyone seems to agree that humanity is part of that design.  And I’ll go along with that it is the mass consciousness of humanity that determines the levels of experience upon Earth.  So, how does that relate to experiencing God?  Is that the separation that was not part of the original intent?  Is the original intent of Earth experiencing God in human form?  Is that the great opportunity that is supposed to be such a privilege?   Is that what Jesus taught and the example he demonstrated?

November 17, 2014

What are truly free choices? I don't know that I have a grasp on it, yet. I found it quite difficult to make 5 choices that I felt were free. Apparently, I allow circumstances and other people's choices to make my choices more often than I was aware of. It was an eye opener to me as to how many times I just work around other people's schedules. I often say: Whatever works for you, works for me. It's not that I consider that a problem. It's just one of the things I became more aware of while focusing on making free choices. If someone is driving erratically, I'll just take a different route to get to my destination. It's not that I don't have preferences that I assert, but my assertions are more often than not very soft. If a friend asks where I'd like to sit in a restaurant, I choose a booth near a window. But if they prefer a table in the middle of a restaurant, I'd gladly defer. However, the latter situation has never happened to me.

So, what do I think a choice is? And then, what do I think a truly free choice is? Well, choices are what we do with our lives, even though my examples happen to be associated with the really small stuff.  I like that I don’t make, nor keep, set schedules; but it does mean that I often don’t get done things that I have set as goals.  I guess as soon as they become “shoulds” in my feeling world, I avoid them.  I worked for so many years, simply because that was the way the world dictated that one attained money.  I never looked for creative ways to make money.  I was simply as creative as I could be within the boundaries I allowed other people to set.  I did push the envelope as much as I felt safe and comfortable to push it.  Now, I thrill to having no time constraints; but I allow doctor’s offices to set my schedules.  I can change that.  I love that I generally go with the feeling of the moment as to what I’m going to do.  However, I can be more diligent in making sure I set aside time to accomplish whatever goals I do set for myself.  And, of course, one of those things is to be ever more tuned into my higher self and its goals, which I’m always making progress at.  And that gets me to what I think a truly free choice is.  It’s one attuned my higher self.  It’s a choice that isn’t dictated by anything in this world, no peer pressure, no mass consciousness influences, no fallen consciousness, no duality, no influences from wounds, no circumstances, no predefined preferences, no earthly rules.  Well, with all the divine help this world is receiving right now and even though I would claim that my consciousness has risen; isn’t it something that I still consider that a tall order.  I wonder now if I can make even one truly free choice.  Well, that’s not the note I intended to end on.

November 14, 2014

Evil is not a necessity.  Sometimes when I think of this world becoming a paradise, I wonder if it’s not meant to be the way it is.  This morning I had these thoughts.  Perhaps in the current moment on planet earth many people FREELY make very few decisions about what they wish to be experiencing.  Perhaps we make a great many decisions out of ignorance and being unconscious.  How many people even know they are maki g choices or that they DO indeed have choices?  And perhaps that is what is shifting right now.  Perhaps more and more people are shifting to make more choices in a truly FREE manner.  So, maybe it is that even just clearing the smog is inordinately valuable.  I believe we do this through the prayers we say and the light we call forth into various situations.

But, as I had these thoughts, I noticed a faint undercurrent that perhaps people really want to experience evil.  I think this is an old undercurrent that has no place in our worlds anymore.  It came from the duality thinking of labeling some things as bad and some as good and believing that in order to know good you had to experience bad.  This thinking is what is passing away.  To me evil is the forcing of the wills of a few on the many.  There are certainly the cases where the few demonstrate their willingness to be unbelievably vicious in ways intended to strike fear into any heart that hears of the horrendous deeds and situations.  They use that viciousness to control people’s choices.  Or there are those that use ignorance and deceit to control people’s choices.  And I admit that I haven’t yet reached a place where that does not frighten me.

But how many of us living in quite “normal” circumstances really do not understand just how powerful our ability to make choices is.  Have you had any of the following thoughts?  “I couldn’t sleep last night.  I don’t know why.  It doesn’t even occur to me that I might have made some choices that caused it.”  “I ate food that I knew would bother me, because there was nothing else available. (Oh, really?  I couldn’t wait to eat better or I couldn’t find a grocery instead of a fast food place?)  “I didn’t drink enough water, again.”  (Well, did I think of ways to encourage myself to drink more water?)  So, these are just the basics of sleeping, eating and hydrating.  Yet, how many people feel they truly have FREE choices in just these three categories?  And how many people go overboard in their attempts to control these three categories in their lives?  I do believe there is an awakened middle ground of awareness of truly free choices and that is what we’re shifting into.  Even if it’s just more people honestly knowing that there is far more than the appearance of survival.

Will you join me today in intentionally making 5 choices today?  (And I don't mean comparing prices in a store, which is what I just caught myself thinking would be some of those 5 choices.) Let’s really focus on our power and ability to see our options and make these choices.

October 6, 2014

In this class I just started we were discussing whether people can be victims.  The majority of the class felt it’s obvious that there are numerous situations where people are victimized.  The next morning I felt we had missed the whole point.  Our whole discussion could have so easily been about how we, as children of God, don’t recognize even a small portion of our God-given and inherent powers.  To use the example of how much of an iceberg is hidden, usually 90%; I don’t think we even know about, recognize, or acknowledge 10% of our capabilities.  Generally when conversations are about dangerous situations, I insert some story that I believe about people who have been faced with life-threatening situations, where what we consider normal material laws simply didn’t apply.  There are potential car accidents that don’t happen where it appears the cars occupy the same space at the same time without colliding.  An older lady who was walking alone and singing and was not accosted by hoodlums because they saw a large man walking with her.  A 7-11 attendant who was thinking how much he loved his family when a burglar shot at him and the bullet simply dematerialized.  Generally when I tell people these stories, they consider me naïve and IF these things happened; then they were special circumstances where someone was just chosen out of the blue to show some example.  I really try to indicate that it’s more something about the state of consciousness the individuals are in.

September 30, 2014

I'd like to try to figure out why our higher self, our I AM Presence considers life on earth an opportunity. I'm looking for what the actual intent was, prior to any sense of separation.  I’m inviting you to think about what you believe.  You don’t necessarily need to agree or disagree with my wandering thoughts, although that‘s one process.  It’s probably inevitable with this mind in this world that seeing what we don’t believe helps us see what we do believe. I have to admit that I’m at a point where I do that.  However, let me suggest that it may be more productive to you to just allow my wandering thoughts to birth questions you’d like to ask yourself.

I've been told we chose to embody in the material realm out of boredom and I don't believe anything at all of that explanation. I've also been told that our I AM becomes more by experiencing the process of coming from a point-like sense of self back into a multi-dimensional god sense of self. I'm at least willing to give this explanation a try. I guess, beginning with basics, I do believe life on earth has a purpose. And I do believe my I AM knows and agreed with that purpose. I tend to believe it’s more about experiencing the process than any actual result, but it’s very difficult to give up the idea of goals and results. So, I also have to admit that I think my I AM had specific goals and results in mind. I just went through a thirty day process of receiving the blessing of accepting that I've accomplished my goal. At this point in time I believe a sense of victory has to do with accomplishment. I've no idea if this has anything to do with a true sense of victory, but it's where I'm at right now.

So, what opportunity would an I AM Presence see in embodiment on earth? Jesus said something about replacing fears with unconditional love, that the earth is a school room for learning about unconditional love. If you’d like to read it for yourself, one place is in the first 10 paragraphs of Well, if my conscious mind has understood enough of what Jesus said to have paraphrased it accurately in the previous sentence; then, I guess I can accept that perhaps my I AM doesn't know everything about unconditional love and so decided to embody in order to face 144 initiations on the path of love. That seems quite daunting, but I guess doable. However, I have a very hard time believing that my I AM has any fears.  I think fears are a product of the mind of separation.  So, I can see my I AM learning MORE.  And I can see that the process of taking on a fear and then replacing that fear with a love in a world of separation experiences might be able to provide that learning.

Some people seem to believe that each of our I AM Presences has access to all knowledge and that since we've come to believe in separation; it is only what we believe separates us that keeps us from this knowledge. It makes sense that in trying to figure out what opportunities are offered from experiencing a material world, I would be brought up against what do I believe my higher self is? For my part at this point in time, I tend to believe my I AM knows more than the Conscious Me knows, but is still learning, itself. And I tend to believe right now that somehow this life process is indeed teaching my I AM something.

September 17, 2014

I admit I’ve been watching American Ninja Warrior.  It’s fun to see people overcoming obstacles, instead of competing against each other.  Watching Kacy Catanzaro complete the semi-finals course was such a delight. 
She is a five foot tall woman that made history.  Watching people push past physical obstacles is one thing.  But, to hear the stories of people who have pushed past potential limitations; like diabetes, arthritis or Lyme disease, is uplifting.  Last year five of the best Japanese athletes competed against five athletes from the USA.  The Japanese team didn’t win.  And one of the Japanese competitors this year said it was because they were too much in their heads, that the USA team was just having fun.  This is such a huge demonstration of what being like little children does for us, when we allow ourselves to feel like we don’t have to prove anything to anybody, including ourselves.


This energy is sent out thru the protective filter of Father/Mother God's will
 and can only be returned in that will and by God's grace.