September 29, 2013

What are the different ways people look at how events unfold in their lives?

Well, there are probably as many answers as people, but I think I can describe a few generalities and perhaps you can think of others.

We might believe our lives are orchestrated by an outside force. We might beleive our lives are orchestrated by an inner force. We might believe it is all happenstance and not orchestrated at all. We might believe that the choices we make individually are the only forces that contribute. We might believe that we're just pulled along by whatever the majority decides. We might believe everything is pre-ordained. We might believe nothing is preordained. We might believe it's all a very complex arithmatic equation. Some people believe they have a Divine Plan. The beliefs range from it being strictly an individual plan, to a group plan, to layers of individual and progressively larger groups.

I don't subscribe exclusively to everything has a purpose, nor exclusively to "shit happens." I think we experience both at different times. Some things just happen, because we live on a world where most people tune into very low frequencies of thought and action. For some of my experiences, I don't believe any decision from any lifetime contributed to my having to experience some people who forced their wills on others. Yet, sometimes, we are able to create purpose in a circumstance that "just" happened. And I don't believe those experiences of torture were cosmic mirror stuff, either. Although, I do believe in the cosmic mirror and that we do have many experiences based on what we subconsciously send out.

I happen right now to believe a little of each of the concepts in the third paragraph. I believe there is an effortless flow of the Holy Spirit that we can attune to. When I am tuned into that flow of the Holy Spirit, the minutest details work out. I can feel a subtle prompting to sit in a specific chair and that turns out to be the perfect place to be of service for someone. When I'm not tuned into that flow, I can tell the difference. Either I don't notice the small events that happen, or they don't happen. And sometimes I know I missed an opportunity; because after the fact, I remember having turned a deaf ear to a subtle prompting. Thankfully, there are always more opportunities. I chose in my divine plan, that I helped create prior to embodiment, specific decision points; so those are, in a sense, pre-ordained. But if I'm not flowing with the Holy Spirit, then the rest is a complex dance between my individual decisions, the decisions of the majority that can affect me, and the decisions of those who choose to force their will on others, if those affect me. And, never to forget, there is the return flow from my subconscious. Personally, I'm no good at reading the cosmic mirror. I do believe I have a "divine plan" for my life, whether I helped create it or not. I guess I look at it sort of as a GPS. I pick a destination and it suggests a path that I may or may not take and it constantly adjusts to the choices I make.

Somtimes, I believe I have to do something to connect to or tune into my individual divine plan. Sometimes, I believe I "accidentally" live my divine plan each day. I used to believe my divine plan was a fixed road map of choices I could make for an "ideal" life, that it had every detail of every choice I'd be faced with. But I don't believe that anymore. Nor do I believe anymore in a divine plan that has a specific outline for THE contribution I'm supposed to make to all life in this lifetime; although, some people might have this. For me, my divine plan seems to be radiating whatever higher energies I can, where ever I am in life. I also used to believe that if I could just connect with the illusive divine plan, everything would automatically work for the good of all. I don't believe in automatic, anymore. And I also am tending toward the belief that our divine plans are happening everyday, whether we choose to notice or not.

Now I think it's more like signing up for college courses. We look at a sylabus, of sorts, prior to each embodiment and say we want to learn that, that and that. And then life is sort of like the course work. There are one or more instructors that we may or may not pay attention to. There is the course work an instructor assigns, that we may or may not choose to do. We feel an increased pressure as we refuse; because we originally said we wanted to learn this, even if we don't remember that part. And there is what we learn from our classmates. We learn from their sharing of their ah-ha experiences and we learn from what might look like their mistakes. And then, of course, we learn from our own interactions and perceptions.

Some people believe there is only one course and that is to learn to be undonditional love in every circumstance. I don't totally buy into that. I still think there are many courses we choose from. But I'm playing with the idea right now that each of these has an element of learning to express Divine Love. But I still tend more towards the idea that each course has elements of the other courses, but the focus is a little different.

Other people seem to believe that all our course work in whatever course is aimed at the sole overall goal of becoming more aware of our unique and pure self and co-creating that self. I tend to believe that this is, indeed, an overall goal of our lives. I'm not so sure it is the only overall goal. I think there are many layers from individual self to no separate self to group self to cosmic self to god self. I am one that believes I am a unique individual that is a member of ever-larger and expanding groups and that somehow there is no separation, even at the individual level. I can't say I consciously understand it, yet. I do believe there are people in this world who have accpeted responsibility in Oneness. Sometimes, I'm not sure if I'm one of them. Sometimes, the question is not there. So, I guess at those times, I am.

So I guess there is no specific point to this posting. Apparently, I just wanted to pull out my beliefs and look at them, which is healthy for each of us to do now and then.


September 19, 2013

My joy is to radiate.

I forget that even if I couldn't physically move at all, even if I felt limitations to the point of paralysis; I could still radiate light. All I have to do is lift myself out of believing in the limitations.

There is a movie called Secret of the Andes. In it a holy man gets imprisoned. He doesn't really care, because he continues about his normal daily routine. Distance means nothing in helping his student build a statue. And when it's time, he simply walks out of the jail cell, guides his students on a quest, takes on the form of a bird to help them in their quest, and then releases all form.

September 16, 2013

What are your thoughts on Divine Love?  Today, these are mine.  ‘Thing’ is not the right word, but I’ll use it anyway.

Divine Love is something we experience to know, to gnosis.  Each and every one of us do and can experience it.  The energy that gives us self-awareness comes from Divine Love.  The energy behind all sustainable creation comes from Divine Love.  The energy that animates physical bodies has its source in Divine Love; that which breathes, beats the heart, moves fluids, enacts all the billions of signals between cells.  We can find the 7 rays, perhaps 12 and perhaps more, in Divine Love.  One word suggestions that really don’t identify or describe the 7 rays are: power, wisdom, love, purity, healing, peace, freedom.  The times that I consciously connect with experiencing Divine Love, I have felt more empowered, a clarity of thoughts, an unconditional acceptance, an acceleration to a new step, a letting go of something I had been carrying, a stillness, and certainly a freeing.

When I was a teenager, I was being horribly beaten and I felt Mother Mary’s arms enfold me and heard her say: “Enough.”  She said it powerfully, without a trace of anger.  I actually don’t think the person doing the beating was able to continue, but it didn’t matter.  Nothing touched me while I was wrapped in that incredibly loving and healing presence.  One time when I had been mightily struggling and was in deep despair, I heard the word stop in my mind.  I stopped my struggling and opened up slightly to listen and received such an energetic hug full of incredible comfort and everything else melted.  That was when I learned that no amount of memory of any amount of horror can exist in love.  One time I was listening to a teaching and we were asked to feel love emanating from Mother Mary and I cried because I couldn’t feel it.  I looked at why I felt I couldn’t feel it.  Perhaps Divine Love is even more than Mother Mary’s love, but after that just the mention of Mother Mary can bring such a feeling of comfort and acceptance, such a peace, such a quieting of the mind and emotions.  It’s lovely.  In connection with many of the ascended masters I feel such a deep love and I sense that Divine Love is even more than this.  So I guess I think Divine Love emanates from the Creator, the original (being?) that has no beginning or end.  Another time I asked to be taken to the Great Central Sun and I just felt different afterwards, a profound change that I couldn’t categorize in my mind.  Other times sort of melt into this knowledge of a difference within myself.  So I guess at this point I would describe Divine Love as an experience that somehow either changes or awakens or quickens us.  Nope, that doesn’t say it.  Divine Love is Divine Love and I’m grateful to be able to experience it.

What are your thoughts?  Can you consciously call to mind the times when you really felt like you experienced Divine Love?  If not, ask to experience it.  If so, let that feeling wash over you now.

September 9, 2013

I am grateful for the energy behind my true being.

Right now living has an element of taking chances, but someone recently reminded me that we are always in control of what we take in.  When lies can be so very subtle, I’m not sure to what extent I agree with that.  But it does help me be more willing to take a very big chance.  I want to take a course.  In the past any instructor has not mattered.  I knew I would receive exactly what I wanted, because my I AM Presence would guide me to what I needed.  Well, I was going to say that this time it might really matter whether the instructor is who he says he is; but as I think it through, perhaps it is still unimportant.  I was also going to say that this is different because in the past I could judge what I accepted as truth according to my personal standard.  However, this course is for the very purpose of moving me beyond my personal beliefs about myself.  That seems quite frightening, but don’t we do that all the time?  In actuality, in the past, I honed my discernment on recognizing the vibration of truth in my heart.  Well, this course will challenge that, but isn’t our ability to discern always challenged?  At least, it is always utilized, if not actually challenged.  And aren’t challenges exactly how we learn to trust ourselves, as well as our I AMs or whatever higher presence is at a higher vibration than our current consciousness?

September 8, 2013

Thank God for all the people that allow us the space to talk.  It is such a blessing to feel better after talking with any one of these lovely people.  Perhaps they are praying while I speak.  It’s more than just a release.  I feel an actual shift.  Thank you God for each of these people.  I know you’ll bless them as only you can, according to their willingness to receive.  I also thank you for the abundance of those blessings.

February 10, 2013

These are a couple of quotes from a rosary for Victory that just jumped right out at me.

Help me see that I am saved only through the power and grace of God, but that I must be willing to direct that power as an extension of the Hierarchy of Life.  Thus, my father works hitherto and I work.

Show me all elements of the consciousness of death in my being, and I WILL choose life.

Printed with permission.
Copyright © 2012 by Kim Michael

February 2, 2013

Believing in our healings and victories. Someone beautifully illustrated this for me, but it has taken more than a month for it to settle in. I'm so happy I get it, now. I'm in process of writing a book - hence my sporadic postings. I asked some people to read a draft of the first chapters. One person saw two distinct voices. I have really been struggling in an effort to reconcile these two voices. One carries very little conviction and one empowers the reader from the point of view of a very strong conviction.

The two illustrations of introducing material without real conviction and then with an obvious firm conviction:

It is possible that by sharing some of the steps I took in healing from traumatic experiences in my childhood, that you too can claim your victories over traumatic conditions.

I have not only healed from traumatic experiences, but I have been victorious! And I am here to share how you too can CLAIM YOUR VICTORIES!!!

Well, even in such an impersonal tool as the internet, without hearing my voice, the difference is well illustrated. You can see how 'claim your victories' gets lost in the first illustration. All you remember from the second illustration is the phrase 'claim your victories.' It echoes and reverberates.

This morning I woke up and realized that this person has seen the victorious me throughout the more than 25 years that we've been associated. This person has actually SEEN that in me. Well, sometimes I see myself as this victorious person and sometimes I see myself as, even now, still grappling with the effects of having been traumatized. Sometimes I even beat myself down with ideas like having taken a huge detour and finally arriving back at step 1. That is a defeatist attitude nobody needs. Where would I be on my journey if I had not had these experiences? Well that is a superfluous question that can be argued in any direction and is, therefore, simply a playground for the ego. My journey (or mission) was to experience, to witness, to survive, to heal, to become victorious, to document and to let go. I am in the documenting and letting go stages and those stages do not have to be years or even months. Even when I see things I want to change, I need to keep the conviction that I am victorious over these experiences. I am in the exciting stage of fully integrating my victories.

I found the posting, Peace May 25, 2012, that describes a decision becoming determined, moving knowledge into the I KNOW that I KNOW that I KNOW realm. Yesterday's peace posting suggests an exercise for uniting mind and emotion. Experiencing victory is penetrating every fiber of my four lower bodies. Saying that as I experience victory, I also experience more of my higher self; does not describe the actual experience of both knowing and feeling this flow, but I'll leave it in those words for now.

There are some people reading this posting, who are very familiar with tuning into and experiencing Oneness with the God Being Victory. I acknowledge this, as well. It is this very flame that I choose to tune into and suspect that everything associated with this posting is part of that adjustment.

How about you? How do you see yourself? Where does your confidence lie? Does your approach empower others?

January 8, 2013

A deeper level of responsibility. When you describe unconscious attitudes in conscious words, it sure helps to see things differently. A couple events happened over the past few months that helped point to a couple attitudes that I'll describe for you to see if it helps you look at something about your journey a little differently.

A person wanted something and so asked me to do all the work to make it happen - the research, the phone calls, the decisions. Consider that attitude of wanting something, but wanting someone else to do all the work; as the canvas for this picture I'm painting.

Then there were a whole series of events about listening. You know the difference when someone is truly interested and listening; when someone is not interested and still listening; when someone is preoccupied; and when someone is just not listening at all. You also know when someone appears to sort of be listening, but is not hearing what you are saying; because what they say back to you is in a whole different direction. So all of this about listening provides the background of the picture - the mountains, clouds, grass and trees.

The last event was when a person asked to help me and I handed them something and said they could wrap it for me. They sat there and came up with excuses for not having to wrap it. So there is the person in the painting - sitting at rest with a number of things to be done sitting around not getting done. And remember that the person asked to be in the painting.

Sometimes this painting describes the attitudes behind my prayers. Yeowsa!

At this point in my life, I know that answers to prayers are a partnership. We provide the focus and the desire and God multiplies our contributions. (I hesitate to say our efforts, because our understanding of the word 'effort' doesn't give the connotation I desire. But I'm not sure how to put it in words.) Anyway, my current understanding is that God multiplies what we put into the process. Archangel Michael said we provide the permission to work in the physical realm and he provides the power. I'm still trying to dislodge this misconception that God just magically snaps his fingers over something that I happen to bring to his attention. How many philosophers throughout the ages have grappled with the concepts of why life on Earth is in the condition it is in and why there is an element in our prayers that we even have to ask in the first place - like God doesn't know about it or see it unless we pray about it?


This energy is sent out thru the protective filter of Father/Mother God's will
 and can only be returned in that will and by God's grace.