March 24, 2010

The All

To some this is a relatively new term. I certainly won't pretend to fully know the meaning. Sometimes I think of it as all of God's creation, sometimes what ever sphere of creation our little planet is in, sometimes all the energies behind all the physical manifestations on Earth (whether plant, animal, human or whatever), sometimes just what ever spirits or co-creators are associated with planet Earth, sometimes I guess more along the lines of the mass consciousness of the humans currently in embodiment on planet Earth, sometimes a smearing across all these. Likely any attempt at definition is too limiting. What ever your current level of understanding might be, this was my thought. We ALL have things we've mastered. We all have wisdoms, loves and powers to share. To separate myself from the All mentioned above is to harm myself. It's my responsibility to accept what I have mastered and to share, while still remembering there is so much more to learn. It's also my responsibility to accept sharing of light from fellow co-creators. Sometimes I separate myself thru thoughts of unworthiness, or impurity or over protectiveness. Even as I reach, these words still contain an element of separation, a we/them aspect, an I/you aspect. Yet there is that reaching for the grasping of unity. Perhaps the separation is in that reaching or that idea of grasping. Perhaps it is more a matter of simply being more conscious of accepting unity. With respect for the free will of those who are open to this call, I call for a higher understanding of Oneness in God.


March 23, 2010

The flow and the veil.

When I'm aware of a consciousness I wish to transcend, I reach for a higher understanding. Other times I don't have a specific goal and I'm just opening myself to the flow. Many would call it the flow of the Holy Spirit and some would call it the flow of the River of Life. This morning I actually needed reminding that the flow can't end within my container of self. I wasn't even aware of being in such a thick fog that I would need to be reminded of something so basic. I did the visualization linked in the left column of this page. But I stopped at the tips of my fingers and toes and forgot to radiate the energy to the world. Thankfully I was reminded that the flow is also outward. How thick that veil or fog gets sometimes. Some call it the veil of maya. Others have referred to it as the veil around the Holy of Holies, the veil that was rent when Jesus gave up the ghost (released his last attachment). He showed us the way and we all tear thru it. It is always a bit surprising to me that the veil is there at all, but more understandable in the terminology of some. For some call the veil the mass consciousness. We were given the image of a dam built from our free will that holds back the love and light that God is so eager to share in complete abundance with all of us. Each time any of us poke a hole in that dam, the water (the light, the energy, whatever) eagerly flows thru. May you rend the veil today, or poke a hole in the dam, or dissipate some blockage in the mass consciousness (any image that works for you).

March 22, 2010

With Easter approaching and all that Jesus did to help us remember our unity in God, I'm being alert to signs of the concept of separation still lingering within me. Long ago I gave up the idea that I had to physically go to a church building or even into the forest to be closer to God. Then I gave up the idea that I had to transport myself thru meditation to the throne room of God or some place in heaven. Then there was the stage of exercising my heart as a portal. Each stage brings me a deeper understanding and manifestation of Oneness in God. Yet each still held elements of a belief in separation from God. It's this belief I choose to eradicate. Currently I'm in between seeing myself as linked thru many spiritual beings to God the Creator and seeing myself as an individual expression of the One God, the God of Oneness in which there is no separation. Yet I still see signs of a linear view and I'm trying for more of a spherical concept. I invite you in this time to look at your own beliefs and see which beliefs help you feel closer to God, which show signs of feeling separated and which help you identify with your Oneness in God.

March 21, 2010

It's a Christmas card

I realize the above link takes you to a Christmas card I received. I loved the way the angel brought light. As we approach Easter, I hope we are all able to focus on the Resurrection. What does that mean to you? How will you "bring light" in the next couple weeks?

March 20, 2010


What is the next question that will help you take your next step toward oneness? I recently watched a movie where from the age of 11 a man had been taught to see various people as enemies. Various circumstances led him to realize that not all of any one group of people, including the groups that he bridged, were either friend or enemy. In his questionings, he helped others come face to face with these questions. The movie depicted a path to peace between several groups and within individuals, who learned to set aside hate and move on. Of course some were consumed, and some were sacrificed; but some found the strength to live in peace and prosperity. I pray that those who are least willing to kill to solve their problems will question these methods and energetically seek other solutions, even if we stumble through the new ways.


March 10, 2010


Recently I responded to the pain of self-doubt in a friend's e-mail. My response helped me see some of this still in me. Then I met the daughter of a lady I know. The daughter's husband had just put her out of the house after informing her he wants a divorce. I reacted strongly to what I saw in this young girl. She's been married for ten years and apparently he has beaten her in the past. Although I've never been in this particular position, what I saw in her has deeply disturbed me. Perhaps it is just that she seems to only be hanging on to her sense of self by a thread. Certainly the "stand up to the bully," that push to stand up and be counted, has been activated in me. Also the "rally to the wounded" has been activated. But those aren't what is disturbing my inner peace. It again seems to be the pain of self-doubt that I'm responding to. There may be more to this, but right now the result is a deeper commitment to clean out the emotions from old wounds so that they don't influence my current decisions. And especially to clean out all limiting self-beliefs. I also pray from the depths of my heart that this young girl comes into a sense of her own, becomes conscious of her self-worth, is willing to recognize her value to God and in God and stands up straight with new self-purpose. I extend this same prayer to each one in a similar circumstance. Of course, first I pray that each of these men and women learn whatever takes them to their next step in recognizing, accepting and personifying their own true spiritual identity. I accept this prayer for myself and offer it to all who read this.


March 9, 2010


Going out into the world
We all have our insecurities. When we’re with other people, sometimes our insecurities are intensified, sometimes we put up barriers of defense, and/or sometimes we limit our expression of self “so no one sees” what ever it is we’re insecure about. Sometimes people just avoid going out in the world. I’ve done some work on transcending various insecurities to free myself to express whatever I choose spontaneously and with far more ease.

What’s funny is that for me going into a smaller community is what is allowing me to “go out into the world.” I live in a city of a half million people that I amazingly manage to avoid. I need time away from the city and tend to choose forests, where I find a quiet soothing healing. I wanted to retire and move, but that is not the financially responsible decision right now. So I decided on the compromise of a weekend retreat. Yet, I didn’t want to retreat to a place remote from the world. So actually, my new piece of land that I’m purchasing for my weekend retreat is in a small community of a few hundred people. I have 8 acres of thick forest to myself and I feel thoroughly comfortable having all sorts of social interactions with the people around me. That’s not to say I’m anti-social in the city, I was just amazed at how easy it was to meet and make friends in a far more relaxed environment. So for me going smaller has actually allowed me to expand more.


This energy is sent out thru the protective filter of Father/Mother God's will
 and can only be returned in that will and by God's grace.