Using Light as Protection (from energies of lower vibrations)

Before getting to using light, let me say that making any call to Archangel Michael never goes unheard and is answered instantly. Archangel Michael said he offers his protection because he understands the power of “contagion.”  Any Earth inhabitant certainly knows about contagious thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

One way is to call for a cylinder or sphere of white light to be three feet thick about yourself.  This is typically said to represent the white light of Christ.  Some add three rings or spheres of blue flame, each concentrically three feet larger, about the white light.  Blue flame has been explained to me as representing the Father’s divine will, guidance and direction.  Of course, people also call on Archangel Michael for aid.  I was also taught to fill the white light with violet flame for self-purification.  As far as I know, what might put “holes” in our protection are our own thoughts, feelings, fears, beliefs.  Hence we are always working on ourselves to be able to live up to the scriptural sense of the devil not being able to find anything in us that will accept any influence from any energies of a lower frequency than Christed energies.

When people have aimed anger at me, I’ve envisioned a mirror around me, sending their anger right back to them for them to look at it, and keeping it from touching me.  This enables me to stay calm and eventually see if and how I can offer to be of service or bridge some middle ground.  Sometimes they escalate, but they usually tire themselves out.  If I can come up with something, I’ll interrupt them with the proposal.  If not, I walk away. (An intrinsic knowledge I live by: Do not engage.)

Also, I have been taught that picturing a blazing sun in front of your solar plexus protects your emotional body.  The terminology was actually calling for the Great Sun Disc to be placed at the solar plexus.  At any rate, I have found it useful in “calming the seas” of my own emotions and keeping others from stirring my emotions in an abusive manner.  I especially use it to keep fears and concerns from being transferred to me.   I don’t have a lot of experience in teachings about the Great Divine Director, but that might be where this comes from.  I just know it works.

Paragraphs above are excerpts from the June 30 and July 1, 2012 postings.

Diamond Crystal Shield (This was a gift given to a teacher couple that they chose to share with all of us who were present at the time they received the gift. The wording is as it was given perhaps 27 years ago. However, the gift came from Jesus and so can always be requested directly from Jesus by anyone. It is visualized within the third (most exterior) blue ring or sphere from the first paragraph above. You might first ask Jesus to place this crystal shield about you and then use this prayer to reinforce it in your conscious knowledge daily. It is commonly taught that for the respect of free will, any calls we make need to be reinforced every 24 hours. Personally, I don't know the scientific reason, but I suspect it has something to do with the various energy pulls on Earth. Of course, when we have transcended the concept of "external" help and these protections come from our own energy fields; I don't know how that affects the equations. And for people with a true understanding of Oneness, perhaps the whole concept of protection disappears, but obviously remains acknowledged as useful for those of us not there yet.)

Beloved Lord Jesus the Christ I call forth the diamond crystal shield you have placed me within. I call that this shield be intensified every moment of every hour of every day. That it would become so strong, that I would be invulnerable to all that is less than the Christ perfection. That I would grow within. That I would be enarmored by the Father. And that the Father's divine plan for me would manifest itself. Amen.

With regard to the divine plan manifesting itself, one lady a I know requests every morning that opportunities be obvious to her. (I'm not sure which words she uses - her divine plan - anywhere she can be of service - are both my wording, perhaps opportunities is sufficient.)




This energy is sent out thru the protective filter of Father/Mother God's will
 and can only be returned in that will and by God's grace.