October 30, 2012

Peace, be still and know that I am God. We know that true peace is actually quite active. So what did God mean by commanding us to be still? A stilling of all else in the emotions so that only peace remains. That we don't tie into dramas and especially epic dramas. We don't attach our emotions to what our physical eyes see. We each do what we can with love, compassion and light; and we leave the rest to God. We know that each individual effort is greatly multiplied, magnificently multiplied. And even in the midst of great tragedies, there are great miracles, there are awakenings, there are many who transcend. We send our blessings and we trust. We do what we can physically and we remain at peace emotionally. And we know that God is God, is loving, knows what is happening, and is helping us, even as we are reaching out to help others or to pray or to help raise the energies of all.


October 16 thru 29, 2012

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October 15, 2012

What is the power of peace?  Is the power in making the choice? Choosing to manifest the peace we so desire in our thoughts, our actions and our emotions.  Radiating peace to those we come in contact with and in the situations in which we are involved.  Recognizing that space and time are illusions and transporting our consciousness surrounded by angels of Archangel Michael into places where decisions are being made, or into the midst of battles or into the center of Jerusalem to radiate the peace from God that we are in contact with and attuned to.  We may not be able yet to consciously radiate that peace 24/7, or we may not yet be conscious of our abilities; but being in that knowing that every time we toss a pebble of our peace into the mass consciousness, ripples are produced.  Perhaps the power of peace is in KNOWING that we know that we know that we do make a difference.  Perhaps the power of peace is simply the joy of radiating and no amount of difference really matters.

October 3 thru 14, 2012

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October 2, 2012

I’ve been in a state of healing.  I did get maybe three or four postings in the past month, but I transcended them before they got posted and so I didn’t follow thru on them.  Perhaps this month has been similar for you.  In one way things were happening very fast and in another way things were happening very gently.  I’d be consciously aware of a change within me, but not so consciously aware of the reason exactly.  I find that I want to consciously be aware of radiating peace more and more.  Partially this is because of having done another level of work on it is OK to be who I am.  I’m also aware that I automatically reject the fears that even well meaning people try to impress upon me.  One example is that a lady told a story about a car accident and every one in the group started telling me to be careful and have a safe trip as I got in my car. They didn't see that they had fallen into the trap of taking one story and letting it define to them that car travel could be dangerous when there could easily be 200,000 stories that say car travel could be safe. Then, without thinking, they were trying to magnetize their fears to me. I graciously said I love driving and feel perfectly safe, which effectively gave their fears back to them for them to look at or not as they pleased.

September 3 thru October 1, 2012

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September 2, 2012

I call for all those who are sensitive to the flame of peace to radiate that peace in whatever situations you are in right now.

Gautama Buddha, Jesus, I greet you in the center of my heart and ask you to please help as tune into true peace.

September 1, 2012

Unconditional peace. How does a person truly let go of all conditions? How do we stop comparing having peace with not having peace or with conditions that we think show some lack of peace?

Perhaps in one way I understand. Upon hearing about the deaths of a great number of people; I tap into and center in not only my own peace, but that which constantly flows from God. From my heart I send that peace with all the love of God I can contact and fervent prayers to the area of Amazon or any hotspot to strengthen those who are willing to accept it. I call for angels to flood the area with whatever truths can help the people see the realities behind their actions and what they might like to change about their behaviors and their methods and their reactions. And while sending it for the next 24 hours I'll be especially careful not to step into even the subtlest agitation.

You can even picture yourself standing in the midst of a group of angry people or hurt and grieving people and you are singing what ever you choose to sing, whatever you think might help awaken them to love and peace. Remember you are only offering a choice like a glass of water, there can be no sense of force in your mental images. Also remember to reaffirm your spiritual protection first. If I can provide this mp3 sound file, you can even sing with me, if you like. Awake song

So I can respond with peace, but it is still a reactionary thing. I see an area that if something horrible has happened it must need some peace and that which leads to killing a lot of people is not peace. I still have some sort of dualistic outlook. I still have so much to learn.


This energy is sent out thru the protective filter of Father/Mother God's will
 and can only be returned in that will and by God's grace.