January 30, 2011

What has joy to do with peace? Well, I don't know. Can someone who isn't at peace be joyful? Anyway, I've been noticing joy lately. I witnessed two children’s birthday parties quite accidentally. One party was today in a normally quiet restaurant and the other was yesterday at a neighbor’s. Although I was surprised to hear the high pitched squeals as I walked in the restaurant, I recognized them as joyful sounds and smiled. I'm not sure politely exuberant is a real phrase, but that is my description of these children. They're parents made no attempt to curb their activity. One of the children got a little too close to one of the other patrons, who apparently did not see the joy in their behavior and yelled at the child. What I saw was children enjoying sheer delight and happiness in Being. There were no arguments at all among the children. Yesterday at a different party a child, who is normally quite joyfully loving towards me, was absolutely imperial with her friends. There were all sorts of squabbles at her party that the adults were almost constantly negotiating. The squabbles passed quickly, but the sort of forced joy of that party in comparison to the easy relaxed joy of the other party was something I noticed. At one party the children were just playing and there was no sense of one being set apart as specially privileged. In the other there was a definite "It's MY birthday" attitude. How does this relate to adult behavior? There is no way I can envision myself running around a restaurant, chasing a balloon and gleefully squealing with apparently no thought except the fun of the moment. I can't even imagine allowing a child I'm responsible for to behave "that way" "in public." Yet, I can't see myself choosing the squelched joy and squabbles. I know the quiet joy of walking in a forest. How do I bring that in to being around people? Perhaps appreciation is the key. At today's birthday party in the restaurant the children appreciated the fun of the moment. At yesterday's party, there was a requirement to appreciate the special privileges of the birthday girl. Can I appreciate people as much as I appreciate trees? Can I manage to BE around people without always seeking to be aware of the unspoken requirements (in order to avoid squabbles?)? And there my friends is the connection to inner peace.


January 22, 2011

I have felt that I was struggling and drowning in the muck and mire of life on Earth and I've been waiting for my I Am Presence or any representative of God or God to save me. This morning I realized that I can stand up in what I think I'm drowning in and I can walk to shore. I can demonstrate to others who see their life in a similar way that they can stand up and walk to shore also. We can do this by simply recognizing that we do have this God given ability to direct our focus; by accepting full responsibility and stop blaming, even in subtle ways, anyone or anything; and by making choices to change our attitude. Any of us can enter the living waters of the Holy Spirit and flow effortlessly with the living waters of life.

I've actually been trying to protect myself or call for Archangel Michael to protect me from the fallen consciousness (having to always choose between opposites) equating that with life on Earth, without recognizing fully that the fallen consciousness is not the only consciousness on Earth. I don't have to wallow in it. I don't have to view myself as constantly being in the middle of a tug of war. Look at that last word. Remove the opposites from within one's own way of thinking.

January 21 , 2011

Perhaps I need to forgive myself for not being what God wants me to be, especially since perceptions that are colored by PTSD, perceptions of what God wants, aren’t true anyway.

January 20 , 2011

Moving from sadness to joy. Am I not actually always in a state of joy and allowing myself to become more and more aware of it? In the teachings from Jesus over the past three years, the duality consciousness, as expressed in opposites, has been mentioned in many ways. It’s been said that the ends can not justify the means, because there are no ends. The "means" is part of a path. And that path is a spiral of consciousness, not a line from one extreme situation to another. The duality consciousness has also been illustrated as moving from one point to another on a limb, when a person could more easily choose to be on the trunk of the tree of life. Even when people speak of the middle way, does that have to be a perceived middle between two opposites. Can't it be a centering of oneself with one's own higher consciousness and making choices from that viewpoint, instead of from inside the turbulence?

January 19 , 2011

What did you or are you sharing with people today? Did it challenge something about your current beliefs? Did it in some way put Satan behind you? My example is this posting. I started out to list a number of things that can be shared, but they had my perceived standard behind them and would have set you up to use your perceived standard to judge what you shared. I hope I moved beyond that into just a simple question. Did something you shared today challenge you? Perhaps you can take time to look more closely to see what it is trying to show you. Mine was to list did we share peace, loving kindness, a material item, anger, boundaries, limitlessness from boundaries. I saw in the list 3 "good choices" and 3that I would like to move beyond. Yet, are not anger and setting boundaries actually appropriate at times? In seeing the pattern of deciding ahead of time what is or is not appropriate I saw that it wasn't the higher question. And in reaching beyond my current thoughts, hopefully asked a question more to the point.

WE CAN MAKE CHOICES! Yet, do choices have to carry a standard of good or bad? Do they have to be based on some value judgment or can choices just be choices? I told a co-worker recently that the decisions on whether to retire or not are actually quite exciting, since we can not make a wrong decision. What ever is decided will be right for where we are now and we will learn from the path we take and there will be consequences either way and we can creatively overcome and/or learn from any consequences. I was also believing as I said this that no material path has to define what we learn spiritually.

January 18 , 2011

Like many others on January 11, I had an awakening insight. What awakening insights have you had? For me it started with the memory of a conversation from years before with a man who had emphatically demanded that I state that I believed the same as he. I stated just as emphatically that "I define my spirituality." There was firm conviction in each of the four words. My foundation was rocked when I suddenly realized that it wasn't totally true. A friend took the drama out of it by helping me see that I was just moving to a new level. I saw that I have been waiting for the burning bush, so to speak. I have spent much of my life waiting for God to tell me what I need to do and who I am. I had crippled my motion by trying to become acceptable so God could FINALLY release the full knowledge of who I am and why I am here (my individual specific mission). It was a gradual process thru out the day to accept the freedom of recognizing three things that may seem like they contradict each other, although I see all three as simultaneously true. I don't have to know, I already know and there is no answer. I don't have to know specifics. I can trust what I already know to some degree and at some level, even if I'm not fully conscious of it. There is no absolute answer to who I am and why I am here, because I am helping create the answer every moment in the eternal NOW.

January 15 , 2011

I choose to be at peace with my reason for being here on Earth right now, as I understand it; to transcend my current level of consciousness and be the open door for the next level of consciousness.  This may be envisioned as the next step up on a staircase, but it might also be expanding the radius of a sphere.  I wonder though if it’s not more similar to the growth of a prism on a crystal and I’m just one facet hopefully allowing more of a particular spectrum of light and also hopefully thru less and less filters.


Why did I start posting in February, 2008?

Sharing what a person learned each day was a suggestion for spiritual growth at the time. Creating a website with daily postings was a means I felt I could commit to. I felt a had a vibration of peace to share. It was a window into a process that people could accept what helped and ignore the rest.

Why did I stop posting in August of 2010?

Essentially I allowed doubt to creep in. In three ways I accepted images of what the website "should" be and that I convinced myself I didn't measure up to. I also allowed myself to doubt that my vibration carried a pure peace.

1) What I was learning was not easily relatable to peace.

2) A co-worker was expressing how people were beginning to feel that killing senators and representatives would help the USA. My only response was "That is NOT the way." I still haven't come up with a better response. Many months later a madman has carried it out, but would he have followed thru if many had not subscribed to the thought form and if many others provided viable, visible alternatives and therefore, relieved the frustration level?

3) I tried to expand from personal peace. I made the fatal error of looking at peace in "opposition" to war or violence. In attempting to see peace from the point of view of someone whose daily life is embroiled in the threats of neighborhood violence, school violence, or even wars between countries; I harshly judged my offerings as naive at best.

What I forgot.

Every person in every level of consciousness and set of circumstances has something to teach someone.

Why am I starting to post again?

This is my small way to contribute to raising the ALL. Putting things in writing helps me see more clearly. I have a "talent" for communicating. I need to use it. WIll this multiply the talents as Jesus referred? Perhaps not, but at least it's not hiding it under a bushel or in a closet.

Also, although I feel a sadness becoming more joy (I am also trying to get away from comparing opposites. Obviously, I need to work harder on it.); people seem to pick up more on a solid personal peace with humor and enjoy the vibration I share. Recently I was listening to teachings about how the flow of energy into the material realm is not controlled by the material. I shared individually with some people my summary of the teachings in the statement: "Spirit enhances the material, the material realm does not control spirit." The sum of their individual reactions and the timing with other eye opening events convinced me to post again.

May these postings indeed convey an energy of loving peace enhanced and expanded by numerous other qualities.


This energy is sent out thru the protective filter of Father/Mother God's will
 and can only be returned in that will and by God's grace.