Archangel Michael

Making any call to Archangel Michael never goes unheard and is answered instantly. Archangel Michael said he offers his protection because he understands the power of “contagion.”  Any Earth inhabitant certainly knows about contagious thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

I suspect that faith is actually a very deep love for God. I recently read that Archangel Michael (whose archai is Faith) has anchored their love in each of our hearts. This is powerful (pun intended) to me and I hope it empowers you as well. The actual quote from the pamphlet entitled Beloved Archangel Michael, by Thomas Printz is: "I Am fortunate, however, in that the Cosmic Law has allowed Me (Archangel Michael) to dwell within your Heart Flame..." Another quote I'd like to share: "I am so eager for you to unfold the natural talents and capacities of your lifestreams. Once you look upon the living colors that make up your Causal Body and see the tremendous stored up energies that await release through your life-stream, you will be so tremendously encouraged." And yes I also read the part about our consciousness being like a lotus flower resting on the blue sea of inner peace and tranquility, pouring forth the radiance of Its Being.

The above paragraph is an excerpt from the May 4, 2012 posting.

Quote from the book Beloved Archangel Michael, His Work and His Helpers by Thomas Printz in 1990. This book can be purchased from http://ascendedmaster.org/products/beloved-archangel-michael/

When the veil of maya first began to unfold from the consciousness of the mankind of earth, it was like a wisp of smoke - soon dissipated by the strong currents of Faith and Hope - and only to those of Us Who know the power of "contagion" did it presage a future menace to the souls of men evolving upon the earth. It has been no easy thing to witness that ever -increasing "fog" that finally shut away the visible Presence of the Heavenly Host and the Music of the Spheres, leaving the outer consciousness of mankind groping in the darkness of confusions which result from the thoughts and feelings of the mass of mankind.

It was when this first contamination of the innocents began, that I offered to become the Protector of the soul light in the hearts of men – the Defender of the Faith that keeps the spirit moving onward despite the appearances that seem to prevail . . . Century after century have I woven the energies of My Life into fanning the fires of Hope in the breasts of the evolving race, cutting away the weaknesses of the outer self, and BELIEVING with all the energy and momentum of My Being, in the goodness inherent in every man.

In the full Freedom which I enjoy, I am enabled to watch the soul Light within the heart of this entire evolution, as well as the Angelic, Devic, and Elemental Kingdoms, and wherever the Light dims, the shadows encroach upon the happiness of the heart – there I AM INSTANTLY! Without vision, the people perish, but I say also – without Faith – they cannot survive to the Eternal Day when the Cosmic Angel of the New Dawn draws back the remaining curtain of the maya and all men see the Kingdom as it exists now – as it always was – and as it ever shall be – only increasing in Perfection with every pulsebeat.

Let Me show you what My Feeling in your Faith can do.

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Posted July 4, 2012.




This energy is sent out thru the protective filter of Father/Mother God's will
 and can only be returned in that will and by God's grace.