July 30, 2012

The next few postings will be an example of the process in trying to make a difference. The reason I'm using this example is because it is complex and has a lot of steps and a lot of components. It is all interconnected and I trust will form a complete whole. Understanding what I am doing is not important. Seeing what you can do is important. Hopefully you'll be able to summarize the portions of the process that resonate with you and apply them. Below is the first step, the progression of desire. Recognizing that change is needed, that change is possible, and that I (meaning you) can contribute.

What happened first? I was born in, lived all my life in and tend to be attracted to a high desert environment. I noticed that many teachings lately have been referring to people being magnetized to certain physical locations to learn/teach whatever. A friend came to visit and gave the frame of reference that much of what I find beautiful in the dessert is actually an adaptation to lack of water. I was insulted by her reaction and found in me a pride in adapting to lack. I also heard this from various people I told about the experience. My thought and question. Water is such a basic requirement of life. Why would we be proud to adapt ourselves to an attitude of lack? So one component is water, overcoming a consciousness of lack and moving into a consciousness of abundance.

Then I found a book on precipitating - meaning creating. I decided to learn to precipitate water (pull physical water out of the etheric realm) and got discouraged. During this time I also had a great spiritual experience of releasing millions of doves from my heart. I was at the Four Corners of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. I was focused on sending blessings to the inhabitants and environments of all four states. So another component is peace and some interconnections between four states. Also my friend is from Colorado and lives in Washington, DC and is working on various spiritual aspects that can be related.

Also in this period of time the Trinity Site (where the atomic bomb was first tested) was open for visitation when I was physically at White Sands. So there is the whole atomic bomb and White Sands missile site issue and why they are in our state.

Then the fires started and the physical impact of whatever my connection with trees is. I wanted to KNOW that I have the ability to call the rains to put out the fires. I didn't achieve this knowing. The summer rains did appear to come early this year, but who knows. The fires were still quite devastating. In the next posting I'll tell about some of the research into what association there is between fires and the consciousness of the people in the area.


July 24, 2012

It was subtle, but it was pride.  I had a hard time figuring out why I felt unsettled.  I was “upset” with people because they didn’t eat my fruit salad.  Why would I care?  I tried to tell myself I was just mildly disappointed, but it kept bothering me.  I tried to say I didn’t know how to give a party, but that wasn’t it.  Everyone complimented on how the party went.  It is a stupid little thing unless it disturbs your peace; then it is worth looking at.  So I kept asking myself why something so silly bothered me.  I finally had to admit.  I had served fruit salad before and people had really liked it and I wanted these people to like it also and they wouldn’t even taste it.

So why do I tell you this silly thing?  It is to illustrate to you how subtle and seemingly insignificant something can be; but if you can figure out that it bothers you, then you can look at the source and regain your peace.  The quicker you can do it, the easier it is to see.  If we are not feeling peaceful, it is so very often because of some feeling within ourselves.

It is just such little things that build up over time and cause a general sense of not being at ease with ourselves.  Then we go into all sorts of avoidance techniques, because it is harder to unravel and sometimes we thing we just have to feel this way.  Or we stuff it and put on a facade until our poor bodies break down from carrying all this stuff needlessly around with us.  Well we don’t have to carry it and we don’t have to continue feeling this underlying dis-ease.  We can always choose to feel differently.  It just may take some time to process it.

Another example was blatant and I saw it immediately.  I misconstrued what this woman said because I felt guilty.  I had done something she had previously often said she didn’t like.  I jumped to the conclusion that she was telling me the same thing again.  When I snapped at her, she explained how I had misconstrued what she said.  I saw that my actions were based on my own guilt, forgave myself, and moved right back into peace.

July 23, 2012

Ionian tribe (800–480 BC) settled mainly the shores and islands of the Aegean Sea.  The Ionians used dramatic plays as catharsis for understanding and processing emotions.  Archeologists found a perfectly acoustic arena that seats something like 15000 people.  The “actors” were the people themselves. The “audience” wasn’t there so much to watch play-acting like in modern day theatre.  They were there to, in their turn, be on stage to act out their real emotions, more along the lines of modern day psychology.  Catharsis is a term in dramatic art that describes the "emotional cleansing" sometimes depicted in a play as occurring for one or more of its characters, as well as the same phenomenon as (an intended) part of the audience’s experience. It describes an extreme change in emotion, occurring as the result of experiencing strong feelings (such as sorrow, fear, pity, or even laughter). It has been described as a "purification" or a "purging" of such emotions.

Why did the Greeks define drama in the dualistic sense of comedy and tragedy?  Aren’t there a far wider range of emotions that have nothing to do with opposites?  Yet, we tend to pair them off like happy/sad.  What would our life experiences be like if we took the opposites out of the way we refer to and think about emotions?

July 18, 2012

I'm adding a new section to this website. It will be accessible thru a button in the left hand corner entitled Toast to Life. http://www.iamgoldenpeace.com/index_life.html It will contain what I'm learning about TRULY living. Sometimes we face some crisis point where we become aware of just how fragile this life can be and we wonder if we are truly making the most of our opportunity. My answer was a resounding no. In fact, I realized that I was just treading water, sort of waiting to die, so I could "get to heaven" and actually learn what happiness and joy are. It was quite an eye opener. I realized the grass is greener approach has never really panned out for anyone. We always take ourselves where ever we go. I chose life, not just living. I want to know what it means to TRULY LIVE right now in this moment where ever I am. If I want to be filled with joy, it must be in this moment; not some far away cloudy future moment. What was the vision of the being who created this planet and created my lilfestream?

July 17, 2012

Creating your own tools.

It felt as if some of the energies that have been feeling heavy were like a fist closing around me and squeezing my whole body. So since it felt this way, I went with it. I pictured this large hand gripping my body. Then I pulled each finger away from my body and stepped out of the embrace. The sense of relief and freedom was huge.

Put into words how what ever you might be dealing with makes you feel. Then put into words what would make you feel better. Then picture it being done.

Happy Resurrection Day to each of you. You are being resurrected from something in this moment. Good work. You get to have another resurrection day tomorrow. We have so many opportunities and so MUCH POTENTIAL. Yahoo to my fellow beings in potential! Let's dance.

July 15, 2012

The purpose of having a firm foundation of peace within oneself is to be able to actively radiate peace into any situation. You might be aware of discord, but it simply does not touch you. You don't interfere with anyone's free will. Obviously, you can't force peace on anyone. Those who are willing, will attune themselves to what you are radiating.

It is like when you hear a song and start humming along. If someone was not playing that song, you might not think to hum that tune. They are not forcing you to hum. You are attracted to what you are hearing and decide to join. This is how we influence people and situations. We actively put the frame of reference there and they choose.

There are those who choose to remain angry and abusive, and even escalate. Sometimes it is appropriate to face them with unconditional love actively flowing thru your heart and sometimes it is not. I was waiting in a rental car office. There were two people working. A regular customer came in and just went off the deep end about wanting a printed receipt. When offered the receipt, he refused it and continued to rant and rave at a very loud volume. I very quickly got tired of witnessing it and told him to stop. He told me to shut up. I was firm enough in my peace to radiate that peace to the two employees, but my intentions toward the man were not pure. I recognized that fact and did not engage any further. Had I approached him without pure intentions (simply wanting "to force" him to stop because I was tired of hearing it), I would have escalated the situation. For the end of not witnessing his anger I could have just stepped outside. And certainly it would have been completely out of line to have allowed him to move me into a place of anger. If I would have been able in that moment to move beyond my irritation into a place of unconditional love; then I could have been the open door for the Holy Spirit to teach all four of us whatever lessons were appropriate to each. I limited myself to peace because I did not think to look at the God Being beyond the anger being expressed. I let what my physical eyes were seeing get in the way. As it was, I did move away from any sense of irritation and center myself with my I AM Presence into a place of peace so that the man's anger no longer touched me and I was a quiet frame of reference for peace. The two employees visibly relaxed. The man quickly got uncomfortable and left. There is always more we can do, but we are always doing something. It is also true that our instincts are usually right on. Had I been actively and consciously flowing unconditional love thru my heart, the Holy Spirit might have prompted me to do exactly as I did, be a quiet but active frame of reference for peace.

July 13, 2012

Fun processing emotions.  Be creative.

I happen to use visualization a lot.  Two of my favorites are picturing myself dancing or swimming, especially if I’m in a boring meeting or a tedious class.

If I don’t understand a person’s actions, I picture love flowing from my heart to theirs and back again.

I also picture a pair of scissors being used to cut any cord between myself and a person who has responded negatively to me or to whom I have responded with agitation.

I used to say a prayer that contained the sentence, “Take this energy to the schools of light, where it can be transformed into positive energy.”  About the same time, I learned about violet flame and how it consumes all that is less than the Christ.  When I was a child some adults, who couldn’t handle the rage they were carrying, tried to pass it on to me.  I just stored it until I could learn what to do with it.  You can’t resolve what isn’t yours.  So people either pass it on or find a way to process it.  When I learned to meditate and visualize, I combined it all.  I would visualize a big toilet in the middle of a meadow.  The toilet is piped into violet flame that then is piped to the schools of light so whatever the energy is, can be transformed and returned to me or the planet as some blessing.  Then when ever there would be a wave of these feelings of rage, I would picture myself throwing them up into this toilet.  Graphic, but it works wonders.

Of course, there is the laughter I’ve mentioned before.  Sometimes if you are feeling depressed and can get yourself to laugh even weakly, it can help you turn around. Ha Ha Ha, Ho Ho Ho, Hee Hee Hee.

Then there is the pink cloud trick.  Who knows where I dreamed this one up from?  Whenever, I feel overwhelmed by something, I wrap myself in a pink cloud.

Also remembering various experiences can change the directions of my feelings.  Remembering how it felt to stand in the middle of a red wood tree and send my consciousness to the top of the tree.  Remembering looking into Jesus’ eyes and feeling this incredible depth of love.  Remembering one of my friends laughing until she got the hiccups and laughed all the harder.  Remembering seeing my first elk and hearing him bugle.  What are some of your memories that bring that warm well-loved feeling to the surface?

Regarding trying to find peace in my feelings regarding forest fires, it helped me immensely to say the Healing Invocation for Disasters

July 10, 2012

It is a gradual journey to instantaneous change? Really? It is a gradual journey (a creative process) for us to be convinced that there is a veil of duality, then to see it, to accept responsibility, to see the perversions that we have allowed to creep into our perceptions, and to replace them. Then when we make that determination of decision, and we actually see beyond the veil, it is like a duh. Oh yeah, it has always been that way, I just forgot. Man, no wonder it is referred to as awakening from a sleep. And then once we are beyond the veil of duality on that particular point, it is apparently gradual journeys (more creative processes) to instantaneous transcendings into deeper and deeper understandings and actually being what ever it is. Oh, but there is no time, there is only the eternal now. I think I do understand that we can only actually make a decision in the moment in which we are making the decision. It sounds like I'm making fun and that is not my intention. I'm just trying to grasp this with the conscious mind. Well, it is a good thing that our hearts understand better.

It does sort of have a physical example. It looked to my friend like I purchased a computer on impulse. We walked into a store, I saw what I wanted and bought it. She didn't see the months of research I had done on what features I wanted and what the available prices were. It was only because of this research that I knew when I saw the particular computer at the price, that it was what I wanted. Otherwise, I might have passed right by without taking any notice.

Actually, perhaps the better wording is that our spiritual evolution is a gradual journey OF instantaneous changes.

July 9, 2012

I know my theme right now is to maintain our inner peace regardless of outer situations. That is partially because it is something I am trying to master right now. I don't know about you, but I have a lot of levels of peace. I do have a nice foundation of peace that rarely, if ever, gets disturbed. Even in times of surface anxiety, that foundational peace is still there calling me to hold firm or return quickly. As I said yesterday it is building that foundational peace within yourself that I try to convey.  A firm foundation of peace comes from resolving within oneself core beliefs.  It is that sense of the so to speak devil finding nothing in you that he can provoke.  In today’s verbiage, having a firm foundation of peace helps you make your own choices without being unduly influenced by the mass consciousness.  I've referred to it as making decisions from a place of peace rather than a place of fear. I tend to talk about foundational peace as a deep peace.

At the middle levels of peace I would put peace that stills the waters of intense emotions, those emotions that crop up when we can not provide a reasonable explanation of their source or the trigger.  It seems like a lot of times these emotions, such as depression or anger, are in response to something we are unbalanced about.  If we look closely, we will probably find out we fell into a dualistic trap somewhere.  Increasing or retrieving peace at these levels usually has to do with seeing and resolving a dualistic approach.  In writing a recent e-mail, I found that I have a very dualistic view of physical fire. Unfortunately I only see two extremes regarding physical fire, controlled and raging, with nothing in between. So I definitely have to address that. I really have to fight depression when I hear about forest fires and it makes me physically ill to see one.

Then there are the levels of the surface emotions, emotions that are liquid or fleeting. For me this tends to be where something minor can aggravate me.  It happens fast and it disappears fast.  It is happening less and I am regrouping a lot faster.  However, in trying to write this I'm seeing some dualism in my view of peace at these surface levels.  I see that I typically speak about either maintaining my peace in these shallow emotions or having that peace disturbed.  At other levels I speak of enhancing the peace and deepening the peace.  Here I seem to think that I’am either aggravated or peaceful.  Well, in other places I've spoken in terms of either coming from a fear base or a peace base. Gees.

Oh dear!  To understand unconditional love, we have to transcend the whole love versus hate thing.  We have to recognize that love as a God quality has no opposite.  So it reasonably follows that to understand unconditional peace, I need to transcend any concept of peace in opposition to anything.

July 8, 2012

An attitude of gratitude and giving thanks.

This attitude enhances most things, but also peace. In my postings I try to convey the building of what I'll call a foundational peace within yourself. This is beyond the emotions. However, I'll talk about emotional peace right now. For me emotional peace seems to be what is closest to the surface and easiest to disturb, typically by some source of perceived agitation or frustration. When I'm in a state of gratitude my emotional peace rarely gets disturbed. Moving back into a state of gratitude can help me also retrieve feelings of peace.

Just to share what prompted this thought, here is an example of gratitude working in the physical plane. While I was pruning my roses last night, some neighbors asked how I get them to be in almost continual bloom. What I neglected to tell them is that I always have an attitude of gratitude for plants that produce such lovely flowers and scent while I'm pruning my roses. You might say I shower each bush with appreciation while my attention is focused on that bush.

What would the world be like if we showered each person we talk to with appreciation while our attention is focused on them?

July 7, 2012

This man had no respect for life, because he honestly believed everything and everyone was his inferior. He recognized no law beyond himself, and he brought his sons up that way. It took the death of one of his sons to open his eyes.

Let us accept far more subtle messages to open our eyes to whatever we need to see that will help us live more peace filled lives.

I've gotten a little further on dislodging criticisms of a joint decision made by a group. First it has do with a perceived need for remaining a member of, associated with, or identified with what ever group that might be. It also has to do with remembered perceived hurts and injustices that I experienced for bucking the majority. It is not a matter of I don't have to experience what the group experiences, because I can already see the lesson to be learned here and don't feel I need to learn it again. That is that superiority that the man in the first paragraph took to extremes. The point of experiences is to get us to see what we are blind to. I wouldn't be in the situation or associated with this group if I didn't have something to learn and to demonstrate. I also have to remember that any group experience is filled with personal experiences. Seeing these things, I can resolve them, transcend them, and move on. Every step I take on this path helps me approach similar situations less from a place of fear and more from a foundation of peace. The more at peace I am, the more options I can see.

July 4, 2012

Archangel Michael

Quote from the book Beloved Archangel Michael, His Work and His Helpers by Thomas Printz in 1990. This book can be purchased from http://ascendedmaster.org/shop.

When the veil of maya first began to unfold from the consciousness of the mankind of earth, it was like a wisp of smoke - soon dissipated by the strong currents of Faith and Hope - and only to those of Us Who know the power of "contagion" did it presage a future menace to the souls of men evolving upon the earth. It has been no easy thing to witness that ever -increasing "fog" that finally shut away the visible Presence of the Heavenly Host and the Music of the Spheres, leaving the outer consciousness of mankind groping in the darkness of confusions which result from the thoughts and feelings of the mass of mankind.

It was when this first contamination of the innocents began, that I offered to become the Protector of the soul light in the hearts of men – the Defender of the Faith that keeps the spirit moving onward despite the appearances that seem to prevail . . . Century after century have I woven the energies of My Life into fanning the fires of Hope in the breasts of the evolving race, cutting away the weaknesses of the outer self, and BELIEVING with all the energy and momentum of My Being, in the goodness inherent in every man.

In the full Freedom which I enjoy, I am enabled to watch the soul Light within the heart of this entire evolution, as well as the Angelic, Devic, and Elemental Kingdoms, and wherever the Light dims, the shadows encroach upon the happiness of the heart – there I AM INSTANTLY! Without vision, the people perish, but I say also – without Faith – they cannot survive to the Eternal Day when the Cosmic Angel of the New Dawn draws back the remaining curtain of the maya and all men see the Kingdom as it exists now – as it always was – and as it ever shall be – only increasing in Perfection with every pulse beat.

Let Me show you what My Feeling in your Faith can do.

Printed with permission
Copyright 1990
Ascended Master Teaching Foundation
PO Box 466
Mount Shasta, California  96067

July 1, 2012

For all the times I speak of using the tools and gifts we have at hand, it is amazing to recognize that I have had an incredible gift working on my behalf for some 20+ years, but I have simply never thought in an action oriented manner to utilize this gift.  A few times I’ve thought I should utilize the gift more, but not with a firm plan to actually do so. Suddenly, it just seems so obvious.  I tell you, that veil of maya (the veil that Jesus rent, the veil that Buddha spoke of) must be thicker and more seductive than I have ever given it credit for.  

My eyes were recently opened to the marvel that when people were given the great gift of God’s name (obviously to use on their behalf); they turned around and allowed the use to be limited and then prohibited (as blasphemy, much less) until we almost lost the knowledge.  I had seen it before, but it became just blatantly neon how we do these things.

May you take an honest look at ALL the gifts and tools you possess right now and make an honest effort to utilize them.  I will certainly do the same, hopefully with new eyes, a more conscious vision.


More on protection that you might find useful:  When people have aimed anger at me, I’ve envisioned a mirror around me, sending their anger right back to them for them to look at it, and keeping it from touching me.  This enables me to stay calm and eventually see if and how I can offer to be of service or bridge some middle ground.  Sometimes, they escalate, but they usually tire themselves out.  If I can come up with something, I’ll interrupt them with the proposal.  If not, I walk away.  (An intrinsic knowledge I live by: Do not engage.)

Also, I have been taught that picturing a blazing sun in front of your solar plexus protects your emotional body.  The terminology was actually calling for the Great Sun Disc to be placed at the solar plexus.  At any rate, I have found it useful in “calming the seas” of my own emotions and keeping others from stirring my emotions in an abusive manner.  I especially use it to keep fears and concerns from being transferred to me.   I don’t have a lot of experience in teachings about the Great Divine Director, but that might be where this comes from.  I just know it works.

I have added a diamond crystal shield to the new protection button in the left column.


This energy is sent out thru the protective filter of Father/Mother God's will
 and can only be returned in that will and by God's grace.