November 30, 2008

I was looking for a birthday gift today, a Carlos Nakai American Indian flute CD. To my delight I found a CD called Voyagers that Nakai did with Udi Bar-David, a cellist. It's a collection of Native American, Jewish, and Arabic melodies. It's so exciting to find other evidence of interweaving.

Joshua in the Holy Land - Some would blindly accept all this book says because the author was a priest. As I said yesterday, we are so unaware of our own power. I am trying to reclaim my power where ever I can, so I do what I can not to give it away, either. This means I use my gift from God of discernment, a gift we all have, and take what resonates and leave the rest. These quotes are some of what resonated for me.

"We can't continue living this way." "A community can't exist with everyone filled with hatred." "Your children deserve better than that. They have a right to grow free of suspicion and fear and hatred."

"Yes, it is beautiful what can happen when people try to sense what God wants and open their hearts to his voice." more tomorrow


November 29, 2008

Joseph Girzone wrote a fictional series of books about Joshua, a character portraying Jesus in today's world. I've been reading Joshua in the Holy Land. It's about unifying and strengthening the people who are working for peace. In relating Joshua to Jesus it might sound like only someone who can raise people from the dead could bring about the unification, but I don't believe this. What spoke to me was that there were already people in every group (the various sects of Muslim, Christian and Jewish) working toward peace. We are so unaware of our own power to take dominion. As the people in the story united and formed a oneness, their talents were multiplied. Whenever I used to read the word talents in the bible, I thought it was some form of ancient money. Only this year did I learn that they were referring to our personal abilities. Examples are the talent for organizing, the talent for sowing love, the ability to mediate misunderstandings, and the ability to bring peace to a situation. My current understanding is that these are the talents that get multiplied, both in return to ourselves and in the efforts that spread to others. Especially in light of recent world events, I'd like to spend a couple days sharing a few quotes from this book. I'd also like to again point you to the prayer button to the left. Surely some positive energy can be released from a number of us reciting a prayer that weaves together Muslim, Jew, Christian and Buddhist.

November 28, 2008

Well it was a lovely Thanksgiving with a great deal to be thankful for. On Wednesday about two months of inner work had born fruit for me. It's amazing how we misunderstand ourselves sometimes. I thought part of it was just a bad habit to be broken. It was actually an indicator of what needed healing. The past two months have been filled with clues in behavior, thoughts and feelings; but also with awakenings that helped prepare me to face the truth. I continue to be amazed at how looking at something from the other side of it gives such a vastly different perspective. Long ago I had been rightfully angry about a terrifying experience. I chose to deny the anger, to try to escape the feelings. I blamed myself for the event and couldn't face the blame and the shame. Well, I faced a huge portion of it on Wednesday and did a lot of good freeing work. I sense that this is where my self-trust has been hiding. It will be interesting to see how I unfold, awaken and grow some more.

November 27, 2008

A friend sent this e-mail and allowed me to post it.
Our neighbor, Anthony, was one of the two soldiers killed by a sniper in Baghdad handing out blankets and soccer balls. I have seen the grief of his family--his wife is also an officer in the Military. There is no one who wants peace more than a soldier and his family--I know that for a fact. My husband, Kyle, is in Afghanistan to serve Thanksgiving Dinner to the soldiers there and he will be serving Christmas Dinner in Baghdad, Iraq.

Pray that angels will be with Anthony and his family. Pray that Kyle will hold high that Flame of Peace while he is in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Pray for all those who are in war zones during the Holiday Season and the Seven Sacred Weeks. Pray that we all wake up to a new understanding of Peace and that we all refuse to be used by the Power Elite and the war-mongers.

Seven Sacred Weeks - a period of time beginning with Thanksgiving and running through January 15 when there is a great influx of Light, especially the Christ Light and Christ Consciousness. It is a great period of transformation and renewal

November 26, 2008

Do we put conditions and limitations on peace? I certainly do. I would like to reach a point where I simply am peace in action. What would it be like if we didn't limit our peace? What would happen in the world if we each just let peace suffuse and infuse us? What is God's definition of peace? I'm asking for that understanding?

November 25, 2008

It's not for me to force myself or others to accept love. As a respecter of the Law of Free Will, I am unattached to their choices. The peace is in freely giving. I accept that God gives love freely, without attaching any conditions or limitations on how that love is given or how it is received. So my heavenly Father provides the example for me to follow.

November 23 & 24, 2008

I don't know what it is I'm learning, yet. How do freedom, liberty, protection and gentleness relate to peace? Three events, but I don't see the thread, yet. Perhaps gentleness is the key. One event is about being gentle, yet firm with ourselves; refraining from hurting ourselves thru our thoughts and feelings about ourselves. One event is about my inability to protect someone else from attracting harmful situations, helplessness. A third event is a conversation on freedom and liberty. Actually all three are related to accepting love.

November 22, 2008

I don't know if each one of us is a thread in a great strong rope of a hierarchy of spiritual beings stretching all the way back to our creator, or if each one of us is a thread in a tapestry stretching out from our creator, or both. But I do know we are all one with each other and with our creator.

November 21, 2008

Anger is a sign that something needs to change. One of the things that happened on the 19th was that I vented some anger. A government agency placed thousands of us in a position without very palatable choices. Under the guise of protecting us, they risked us losing some freedom. And we had no say what so ever. Even though it turned out to be a bonus to us, many of us considered it unfair to the company we work for. My manager was very kind in spending so much time with me to calmly listen to a point of view he was unaware of, and to let me know where my concerns were valid, and to explain how the president of our company was very restrained and fair in dealing with the difficult situation this agency placed him in. It still took me hours to transmute the feelings of helplessness. I was finally able to replace the anger with holding the immaculate concept for how attitudes can change to make these types of situations a thing of the past. Now I've been able to move into a non-attached focusing of light into the situation.

November 20, 2008

Like a sun we each radiate peace into our environments. A couple people have said that reading the postings on this website helps them experience more peace. I am truly grateful that these postings are being of service. I have been taught that we start where we are at and send out to the world what we can and the Ascended Hosts are able to multiply our efforts. It doesn't matter if we or others perceive some mistakes. It matters that we try, that we experiment, that we don't stress, that we have fun. I'm glad that I followed my inner discernment and did not post last night. There were many events yesterday that taught me something. It was actually hard to choose and last night I was having difficulty putting any of them into the words that would resonate for me. This morning I awoke with an experience of God's love. I am ever so grateful to have this opportunity to send it out to be multiplied and to share it with you. Thank you.

November 19, 2008

AWAKE!!! Here is to how people just being themselves awaken us.

November 18, 2008

Let us each one recognize how far we've come, how much we have improved whatever we have been trying to improve, how much we have learned. I'm taking a course on communication. What I noticed today is how much each of the people already know about communicating. Yes, we're learning some new tools to use, but we already use a lot of good tools, too.

November 17, 2008

I'd like to direct your attention once again to the interwoven prayer of peace at that tab on the left. Perhaps it helps for those of us who live freely among Jews, Christians and Muslims to remind those who face atrocities from all sides daily, that there really is a way to live in tolerance of diverse beliefs. We don't have to agree with them, but we can refuse to fight. I'm reading a book where members of all three backgrounds are meeting to discuss ways of living in peace. I hope that those who have this much courage can stay alive long enough to see some fruits of their labors. But regardless, may they see the fruits within themselves.

November 16, 2008

I sure like that gold chord tool that was mentioned on Nov. 13. It's really been working for me. I'm far happier with my tone of voice and my emotions while interacting with this person. A payoff I didn't expect is that it's a lot easier to keep boundaries. I guess lack of guilt does wonders. Then too, since I'm not coming from a defensive stance; misunderstandings are resolved in a much more flowing manner.

November 15, 2008

Peace based on forcing everyone to be the same will inevitably break down. Peace based on tolerance of diversity allows creativity and can be self-sustaining. Diversity in a harmonious setting allows creative tension between different lifestyles and beliefs that leads to growth, both materially and spiritually.

November 14, 2008

I tend to avoid money issues as much as possible, because they put ripples in my peace. I use automatic bill pay and such, tending toward putting my head in the sand. However, avoiding a problem is not the best way. Eventually it has to get your attention, and keep getting your attention, to give you the option to transcend the consciousness that is the source of the problem. In my case, difficulty maintaining my peace while dealing with money issues. So I need to look at my beliefs about money.

November 13, 2008

Someone shared a fairly well-known tool with me today. I want to raise my relationship with a person to a new level of transcendent peace and detached compassion. It was suggested that I picture a pure gold chord from my belly button to theirs. Picture a pair of pure gold scissors and gently and calmly cut the chord. Re-visualize as often as needed. Apparently focusing on the purity of the gold means that only that which is impure will be cut away. This would help me in the moment to be aware of an irritation. It provides an easy and quick method of choosing to rise above the irritation. Eventually the whole scenario will change.

November 12, 2008

Are we truly willing to get to know ourselves? How many people have to constantly be with people? How many people seek activity all the time? How many are willing to honestly get to know themselves? Not what they've done or want to do. Not even how they feel. Are we willing to go as deep as possible in any given moment and truly look at what actually makes us tick?

November 11, 2008

One week I was having a lot of trouble making deadlines and found that people holding up my work were actually dealing with far greater issues. One man's grandson had just died. A woman's daughter had just had a miscarriage. In a third different department the woman had just been diagnosed with cancer. We never know when just showing up at work has been quite a feat for someone.

I've known that children rarely know what their parents have been thru. Some parents are so good at protecting their children that the children have no idea what colossal problems the parents were dealing with, when the children only saw that the children were being treated unfairly.

What I haven't thought about before is how often I look at a person's behavior as an indication of who they are. Rather than focusing on their identity as a child of God, I get caught up in looking at their outer behaviors as their identity. It's time to look more closely at people.

November 9 & 10, 2008

In the movie Martian Child there is a line "We reach out and expect nothing in return." In context this was meant as a positive statement. We give love out freely, without expecting anything in return. But seeing it written in the words quoted, there is something profound. The word reach suggests to me a different context, one of reaching for something; and expectation is usually involved. How often do we reach out in sort of a groping manner without knowing what to expect or what we really want to receive in return? Sometimes we actually move into fear of receiving the unknown. How often do we reach for spiritual insight without actually believing that we will receive something that will enhance us? Again, sometimes stepping into fear of receiving the unknown. And doesn't fear block receiving?

November 8, 2008

Today my friend forgave me, again. This time I see where I really need to stop letting other people override my intentions. Her immediate forgiveness helped me keep my peace, which allowed me to look honestly at the situation and see clearly how I was in the wrong; without trying to justify myself. This allowed me the room to see the beam in my own eye far better than if she had gotten upset with me.

November 7, 2008


I want to tell you when I experienced that peace too. My mom passed away last week from a heart attack, really two. I and my sister felt so peaceful during all this process as we gave her all the best that we could . My mom was really sick the last 8 days, she was in the hospital and my sister was with her during the day and I, at night. She was 85 years old and she felt so tired, she wanted to go and rest. My sister assisted her in the last moments as my mom asked her, "Help me to go." She took her hand and died in peace.

A reader gave permission to post this comment she had sent in.

November 6, 2008

Someone said the gusts of wind today reached 50 miles per hour. Along time ago I decided I didn't want to be agitated by the wind. I thought about how it moves the weather and provides delightful breezes on hot days. I told someone I "made peace" with the wind. Now, even a strong wind is perceived more as a caress. Now I know that even though this person I'm having to deal with triggers some strong emotions in me, that I can choose to "make peace" with them, as well. It may take identifying the emotions and the associated beliefs, as well as shifting my perspective to focusing on the good purposes of this person. But I know that I can unattach, so that I do not "react" to this person.

November 5, 2008

In a meeting today a couple people made some interesting comments. "It's not rather people have problems or not." "It's rather they recognize, acknowledge and fix them, that matters." Now they were talking about vendors supplying products, but don't these statements apply very interestingly to each of us as individuals? And isn't it wonderful to know we have this power?

November 4, 2008

No wonder the Buddha suggest non-attachment. One person tells me one thing. Another tells me something else. Still a third has a whole different story. Now either we're talking apples, oranges and peaches; or they're all correct, just leaving out some information in each story. Yet, I get to make a decision as best I can. So I can be non-attached to the results and non-attached to the process and just see how things turn out and then deal with whatever else comes up as it comes up. I wonder if the Buddha ever said roll with the punches. Jesus said turn the other cheek, but that was mainly to stop the cycle of violence.

November 3, 2008

Are we appreciating the miracle of life?

November 2, 2008

When we understand our feelings, our responses, the reason for various situations in our lives; surely this brings a sense of relief with the peace. But what if our trust in our identity as children of God kept us deeply rooted in peace, regardless of any of this. Perhaps it would be wise to get understanding of our identity and purpose with all our getting, and as our biggest priority.

November 1, 2008

For about a year, I've been noticing some faint and subtle coldness toward someone I want to have a closer relationship with. I finally asked this spiritual being why I would feel this way. Later a thought caused me to realize that I may blame them for something that occurred in this life. Now I can look deeper into this and surrender what I find. That will clear the path.


This energy is sent out thru the protective filter of Father/Mother God's will
 and can only be returned in that will and by God's grace.