November 6, 2013

A friend has a lovely balance and understanding of "letting God do the work." I think I'll wait to talk with her a bit. My reaction to hearing this child's story, who had been raped and was in what I recognized as a shocked paralysis; was to rush in and help her out of that paralysis with my own energy, my own love. I payed lip service to her choosing her own time, but was I REALLY honoring it. I said God has the power and we give the authority to work here on earth and I was explaining that she needed to give the authority to let Archangel Michael help her, that she needed to show the willingness to be helped; but then I was blasting her with my energy, so my action was not in line with my words. Even with an adult recently, I recognized that he was not acknowledging that he very clearly had survivor's guilt. When I thanked him for helping me with another pahse of my own healing, I did not trample his right to identify what he was feeling when he was ready. At no point in my thank you did I even vaguely describe survivor's guilt, fully honoring his right to choose his time. I guess it being a child made me want to do some of it for her. Telling someone how and overwhelmingly blasting them with "they can" are not the same.

Well, I get to have a special healing time myself and the step today is to go to a physical place that is reported to have a very high healing matrix of energies and claim my healing. So many blessings.


November, 2013

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This energy is sent out thru the protective filter of Father/Mother God's will
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