March 31, 2012

I have some postings I haven't been able to get out. Due to some Benedryl, I have been asleep for a few days. Now I'm going off line while I go on travel. So I'm going to post some items in April ahead of time.


March 26, 2012

What I want to say has something to do with appreciation.  It has been a while since I have had the physical energy to be able to work in my yard.  I was so grateful today to be able to spend time focusing on each plant as I pruned away the dead winter stuff to reveal the new spring growth.  I was thrilled to get to focus on one plant at a time, telling that plant how I appreciated it growing and sharing its beauty with me and my neighbors.  I thought about how my approach differed with the people who see yard work as a competition of wills between themselves and the plants.  As my thoughts strayed to how so many people use a force based approach to their yards, I accidentally cut live growth I hadn’t intended to cut, twice.  I started wondering if this describes our affect on other people.

Sometimes people approach other people like it is a competition of wills.  Sometimes just letting our thoughts stray to more negative paths causes us to say things we hadn’t intended.  Some times those things are very hurtful and some times mild and easily ignored.  If we could keep our thoughts on appreciating the person we are talking to, how would that affect our communications?  If we could focus on appreciating ourselves, how would that affect our inner peace?

March 25, 2012

Sometimes I flow with my instincts quite well.  Although sometimes I do still feel a need to apologize for stating my beliefs, if that happens to be associated with the prompting.  Sometimes I feel completely unattached.  In this instance, I know I did what I was prompted to do and I just let go.  I didn’t even go into the whole ‘should I have, shouldn’t I have, did it mean this, did it mean that’ foolishness.  I just felt good and went about my life.  I like it when I just flow and am at peace with whatever occurs.  My wish for you is more and more instances of awareness of being your higher self in action, or simply being your higher self.  I can’t think of anything that brings a deeper and more satisfying peace. Well OK, experiencing the awareness of oneness with all is a very deep and satisfying peace and joy. And rather than peace, it may bring a feeling more along the lines of whatever God flame you are. Ah well, I wish you more of being you.

March 24, 2012

There are so many different attitudes about death.  As far as I can tell, the best we can do is be sensitive to how the person we are trying to console feels about it.  Once or twice I’ve stated my own beliefs, but most of the time that doesn’t seem appropriate.  It has seemed that acknowledging a person’s loss and leaving space for them to express their feelings is what matters.  For all those experiencing the loss of a loved one or friend, I send my compassion and love.  May you indeed find a deep and lasting peace in your heart.

March 22, 2012

Recurring theme.  For about two weeks now I’ve awaken with the same general thoughts regarding an event in US history.  Normally I would have looked into the details of my thoughts and gone off on many tangents. This may have served to help me see some things, but for the most part probably distracts me from the actual point of the exercise.  It would be like starting out to clean the kitchen, cleaning the whole house, and neglecting the kitchen. This time I sat with it for a while and looked for the underlying consciousness of my reaction to the story.  Partially, I had harshly judged a historical group of people and was being shown places where I have been applying that same sort of harsh judgment to myself.  So it had very little to do with the actual story and more to do with my reaction.  However research into the historical story itself helped me adjust my reaction.  When I read a little more of the history, I was able to have more compassion for the people involved.  I was also able to lighten up on myself.  In addition, I saw that our overall attitudes in the United States really have progressed.

If you are having some recurring theme of thoughts, I wish you well in figuring out what you need to see.  I suspect in most cases what we are being shown has more to do with our interior responses than with any outward situations.

March 17, 2012

May we appreciate that which makes Ireland magical.  May we continue to know and understand elementals better.  May we seek harmonious interactions with Mother Earth.  May we hear the music more often. Isn't the story of St. Patrick fascinating? Happy wearing of the green day!

March 14, 2012

Perspective.  There is a book I would like to write and I’ve been saying for two years now that I would do it.  Although I have portions of five of the chapters, there have been at least two blocks.  One, I think I’ve resolved, was being able to write the book from a place of victory.  The other blockage has been the answer to the question: Do I think anyone will actually enjoy reading the book?  The answer is no.  The book will provide my unique perspective on a situation that would be fantastic if it no longer existed on planet Earth.  I was talking about this with someone and gained a little more insight into the fact that I am the only person I know who can provide the perspective I have.  Perhaps I am one of thousands who might be prompted to provide their view point to eradicate these particular acts.  But then that makes me part of a team and means I need to keep up my part.

So I was cleaning my kitchen this morning and remembered how I got it spotless one time for my sister to visit.  She and her husband arrived and her husband said: Wow, you really need to touch up the caulking around your kitchen sink.  A whole different perspective I hadn’t given any thought to.  The group of people I’m familiar with these days would call it a different frame of reference.  The teaching is that providing various frames of reference is one of the important services we each provide in this world.

So heartburn or not, it looks like I need to start focusing on my book again.  Perhaps it is more important for me to write it than it is for any one to read it.

Also, if people did read the book and felt compelled to DO something, what could they do?  I don’t have the vision to know the answer.  That brings up another recent conversation.  I mentioned that I had quite a spectrum of managers in my career.  Some wanted their people to bring any problems to them and both would both work out the solutions.  Some didn’t want any problems.  We were to work them all out ourselves.  Some wanted us to only bring them problems when we knew the solution and just needed them to instigate the solution.  My favorite style of manager were the ones that expected us to do everything we could before we brought them a problem, but were more than willing to help come up with a solution and to instigate it.  Regarding my book, I may need to just trust the process.  Hope that there will be readers who will also have the vision to see some possible solutions.

Hope that what ever blocks you have with something you feel compelled to do are dissipated.  Please be gentle with yourself as you proceed.  Best of Care to all.

March 13, 2012

Two sets of experiences are helping me formulate a theory.  I’ll start with the one that is easier to explain.  I have my first 4WD vehicle and I’ve had it on very muddy roads a couple times.  In cleaning the front wheel wells I wondered why the front spring shocks would be so open to allow so much mud to cake in them.  Then I recognized that they probably could not be completely sealed; and at least it is quite easy to see that they need to be cleaned and rather easy to clean them because they are so open.

The other group of experiences is associated with an irritation trigger.  A couple people in my family can hear most of what a person says, but often not the key word that makes it all make sense.  And sometimes they are so focused on doing or thinking themselves, that they actually tune out listening.  Sometimes I bump up against the fact that they have trained themselves to ignore what does not immediately jive.  It’s not much of a duh that I’m big on communication.  I’m overly sensitive to trying to evaluate the nuances that indicate whether someone is recognizing or understanding what I’m saying. It scares me to receive signals that I may not have communicated what I intended.  These last two are artifcats of post traumatic stress and I've worked a lot on them already. It irritates me to have to repeat myself. I’ve learned to say the same thing in different ways, but that does take some effort and some times I get tired of it. At work when I would take the trouble to clearly state something in an e-mail and the person would make it quite clear that they never bothered to read the e-mail.  And recently I asked 10 people to do one specific action and only one followed directions.  These events all push the same button.  I get irritated and my voice gets a tone in it that broadcasts the irritation; which then makes the situation to communicate within more difficult.  I’ve tried to avoid such situations.  I’ve tried to require more rigor in my personal attempts to communicate.  Essentially the things that would be equivalent to trying to seal the spring shock on my 4WD vehicle.  Right now I’m being inundated with opportunities to move beyond this trigger.

Hence, the theory.  The vehicle shocks are wide open to accumulating mud, but are easy to clean.  If I fully own this sensitivity to my perception of communication, can I easily desensitize myself?  If I open myself to looking at … (what)?  Is there something I’m blind to regarding my own listening?  Is irritation a sign of working properly or an indicator for possible improvement?  Why am I big on communication?  What if communication doesn’t have to be an effort?  Or I didn’t have any resentment towards the effort?  Why would there be any fear associated?  Can I care a little less?  With so much current practice, can I simply train myself not to respond with irritation?  But I certainly don’t want to just stuff the irritation and have it build up to a boiling point, either.  So, far better to somehow reach an understanding with myself where I either don’t get irritated or I easily dissipate the irritation before it gets broadcast to other people.  My goal would be to resolve this within myself in such a way that allows me full freedom of expression without sensor or worry.  Resolving it in such a way that I broadcast that which makes me feel good within myself.  Either not perceiving irritation as mud flung on people, or not flinging it, or some other answer I haven’t yet opened my eyes to.

So perhaps if you have a sensitive trigger, you can think of the open spring shocks in a muddy environment and come up with some idea to free yourself.

March 12, 2012

What can you do today to help you accept people where ever they are at, without you having to judge where that might be; while at the same time wishing them awareness of more of their own abilities?

Which one of your own abilities would you like to become more aware of?

March 9, 2012

Some more on getting to know yourself.  What can you do to help someone else feel more at ease around you?  This may also help you feel more at ease with yourself.

March 6, 2012

What do you want to say you accomplished tonight?  Take steps to make it happen. – if not by tonight, then as soon as reasonable.  Without judgment of good or bad, was it for yourself or someone else?  Find the good in either answer.

Yeah! I did it.

March 5, 2012

What gives you confidence? What enhances your self-confidence?

Wow, today was rough. My brother helped me focus on positive things, like possible life in my huge fig tree that froze last winter. A nap in the forest and a drive on a muddy 4x4 road helped stabilize me again. I was then able to come back and accomplish what had previously reduced me to tears of frustration. With my confidence boosted from the drive and my calm restored, I was able to easily move thru a bit more frustration to a successful victory. May you also find the inner confidence and fortitude to more easily navigate life's "little :)" frustrations.

March 4, 2012

Be aware today of something that gives you a positive thought or feeling about yourself.  Write down the thought or feeling.

I picked up this book to read and almost rejected it right away, but I decided to remain open and give it a try.  I’ve actually learned quite a bit.

Around the year 1800 a Scottish Welshman born in Montreal traveled to the High Missouri River to “bring light to the savages.”  The “light” was his definition of English French civilization.  The “savages” were any Indian tribe.  What he found was a people willing to see whatever true self he was willing to share.  After many years of struggling to bridge the gap of civilization and savage within himself, he told a group of Piegan Indians the story of what started him on this journey.  He told them how his spirit soared and his soul went into ecstasy as he rang the church bells in Montreal.  They named him His-Many-Bells-Ringing.  On his vision quest he climbed to a high ridge.  He continued his climb even as an electrical thunderstorm moved in, ignoring the possible dangers.  He sang and danced with the thunder.  His attitude changed from seeing violence to seeing beauty.  In this time of oneness, he found a gradual, peaceful, joy in learning that he is music.

March 2, 2012

What do you like about yourself?  I’m really surprised at how many people avoid answering this question.  Some even absolutely refuse. Some repeat what others have said. Some answer flippantly. Seriously, what do YOU like about you?

March 1, 2012

Get to know yourself.  How do you feel right now?  What are you thinking right now?


This energy is sent out thru the protective filter of Father/Mother God's will
 and can only be returned in that will and by God's grace.