August 29, 2012

Let me say that since July 30th I've been experimenting my way through what I hoped would become just one possible process of steps for trying to make a difference in the area in which you live. I thought trying to document the steps as I went through them would be easier. But it is hard to summarize when you are in the middle of a creative process.

I recognized a number of things. I didn't have the knowledge I thought I needed. I found out I didn't need to know exactly what or how, because I'm not the doer. The Christ Light, my I AM Presence, the Holy Spirit, angels, the Ascended Masters - what ever salutations you wish to use - would be the doer. I had a vague idea of a direction and a goal, but was it what God wanted me to be spending my energy on? I had to trust that I was following some internal promptings (some might say Holy Spirit guidance) and that even if it was just me learning more about me, it was a worthy exercise.

Bringing more of a sense of abundance to the people of New Mexico applies to peace because the most lucrative and secure jobs in this state are affiliated with using our creative skills to design and build weapons. For many years I believed that having a strong stock pile meant not having to use them. But since we do use these weapons, that is not a completely valid justification. We need valid alternatives in a reasonable distribution of opportunities through out the whole state. Oil and gas production and tourism are the current lucrative alternatives. We are 40th in per capita income, more than $26000 behind the leader. (source)

I looked at my motives and adjusted them (surrendered) to be more in line with love of God. This confused me because specific problems lost their meaning. If God's main desire is to have us learn to use our creative abilities and accept our identities as he sees the potential, then circumstances don't matter. Yet, if transcending any current consciousness we have (which in turn changes the circumstances) is a large part of the process, then looking at bettering circumstances can lead to seeing where the consciousness of the masses can be raised. Of course, always respecting individual free will and never engaging in manipulative projections.

The biggest thing was accepting that it was OK that I didn't have the big picture view. At this stage in my development it was unrealistic to expect to pull into my consciousness the type of big picture view I thought I needed. Since I am not the doer, what I see as happening is likely not accurate any way. Yet I do notice a shift in me.

I ended up listening to and applying Jesus' teaching from June 17. Until the audio is transcribed and made available, not everyone has access from the link below. (Unless you wish to go to the 'store' link in the top banner and purchase a subscription (left column, 2nd from the bottom) for $62.73.) In the teaching, Jesus leads a formation of angels and spirits in embodiment into the heart of an ancient consciousness residing in Australia and holding that nation back from its higher potentials. I asked Jesus to lead a similar formation into the heart of whatever a friend and I had sensed near Capulin Volcano. I also asked that the formation fly into my heart and eradicate any ties I might have. I trusted Jesus to open the opportunities for the people of New Mexico in whatever appropriate manners he could. I felt a shift within myself. I felt a release from my experiment. http://www.ascendedmasterlight.com/ascended-master-light/date/27-2012/358-jesus-june-17-2012

In encouragement to others I would say that what ever creative process you embark upon, be open to where ever it might lead you. If you get momentarily distracted, find your way back. If you suffer some sort of spiritual shock, don't allow the discouragement to take hold. Ease your way back to your path. Aim for love of God and let that be your guide.

So what are some steps that might help raise the collective consciousness in the area in which you live? 


August 17, 2012

I traveled to Capulin Volcano and did some calls with Archangel Michael that felt quite good at the time, but for the past ten days I've been in sort of a spiritual shock. I've been unwilling and unable to think in spiritual terms. I've been barely able to say some prayers. I guess there is a bit of lethargy in there. I've been able to function in other terms, but my energy level has been quite low. Also all my physical symptoms have been exaggerated to almost a ridiculous level. Before making the trip, I had felt the best I have in two years. So I'm not sure what all this says.

I suspect the backlash has to do with my motives not having been pure from the stand point of being for pure love of God. My motives were not purely for raising the all, although they were in that direction. They started out with simply bringing more abundance into my life and the lives of people in my physical surroundings. Recognizing how we take pride in having adapted to a state of lack was part of it. Then the forest fires started and my motives moved in to saving the forests.

I know I'm being asked to see something, but it is like I'm intentionally (albeit unwittingly) skewing my vision, almost like I'm waving my own hand in front of my face. I'll try to get it together to get back on track.

August 4, 2012

So then I got in touch with what was in my emotions. I wrote the following posting, but saw a lot about it that humbled me and made me want to look deeper. In the next postings I'll look at my motives, reaching for a higher consciousness, and me not being the doer. These were my concerns that made me want to regroup. Also, I was seeing pride (wind and storms), rather than greed (fires).

Healing from being the physical location where the atomic bomb was developed. They snuck into our state of New Mexico and set up Los Alamos National Labs, Sandia National Labs, the White Sands Missile Range and the Trinity Site under the guise of national security. We allow all kinds of things during wars. We had no idea that they were horrendously perverting the fantastic discovery of atomic energy into a bomb of destruction. We certainly had no clue it would be used to vaporize and melt women and children. After the fact we were told it was necessary to maintain a free world. We have believed that for decades. It is time to throw off the blinders and see that such an act is never necessary and can never be justified. It is certainly nothing to remain proud about in any way, shape or form. I call to all New Mexicans. Please, let us raise our consciousness above whatever allowed us to accept this. I call for forgiveness. I call for us as New Mexicans, I call for us as Americans to forgive ourselves for accepting that our Enchanted State was used to develop such a device of destruction and believing that it was necessary to keep our own nation "at peace and free." I call for forgiveness for buying into such selfishness. I relinquish all sense of pride I have ever felt in having any of these sites physically in New Mexico. I call for continued aid in letting go of all beliefs associated with the concept that weapons can ever be "needed" or even useful. I call for the Trinity Site to be entirely erased. I call that all memory of where the site even was, all traces, all imbalance to the natural environment, all damage to the physical area; be allowed to dissipate and repurposed. I call that in our awakening and the raising of our consciousness here in New Mexico that we come to actually accept the ability of God's power, love and wisdom to accomplish the repurposing of anything viewed as contaminated to useful and creative purposes. I pray we stand up and are counted. I pray that we reclaim and rename this site. I call that the major direction and use of the work of the labs be transmuted into more positive creative channels. By the full power of my I AM Presence, standing in unity with Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, St. Germain, Gautama Buddha, Kuan Yin and Shiva; I call for whatever the appropriate prayers are. I call that the following calls be adjusted according to higher views. I call for the healing of this whole episode, the burning of the akashic records, a healing and transformation in each lifestream that has been affected and especially each lifestream that was personally associated. I call that we look hard at the source of how this occurred, what allowed it, what contributed to our accepting it. I call that we cut all ties. I call that all the energy involved be transmuted and sent as healing blessings to the lifestreams that experienced such horrible and painful deaths completely unnecessarily. I call to the people of New Mexico to let go and move on. Archangel Michael and Shiva please adjust and seal these calls appropriately. I call for protection from the backlash of making these calls.

August 2, 2012

The second step is research, where ever that may lead you. (As I alluded to yesterday, but neglected to say.) More research showed that we have quite a fault line running across New Mexico. I never new so many of the sites of volcanic activity were connected.

The Jemez Linament corresponds to a series of faults, 600 km long.

My curiosity in this topic was sparked by the connection of volcanoes with fire, by the recent teachings in Australia, and by a friend in Colorado suggesting we meet in Raton, very near Capulin Volcano. (On the map, they misspelled Capulin Volcano.)

So I'm just showing the example that your research can lead you just about anywhere.

August 1, 2012

I wish I had a better understanding before presenting this.  But it is time and I must proceed forward in order to gain more understanding.  There is some judgment in me and so when I first read this, I responded with concern for the people who live in whatever area is hit by a calamity of nature.  Yet, I know the higher response is to recognize that there is no judgment in the teaching – the teaching is given with pure love – so it is inappropriate for me to add the judgment.  The best I can say it right now is the following.  We all have something that we are transcending.  And certain natural releases of energy are magnetized to various energies that our consciousness is putting out.  If we see the connection, we can stop the behaviors that overload the elementals and that they then mimic back to us.  If we can see the connections between how we think and feel and what gets mirrored to us in various circumstances, we can have a clue of what we can learn.  It is sort of like an ancient language we need to remember, but with renewed and deeper understanding.

Last year my most beautiful huge blue spruce tree laid itself down as gently as it could with a historically freak 88 mile per hour wind pushing on it from the East.  There is a mile high mountain to the East of my house that blocks such winds.  The tree did no structural damage what so ever.  There was no damage to the street, sidewalk or driveway where it should have had roots, to the mailbox or street light a foot away, nor to my house that it had to lean on.  Well it did crush a smaller tree.  Was this just a freak accident?  Was it an indication that I personally was indulging in some sort of pride?  I was not able to find any when I looked at that time.  But now I see a pride in “being a dessert rat,” as I tend to say.  Looking at this might help me in what I’m trying to look at right now.  Was it a wakeup call that there is a pride growing in the general consciousness of the area I live in?  Perhaps.  In some places in town and in my neighborhood this wind did cause quite a bit of damage.  Along with the potential scientific reasons, why not look at the potential spiritual reasons?

So anyway, I went to www.askrealjesus.com and searched on forest fires.  These two dictations came up.

“Let me ask you to take a look at the list of spiritual poisons and their corresponding calamities:

Based on this list, you can see that the Russian people – at least in the heart of Russia – are not currently facing initiations related to anger, ignorance or pride, as there are few volcanic eruptions, earthquakes or storms in Russia. This, of course, could be explained by Russia's geographical location, but do not overlook the deeper reality that people are attracted to a geographical location based on their state of consciousness.“
Printed with permission.
Copyright © 2010 by Kim Michaels

"In Buddhism, the Dhyani Buddhas are revered as primordial Buddhas that embody the basic qualities of God. These qualities are the five qualities of ether, fire, air, water and earth. Buddhists teach that these five qualities were used to create the entire matter universe. Therefore, these five primordial qualities are contained in all matter, and the key to sustaining creation is to keep these qualities in perfect balance. When the qualities become unbalanced, the matter forms begin to break down. So the key to spiritual growth for an individual soul is the balance of these five primordial qualities.
As Jesus has explained, everything in this universe is subject to the free will of human beings. Therefore, it is possible for human beings to misqualify the primordial qualities represented by the Dhyani Buddhas. When the energies of these qualities are misused, they turn into toxic energies. For each of the qualities of the Dhyani Buddhas, there is a corresponding misqualification, which is often called a poison. It is indeed these poisons that create imbalances in the soul of the individual and on a planetary scale. These poisons form a solidified barrier that prevents the free flow of energy, both within the individual soul and on a planetary scale between the Eastern and Western hemispheres.

The key to restoring balance is to invoke the spiritual light of the Dhyani Buddhas, which manifests as five wisdoms. As my son explains here, when you invoke spiritual light from above, that light has a very high frequency. When the light is directed into low-frequency energy, it can transform that low energy by raising its vibration. Toxic energy, the poison, can be raised back to its original purity by invoking the wisdom of the Dhyani Buddhas.
Let me now describe the five Dhyani Buddhas, their qualities, their wisdoms and the corresponding poisons:

Printed with permission.
Copyright © 2010 by Kim Michaels

As I said in my July 13 posting, I found it very helpful to say the Healing Invocation for Disasters.  http://www.transcendencetoolbox.com/en/world-change/world-invocations/320-winv05-healing-invocation-for-disasters

July 30, 2012

The next few postings will be an example of the process in trying to make a difference. The reason I'm using this example is because it is complex and has a lot of steps and a lot of components. It is all interconnected and I trust will form a complete whole. Understanding what I am doing is not important. Seeing what you can do is important. Hopefully you'll be able to summarize the portions of the process that resonate with you and apply them. Below is the first step, the progression of desire. Recognizing that change is needed, that change is possible, and that I (meaning you) can contribute.

What happened first? I was born in, lived all my life in and tend to be attracted to a high desert environment. I noticed that many teachings lately have been referring to people being magnetized to certain physical locations to learn/teach whatever. A friend came to visit and gave the frame of reference that much of what I find beautiful in the dessert is actually an adaptation to lack of water. I was insulted by her reaction and found in me a pride in adapting to lack. I also heard this from various people I told about the experience. My thought and question. Water is such a basic requirement of life. Why would we be proud to adapt ourselves to an attitude of lack? So one component is water, overcoming a consciousness of lack and moving into a consciousness of abundance.

Then I found a book on precipitating - meaning creating. I decided to learn to precipitate water (pull physical water out of the etheric realm) and got discouraged. During this time I also had a great spiritual experience of releasing millions of doves from my heart. I was at the Four Corners of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. I was focused on sending blessings to the inhabitants and environments of all four states. So another component is peace and some interconnections between four states. Also my friend is from Colorado and lives in Washington, DC and is working on various spiritual aspects that can be related.

Also in this period of time the Trinity Site (where the atomic bomb was first tested) was open for visitation when I was physically at White Sands. So there is the whole atomic bomb and White Sands missile site issue and why they are in our state.

Then the fires started and the physical impact of whatever my connection with trees is. I wanted to KNOW that I have the ability to call the rains to put out the fires. I didn't achieve this knowing. The summer rains did appear to come early this year, but who knows. The fires were still quite devastating. In the next posting I'll tell about some of the research into what association there is between fires and the consciousness of the people in the area.


This energy is sent out thru the protective filter of Father/Mother God's will
 and can only be returned in that will and by God's grace.