If you haven't already done whatever practice you have for calling forth protection, then do that before continuing. We center all portions of our being that we are aware of right now in our hearts and become more aware of the connection with a higher self. As we're breathing in Divine Love and sharing it on the exhale, we contact all the peace we can. I reinforce drawing the energy from my mental and from my emotional. You do whatever is appropriate for you in drawing all portions of your being together in your heart. We, so to speak, reverently touch the hem of the guru, the Elohim of Peace, or whomever you choose. We allow our self, the whole of us, whatever that will be, to be engulfed in an embrace that takes us straight into the heart of the guru, the master, the teacher. We absorb all that we're able and let it take whatever time it takes. We become aware of our bodies again and move and stretch, open our eyes really wide several times, rub our feet on the ground or rug or floor and ground ourselves. We accept that we are full to overflowing. We note our protection. We send out and share what we have freely received. Perhaps we envision ourselves in some location or situation we think could especially use a dose of peace right now. And we go about our days. Perhaps we do a ho, ho, ho; ha, ha, ha; hee, hee, hee. Enjoy.

Posted October 16, 2013




This energy is sent out thru the protective filter of Father/Mother God's will
 and can only be returned in that will and by God's grace.