April 29 and 30, 2012

What does this posting have to do with peace? It hopefully illustrates that you can choose to see the illusions from any place, at any time, in any group. The illusions are any sense of time or distance or insurmountable obstacles between you and what you deeply desire.  Knowing that any place you are is fine, and that you are never really stuck, is one element of true inner peace.

The Journey Of All Souls In Embodiment.
Imagine a great horde of people.  A huge journey is planned.  They travel many years and come to what looks to many to be an abyss.  I won’t try to describe all the types and groups that make up the horde.

Here are four of the types.

Within these four types, there have been many groups.

Now at the “abyss” there are many more groups within all the types.

Even those who never began the journey can decide that the desire for a better life, for something more, is real and attainable.  They can even see the illusions of distance and seem to arrive before some who journeyed for years.  (Of course time is an illusion also.)

To be honest, I think I've been in all the types and groups mentioned. Having been one of those who chose to climb down into and out the other side of at least one of the many possible abysses; I appreciate all the people who provided ladders.  I also greatly appreciate those who tried to explain to me that the abyss was not a requirement, that there are no requirements to be met in order to have that which was never meant to be a struggle in the first place.  Now on what I see as a multi-dimensional journey, I choose to be one of those who demonstrates a few steps at a time for those who are ready to take a few more steps.  At the same time I choose to point out that the whole journey is an illusion.  The goals are already ours simply for the recognition of it.  Each time I have been able to accept some portion of the recognition, it has been freeing.

At any given moment you can choose to be in any group you wish.
            Where do you choose to be?
            Where do you want to be?
            Where are you really?
            What are you really choosing?


April 28, 2012

I have the right to accept a higher perspective about my identity.  I have the right to do this as many times and as often as I choose.  And so do you.

We have the right to self-transcend.
We have the right to self-transcend.
We have the right to self-transcend.

April 27, 2012

Sometimes I thing I make a determined decision.  But sometimes it is a weak decision made more from a point of desire or fear, although these are sometimes well hidden.  When a determined decision is solid, is when I accept what ever the consequences may be and I move on to what ever behaviors or actions help me claim the changes and I move into a place of profound peace.  There is no doubt and no fear and no second guessing.  I feel an authority behind a firm well determined decision.  This provides the power.

April 26, 2012

I overheard a man saying that there were five people killed in the neighborhood where he, his daughter and his mom live.  It was a peaceful neighborhood when he was growing up.  Right now his mom is physically unable to be moved to a new home.  He seems to think that developers want the land, where mostly old people own their homes (mortgages paid) just outside of city limits.  The developers want to buy cheap, so people in authority are currently looking the other way while this neighborhood is increasingly terrorized.  Does anyone have any practical short term suggestions for how this man can reclaim a peaceful neighborhood?  Especially suggestions that are outside of the consciousness that is causing the problem.

April 25, 2012

What vibration is peace? A conversation at a dinner table a couple weeks ago revolved around the affects of vibrations. We had all been in a conference that mentioned how everything is energy and affected by vibrations. In a previous posting (Feb. 24, 2012) I mentioned music and plants - that subject came up in this conversation at the dinner table. It was also mentioned that somehow it had gotten reported that a group was planning a war and they were drinking water while they were making their plans. Every one of them got ill from the water. Now I'm not relaying the whole story here, so you can invent all sorts of rationalizations. Obviously this doesn't occur in every conversation about war. But in the report, someone had determined that in that case the length of time and intensity of malice was enough to provide a vibration that poisoned the water. So just go with me for a second here. This man was talking about needing to purify his water at his house, how the stream that provided his water had started out pure, but wasn't anymore. We were also talking about how saying/singing the 72 names of God mentioned in the Book of Enoch raises the vibrations of energy. So I half jokingly told him to sing the names of God to purify his water. I've given you some of the high lights of the conversation (about an hour) that led to the portion of the conversation that will help me make my point. Early on some people at the table had wanted to describe violent crimes in detail and the rest of us had nixed that conversation. So we started talking about conversations people have over their food when they are eating and rather that has any affect. So here is my question. Let's just say that our conversations carry a vibration that affects our emotions and our physical bodies. Again, just go with me. What in our conversations enhances our sense of peace and what disturbs it? Sometimes our conversations revolve around arguing, complaining, criticizing ourselves, others or the weather. I'm not saying it is wrong to vent. I'm just asking what would happen if we started monitoring our conversations for uplifting topics that carry peace, joy, encouragement, hope, etc?

April 24, 2012

This posting has been a difficult one to word concisely.  It has to do with revealing a deeper level of a lie I thought I already understood.  Removing this false cover has helped my sense of peace immensely.  I wish to send out the energy to help others look deeper, so that we may each find that which frees us from some form of paralysis.  In my instance the subject happens to be God’s will and the obvious horrors of life on Earth.  So to speak, I finally took God’s hand out of the glove I confined it in.  I hope I can explain what I mean.  I heard teachings on God’s divine plan for material creation with what I thought were ears to hear.  I knew I had some heart burn, but I didn’t recognize the source until a friend was able to stand firm while I stated my doubts.  Thanks to her great patience, I was able to recognize that at some level I did still believe this lie that I thought I was well past.  The lie has to do with confusing the will of people who have unbalanced power, who we tend to let run this planet- confusing their wills with god’s will.  Simply because free will allows their horrendous abusive and deceptive behaviors, I confused allowing it with willing it.  The struggle, the inhumane acts, the force or deceive mentality, are not part of God’s original plan.  I don’t even have to transcend them.  This stage of opportunity for the unconscionably powerful is at an end.  The inhabitants of Earth are awakening to her original purpose, God’s plan to have us grow from localized identities to oneness. The horrors and foolishness have nothing to do with it.  They have no place.  I can let go of the bitterness and just concentrate on transcending my sense of self.  Of course, I was almost immediately tested on not being bitter about the foolish manner in which government agencies are run.

April 21, 2012

This was a huge brilliant circular rainbow around the sun that lasted more than an hour around noon Tuesday, April 10, 2012 seen at Camp Verde, AZ (between Phoenix and Sedona). My picture doesn't do the colors around the edge of the circle justice.

For those who still identify themselves with their physical body, I'd like to relay an experience I had. It was not a visualization. It was experienced. This man had composed some music while on a train. He was thinking about how many people travel those rails and how energy could potentially be trapped. His intent was to release the energy with the vibration of his music. Listening to his music I could literally not endure any limitations. I was sitting in a group of 500 people and knew I could stand up, but I remained seated like everyone else. The tension became so great, that I left my physical body sitting and I stood up. Then I shot to the ceiling. Again the tension grew. I simply could not stand the limit. I shot thru to the outside of the building and then to the outer edge of Earth's atmosphere. Again I couldn't stand the tension and shot past the planets to the sun. I could not wait to dive into the sun. I dove straight for the center. The music soon ended and I didn't know where else to go, so I came back to my seat. I felt exhilarated, a warm delightful peace, like after a child has had great fun playing.

A couple weeks later another thing I experienced was peace expanding around the planet. It was symbolized by a limitless amount of doves flooding forth. So during news broadcasts or devastating circumstances, remember that there is hope. It is not, however, a hope for something in the future. It is right NOW. The peace is here right now. All we have to do is attune to it. This upward spiral can not be stopped by any number of horrendous events. At any given moment numerous people can choose to expand their inner peace and attune with the already present outer peace. Even in the midst of these events. It started with me and numerous others (including many of you). It continues with you.

April 20, 2012

I am here to let my light shine, to be the open door for the Holy Spirit to work. I get in the way when I, from my good intentioned mind, try to determine the problem, figure how I of my own self can help, or calculate the answer. I choose to be more firm in not allowing myself to get sucked into people's dramas. Right after the incident in the next paragraph I went walking along the river and found four people in trouble. From my own self, I provided food and lodging; but I was worried about it and spent about an hour working out in my own mind what to do. It was not spontaneous. In the next sentence I describe how I can retain my peace, instead of going into either fear based reaction of 'am I being taken advantage of' or 'am I doing enough.' I choose to be compassionate, let my light shine, and let the Holy Spirit work from a higher perspective.

In the incident prior to that described above, I needed a ride. The husband happened to walk up just as I was telling the hotel clerk that I needed a ride from Farmington to Albuquerque. The husband offered right away. After the man walked away, the hotel clerk explained. She told me that the man and his wife had been called to Farmington on an emergency because their son was in the hospital and that their son had died. I suspected that the wife would veto the man's offer. That night I sent the energy that regardless of their choice, I would send them light and love. I could be a healing presence within their force fields for the three hour drive, but I could just as easily send them healing energy from a distance. The next morning in the lobby the wife told me they just did not have room in the car for me, that the husband had not taken into account that they needed to pick up their son's things. The love that flowed thru me spontaneously was so powerful, I wonder if everyone in the room couldn't feel it. The wife said she certainly could. The choice to completely set aside any concern for my own needs, in order to be fully available to bless this couple; allowed that love that is always present for all of us to flow in an incredibly powerful manner.

May you also see whatever adjustments can help the Holy Spirit (or whatever term you use) flow more freely through you, if that desire is your free will choice.

April 19, 2012

I ended up on a walk about, well a road trip. Quarai and Gran Quivira Salinas Pueblo Missions, Ruidoso, White Sands and Rock Hound State Park in New Mexico. Sanoita, Scottsdale, Sedona and Grand Canyon in Arizona. Monument Valley in Utah. Four Corners and home from Farmington. Living day to day, without set plans, takes practice; but I sure enjoyed it.

The posting has to do with apologizing, something some people do habitually. In this situation there was no reason to explain or apologize in the first place. During the explanation I found myself apologizing for being who I am, for being where I am on my path. It was an eye opening shock. Only that which I'm leaving behind and letting go of would think to assume from a fearful base what another person MIGHT be thinking, would think to explain. I'm glad to be done with these types of actions. I can easily recognize any inclination now and choose another path.

April 5, 2012

I absolutely love this picture and haven't used it for years. So I just wanted to share the picture, rather than the words.

Happy Spring!

April 4, 2012

Perhaps because I am in this transition, I see it very clearly all around me. It is the transition of the medical field into more patient responsibility. Less than 60 years ago people let the doctors make all the decisions for them. Then there was the transition to the doctors providing the patient with enough information for the patient to be able to make informed decisions about mainstream western procedures, usually involving drugs and/or surgery. Now more and more people are seeking more holistic choices than the western medicine/insurance machine is allowed to suggest. So now we are in the mode of having to inform ourselves and weed out the quacks in a short pressured time when we are already under physical and emotional stress.

What I am learning in order to be able to maintain inner peace are three important points.

Give myself time. Don't allow myself to buy into the mindset that I must make an immediate decision. Very few medical conditions require immediate action.

Pray for guidance. Be open to let guidance come to me from unexpected sources, as well as actively seek education. I also create a partnership with my doctors in which they must be willing to explain why they are thinking what they are telling me.

It is what it is at the time. I don't ever require a perfect or lasting answer. I do the best I can with what information I have at the time and change my mind as needed.

This is how I try to maintain my sense of peace thru important medical decisions. May you maintain your inner peace as best you can thru whatever difficult decisions you are having to make. May you regain the full extent of your inner peace as quickly as possible.

April 3, 2012

I think feeling loved is a huge component to inner peace and self-confidence. Would you please take a moment to center in your heart and focus on feeling whatever you call your higher self? If you are not sure how to "center in your heart," it is mostly just putting your focus in the center of your heart chakra (but even your physical heart works) with the awareness of your connection to the Creator of All. Sometimes it helps to physically tap the area of your physical heart with each in breath. For reference, click on 'Visualization' in the upper left of this page, then click on 'Current' to come back. Please focus on contacting and receiving that incredible flow of love. Don't give up (meaning a few minutes each day) until you have a very real sense of it. If it doesn't happen, then request whatever is required for you to be able to catch a glimpse. Surely it is of vast importance. At a very low moment in my life this love was described as that love in which no amount of memory of any amount of horror could exist. Perhaps of interest during lent, that was a time when I really wanted to know how Jesus processed his feelings regarding the crucifixion, how he transcended the whole situation to allow the resurrection. At a very high moment in my life this love was described as ultimate peace and joy. How does it feel to you?

April 1, 2012

Awareness of self.  I have a temporary physical characteristic that is making me self-conscious.  What I’m recognizing is that the more comfortable we feel with ourself and our looks, the more we put other people at ease.  It is amazing how sensitive people are to taking cues.  People who have a habit of politeness and good will are especially sensitive to taking their cues from the person they are focusing on.   So just me being peaceful and joyful sends the cues that encourages others to be peaceful and joyful.  Let’s say that the 10%, 80%, 10% theory is true on more than philosophical levels.   Then out of every 10 people we interact with, 8 are taking their cues from us, one is peaceful and happy because that is the way they have chosen to be, and one will choose to be prickly and agitated no matter what we are like.  So 8 out of every 10 people will tend to return whatever I broadcast out.  This says to me I want to broadcast acceptance of self, peace and joy; regardless of physical and emotional conditions or situations.


This energy is sent out thru the protective filter of Father/Mother God's will
 and can only be returned in that will and by God's grace.