February 28, 2011

Killing people can NOT create peace. May we reach that place where this is obvious. I affirm the awakening of the balanced people of Earth. I surrender all sense that I can do nothing. I choose to let God bring peace thru me.


February 22, 2011

Suggestion: Don't let the scientific explanation invalidate looking at the spiritual view. In other words, don't let facts keep you from looking deeper.

Example: Loss of equilibrium from changing glasses caused me to fall on my face. This scientific explanation is actually just part of the pattern that led to a freeing insight.

The pattern of "coincidences" (or what ever you want to call them).

Result from watching the patterns and therefore digging deeper into the resultant emotion until the source of the intensity was found:  a new layer of freedom.

PS. Just FYI.  It only cost $25 to replace the glasses, because I purchased the insurance that I usually do not purchase.  Also, my dear Mother was all concern and love the next day.  I cherish getting to see her more.  Physical healing is quick.

February 16, 2011

It was a subtle change, this realization that who I am is who I was meant to be, and what I’m doing is what I’m supposed to be doing.  For me who wanted so much to move closer to the redwood forests of California, it’s like walking out into my backyard in New Mexico and suddenly finding that a full grown redwood tree has always been growing there.

Is it true that the circumstances we are in right now are teaching us exactly what we are ready to be learning?


February 8, 2011

Avoidance is not the path. Wow, well I've avoided hearing that in the past. If we avoid everything that reduces our peace, how will we know what bothers us? If we avoid any situation with the potential to irritate, how will we know if we've overcome that which used to irritate? Balance in all things, so I don't think this means placing ourselves in danger. I think it does mean more of a take it as it comes attitude and welcome the growth opportunities as just that, opportunities to see where we would like to grow.

February 2, 2011

Perhaps people with other dominant God Flames see their God Flame as a component of peace.  Perhaps it is.  And then again perhaps the peace that Jesus gives is a slightly different flavor to the peace that I give.  Sort of like guacamole or spaghetti sauce, everybody makes it slightly different, using different ingredients and with a different mixture of ingredients.  And perhaps the peace that Jesus gave us 2000 years ago is slightly different from the peace he extends to us today, even as the peace I extend today is different from the peace I extended yesterday.  Perhaps the purity is in the ingredients, not in having one perfect definition.  After all an avocado is not guacamole and a tomato is not spaghetti sauce.

February 1, 2011

In January, I mentioned restricting my behavior. One reason I found was always having antenna out to sense potential squabbles. Perhaps you modify your behavior because you have your antenna out to sense something else or something similar. It is still placing a limit upon oneself. And it is likely, as with me, an old limit that is no longer needed or particularly useful. Associated with this is another observation. Within myself there is what I can best describe as cross purposes. I've never seen myself as a creature of habit. In fact I avoid creating habits. Yet I find a plethora of what I have to call old habits or patterns that I would like to be free of and find myself quite stubbornly holding on to.

Having my antenna out to sense potential squabbles may be one reason I find it easier to be at ease around trees than around people. So how can I translate the freedom I give myself in the middle of a forest to providing freedom for myself and others within a group of people?

Another thought occurs to me. I find joy in peace and had thought that peace might actually be a component of joy. Perhaps people with other dominant God Flames find joy in many other things; such as service, people using wisdom, acts of compassion, freedom, purity, healing, uses of power or even joy itself. So then what truly is joy? Seeing ones own God Flame in evidence or in action? Seeing any God Flame in evidence or in action? What is joy to someone who's dominant God Flame is joy?

Jesus brings joy to our world. I always thought of this particular joy as the freedom to truly BE who we are. What is the joy (and what is the peace, for that matter) that Jesus would like us to come to (what? know and understand and accept and internalize and focus and vibrate with and attune to? perhaps co-create?)

Oiya! That's like four days of postings. Well what ever peace and joy are, I reach out spherically as far as I can and send out all the peace and joy I contact. (Hopefully what I send out is sent thru fewer filters within myself. Even writing this I expanded from the flat version of height, breadth and depth to spherical. Yeah! Yet depth? Reach, as if across some distance? Let me try again.) I focus in my heart with unity of purpose; into the Kingdom of God; in greater oneness with Jesus, Maitreya and Mother Mary; to the singularity of God; attuning to as much truth of peace and joy as I can in this moment; and radiate that which I touch.


This energy is sent out thru the protective filter of Father/Mother God's will
 and can only be returned in that will and by God's grace.