May 26, 2012

What will enable you to say 'well done' to yourself and mean it? What will help you feel more comfortable being yourself in a group of people?

Last night, after leaving a group of people, my thoughts were on an improvement I've wanted to see in myself for some time. I've worked on it, but I've also made excuses to myself. What I haven't done yet is put the "determination" behind it.

I want to raise my energies and focusing on receiving the love of Jesus is a step in that direction.


May 25, 2012

A decision that has been determined. Determined can be taken a couple ways. Sometimes it means with a sort of stubbornness, not giving up in an ongoing situation. But I mean it more as a done deal. I asked for help from Archangel Michael on something and I clearly heard this sentence in my head. "The determination has been made." It was a bit frightening as I realized there was no room for squirming out of what I had called for. But it also felt absolutely definite. In one of those health decisions I've mentioned, the determination went thru a few phases. At first it was a question in my mind. I discussed it with the doctor and let him talk me out of it. Then I had an experience that made me question the decision again. Then there were a number of experiences that added up. And in one of those culminating experiences I made a firm decision and I felt pretty definite. Then as I heard various conversations, I started to wonder and doubt. I sort of stuck to my new decision, but I wasn't REALLY sure. I felt sure about parts of it. Then came the time to face the doctor again. Since I knew he disagreed with my decision, I also knew I had to be firm, completely sure. In the rehearsals of what I would say to him and after the actual conversation, the determination was made. I felt it. How can I explain the difference? It's a done deal is the best I can do. There is a firm feeling of complete sureness. The determination overrides all obstacles, all conflict, all doubt, all fear. There is complete peace in the decision.

In addition to the difference when a decision becomes determined, there is the difference between a decision that only applies to one event and those that apply to multiple events. Perhaps what I need to learn is that multiple events are made up of single events. Example. I decide I desire to approach all events from a place of peace. Well first of all I've said I "desire" rather than I "will." There is a bit more sureness in I will and even more surety in I am. So apparently there is not just the decision that I will approach all events from a place of peace. (And I almost said I will "try" to approach... I call it waffling when your words leave you escape routes.) There is also the decision within each event, that I "am" approaching it from a place of peace. This obviously means that if I am not always in a place of peace that I need to also determine to regroup as quickly as possible and have my repertoire of tools readily available.

I thought this was going to be a short posting on determined decisions.  Obviously not.  They become longer when I’m not quite sure where I’m heading with my point.

Allow me to run thru the steps of another decision.  I saw something mentioned in a book that I was attracted to with that sensation where you just know 'that is for me.'  I was immediately enthralled with the idea of learning this new talent.  I read part of the book and tried some of those childish experiments when you are first learning a talent.  Then I started doing research on the subject and got scared off by the sense of having to know so much more than I do know now.  Then it didn’t appear that my experiments were working in the way I had envisioned, although I did see evidence that something was happening.  Never the less, I began to feel scared off, unworthy and an avoidance.  It began to approach a loss of interest, but was more a lack of belief in my abilities. Yet there was still the desire to learn this talent.  Just like approaching the doctor and having to state with firm conviction my decision, I asked my self am I giving up on learning this talent.  That firm conviction settled in.  I want to learn this new talent.  I am willing to study and to learn and to practice.  I am willing to do whatever else is involved.  The determination is made.

I hope I have been able to illustrate the progression.  I hope you come to those firm determinations that will make all the difference in your own desires.

May 24, 2012

I was laughing so hard in my dream that it woke me up. It is a great way to awaken.

May 23, 2012

Accepting Responsibility.  I accepted my responsibility for my decisions and avoided this particular aggravation.  I’m delighted I didn’t waste my energy getting upset, but I did recognize the temptation.  I made an appointment to have someone come spray my Pinon trees.  I had to wait a few weeks to get an early morning appointment so as to have the likelihood of very little breeze.  The day before that appointment I made an appointment for something else about the same time.  Someone graciously offered to cover for me with the tree spraying.  There ended up being a number of things to discuss with the pest control person, who was also spraying for roaches.  The gracious person said he forgot to mention the trees and the bill showed only a charge for spraying for the roaches.  It appeared that I would have to wait for an early morning appointment again, hope for the required lack of wind, and possibly pay for another visit.  At this point I thought about blaming the tree sprayer for not knowing that the trees were his main reason for coming and to blame the gracious person for neglecting to mention the trees, even though I had it on a list I gave him.  Instead I caught myself and asked who actually created the situation and had to admit it was me.  Therefore, what could I learn?  Obviously, to check my own schedule when I make appointments.  When the pest control person called; he said he had sprayed the trees.  He didn’t charge me for the trees, because I only had him spray for the roaches outside and not inside.  Like I said, I was so glad I hadn’t wasted energy getting aggravated.  It is a lot easier to retain our peace when we don’t blame other people for situations we create with our own decisions.  By accepting responsibility, it was far easier to accept whatever the potential consequences might be. 

May 22, 2012

Pride and humor. I was having such trouble trying to get this machine to do what I wanted. I told my brother I finally asked my I AM Presence for guidance and immediately figured it out. He asked why I hadn't started by asking for help and saved myself the aggravation. I had to admit pride. So then he relayed what some actor (He mentioned so many in the course of the story I couldn't possibly say who.) had said about ego. It would be better in video than words. But asked about ego, the actor pointed to the ground and spat like children do when they blow bubbles. I cracked up. Hope you can picture it and have a great laugh for your day.

The point. Ask for help at the first inkling of aggravation instead of letting it build.

May 20, 2012

My first solar eclipse.  Of course there were all the warnings about not looking directly at the sun.  Ever so thankfully one of my neighbors invited a bunch over to view through his telescope with a solar filter.  In New Mexico the eclipse occurred close to sunset, so the slight dimming seemed pretty normal.  Even though the moon’s full circle was completely within the sun’s full circle, it didn’t get dark.  Prior I hadn't recognized the difference between an annular solar eclipse (what I saw) and a total solar eclipse.

Perhaps because it was annular rather than total, it gave me a better appreciation for how we give too much credit to things to be able to block God’s light in ourselves and in other people and in situations.

In recent days I also had a better glimpse and confirmation of one of the purposes of my life.  It brought with it a very nice feeling of peace.  So I wish you all a better glimpse of the purposes within your own lives. And may we each be more aware of God's light shining within us.

May 18, 2012

Reducing Stress. I've been reminded several times recently about the noticeable physical difference when people are under less stress - the voice changes, the facial features relax, the way of carrying the body changes. It seems worthy of reminding people to do what ever is necessary to remove yourself from situations of stress. From my own life and what is going on with my neighbors; this might mean divorce, changing jobs, retiring, changing the person or facility in charge of elderly care for family members, not postponing even a serious operation if it can significantly reduce chronic pain or seeking professional help (such as lawyer, doctor or builder). If the situation can't be changed, it may mean changing the attitude towards the situation. But I recognize that there are people who live in very stressful areas, war torn countries or gang infested neighborhoods. I can't fathom how difficult it would be in such situations to look past the outward appearances and LIVE as if you had the power and freedom to change your living conditions. But if someone could manage this, it would sure speak volumes. And there are stories of people who have managed it. Surely I can apply this in small things. I can live my life as if I have the power and freedom to change all these little things that keep holding me back. Oh and hey duh, I DO have the power and freedom. We can always look past surviving to some solution.

May 16, 2012

Cycles of Opportunity.
The thoughts on momentum triggered thoughts about missing opportunities.  I recognize when I utilize or miss specific opportunities.  I don’t consider it a big deal to miss an opportunity, because in my experience they always cycle around again.  But jokingly I thought if I’ve fallen off the wagon 7x7 times (just for some number), perhaps the sense of possibly missing an opportunity would provide the fuel to help me concentrate more on sticking with something I wish to accomplish.  Then I recognized that this would be approaching it from a fear base.  I would be instilling into myself the fear of missing an opportunity and that is not where I want to go.  So I have no idea about the accuracy of the next sentence.  It seems to me that the idea of missing an opportunity applies more to activities for groups.  These cycle also, but perhaps not as often?  It seems to me that on a personal basis opportunities for personal transcendence or improvement are abundant daily and we simply choose which we are able to utilize knowing there will be plenty more opportunities.  It is when we speak of opportunities for a group of people that I tend to think in more specific terms.  The Ascended Masters are saying right now that mankind as a whole and various groups of mankind have opportunities of reducing the intensity of some up coming events by shifting our mass consciousness.  Obviously the opportunities will be past once the events are past.  I see it more like crossing a river in a slightly different place where it is shallower and without raging rapids.  I’m not allowing any fear to enter this equation. I’ve accepted that we need to cross this river, meaning that as a whole we need to change the way we approach solving problems.  I accept that it is time for a higher vision.  They speak of high potentials and low potentials.  Unfortunately, when it comes to mankind as a whole or even any specific group, I have a pessimistic outlook.  This needs to change in myself.

So the point of this posting - maintaining and even deepening peace thru group opportunities for growth.  These are my thoughts on what our approach might be and what is new about it. 
What is new for me regarding this approach?

The HOPE is that the shift in mass consciousness will occur to a large enough degree and in time to shift the upcoming changes into a more gentle and acceptable intensity.  A large part of the population may not even notice.  There won’t even be a duality acceptance or rejection of the changes.  They will just occur and be for the betterment of all.  The changes will not be manufactured by and for any groups of a few specific elite people.
The FAITH is that ever increasing numbers of people will awaken to new and higher ideas and start putting them into action with the intent of bettering life for all.
The ANTIDOTE for fear is acceptance and non-attachment.  The God-energy behind all outer appearances can not be hurt.  We are going to experience whatever is going to happen in whatever way we choose to experience it as individuals and as groups.  As a whole we will survive whatever changes occur.  There is always a silver lining to focus on.  There are always opportunities for growth.  We learn even from hard knocks and the bottom line is to learn and grow.  As individuals we still can only manage our unique contribution.  Personally I pray that my interactions with any group are uplifting, regardless of events.  I pray I stand true to my momentums, regardless of buffeting momentums around me.  The whole is being accelerated and I am being accelerated in oneness with it.

May 15, 2012

Momentum and Potential.
Sometimes I look at what I want to accomplish and haven’t.  It seems like I get some momentum going and then I just fall off the wagon.  It makes me think of the classic interchange between a lady in the audience and a concert pianist:  ‘Oh I wish I could play the piano like that.’  ‘If you really wanted it, you would practice 8 hours a day.’  So sometimes I ask myself if I truly want what I say I want.  When the answer is yes, then I have to ask what is holding me back.  For me, it is usually a matter of distraction.  It helps immensely that I feel like I have real potential.  I remember a teenager saying how it changed her life when a teacher told her she had potential.  It gave her the desire to try.  Isn’t it marvelous that no matter where we are at or how much we have attained, we always have potential for more?  It does not matter how deep a peace we have, we can always deepen it more.  We can always express more love or more joy, whatever we desire.  I think I would like to focus on more momentum for a while, really focus on keeping the momentum building and not feeling like I always have to start over.  (I’m trying to write a book.  I keep stopping the flow by letting my time get caught up in other endeavors.)  But it is great to know that when I fall off the wagon again, I’ll be able to get right back on again.  We always have greater potential.

May 13, 2012

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A blessing.

May 5, 2012

Gees, there were so many varied subjects that could have been the subject of today's posting. I finally looked for the common ground in them all. Empowering people. What can you do today to empower yourself or someone else?

As I have said, when I first began this website it was a homework assignment to teach what a I learned daily.  What I felt a desire to share was inner peace – essentially to empower others as well as myself to enhance and deepen our personal peace.  I have indeed learned quite a bit, you have allowed me to share, you have communicated back and taught me what you are learning, and you have indicated your enjoyment – thank you.  Always feel free to share with me what you would like me to post about what you are learning in your own life and its application to peace.  Please specifically state if you wish me to post it.

It was actually a couple young men who came by to expand awareness of their political candidate that helped me see the common ground that this posting is suppose to be about. They politely asked if I had time. When I said I wasn't interested, they walked to the next house. I called them back and said, I'm not interested, but I need to be. Tell me what you have to say. I actually pride myself on hating politics. The words pride and hate make it abundantly obvious that this needs to change.  It made me ask myself what I believe the most important political issue is right now today.  To me it’s empowering people to be interested and KNOW that they have a real voice again. What if that was a political candidate’s agenda?  There is a huge untapped population who knows things need to change.  People I talk with know that it is the WAY we approach “problems” that needs to change.  It sounds like a perfect opportunity for political candidates to rekindle the art of listening, without trying to manipulate people into the candidate’s chosen power box or ambition.  And it is a perfect opportunity for me to recognize that politics is not an enemy.  Is there some “enemy” that you can change your mind about?  I'm going to be asking every one of the political candidates involved in my area how they are going to empower people.

And of course, empowering people is in everything - is not limited period and certainly not limited to spiritual or political arenas.  The many subjects possible for today’s posting also included health, responsibility, fears, faith, happiness, helplessness and community.  Many people assume empowered people will each go their own way and nothing specific will get accomplished.  Many fear chaos.  With this website I empower you to look within, I give you suggestions and examples on how I do it, I demonstrate what I have at my fingertips.  I don’t judge what you learn.  I don’t ask how you apply it.  I don’t manipulate you into a specific personal agenda.  I share and leave it completely open ended.  I trust that it helps overall.  I trust that it multiplies.  So what comes to mind is that empowering has to do with helping people see that they can do whatever and providing some useful tools and demonstrating how to use the tools and then leaving it open ended to let it unfold.

What do you have at your fingertips that you wish to share from your heart that empowers yourself and others?

May 4, 2012

Today's posting has more to do with faith and personally that both expands and disturbs my sense of peace. That is what I'm learning right now - faith. At first it appears to be the sincere surrender of personal goals and agendas, a simple letting go, a release of the conception of needs. At the same time there is definitely a renewed energy focused on my highest desire at this time. For me that happens to be truly LIVING my life in embodiment right now on this planet as the creators of this planet originally intended.

The disturbance. When I was "taught to swim," someone tossed me into the deep end of a pool and told me to figure out how to dog paddle. I have this unreasonable false expectation that faith is like that. As if I'm placing myself on a small raft in the middle of an ocean full of 30 foot waves and I'm hoping I'll figure out how to calm the seas and/or learn to trust God to safely get me to a shore. I see it as an unreasonable fear, but reason does not resolve emotions. Who knows, maybe I'll become or already am a drop of water. Wouldn't that be silly? A drop of water on a raft afraid to be in the ocean.

I suspect that faith is actually a very deep love for God. I recently read that Archangel Michael (whose archai is Faith) has anchored their love in each of our hearts. This is powerful (pun intended) to me and I hope it empowers you as well. The actual quote from the pamphlet entitled Beloved Archangel Michael, by Thomas Printz is: "I Am fortunate, however, in that the Cosmic Law has allowed Me (Archangel Michael) to dwell within your Heart Flame..." Another quote I'd like to share: "I am so eager for you to unfold the natural talents and capacities of your lifestreams. Once you look upon the living colors that make up your Causal Body and see the tremendous stored up energies that await release through your life-stream, you will be so tremendously encouraged." And yes I also read the part about our consciousness being like a lotus flower resting on the blue sea of inner peace and tranquility, pouring forth the radiance of Its Being.

Anyway what I can do today is to send out the prayer that you find peace in faith, whatever true faith is.

May 1, 2012

What do your peak spiritual experiences say about who you are?  I’ve often confused knowing my lower self and what is meant by “know thyself.”  And certainly knowing where my emotions stem from and what my current beliefs are helps me transcend my self and brings deeper peace.  I often think knowing my higher self is illusive.  When I have a spiritual experience, I’m just thrilled with the experience.  It’s a bit like a child enjoying a carnival ride.  Except that many changes have occurred: there is a lasting measure of what ever was released, there is the memory of what something pure is like, there is the sense of “know that I know that I know” that there is something more, there is the intense humble gratitude, there is the renewed fervor to let this purity flow more often in these powerful ways, a renewed fervor in the desire to share.  But I actually I think these peak experiences give us windows into our higher selves.  In some cases an archangel or ascended being was sharing with me what my lower self needed.  But in three experiences that come to mind it was my higher self in tune with the appropriate source sharing with the world.  I remember love, peace and determination being released; so it seems likely that my higher self has these characteristics.  Of course there are all the numerous daily sharings of energy that say a lot also.  If you aren’t consciously aware of the daily receipts, become more aware of them.  They are always there or you would not be alive.  What do your peak spiritual experiences and daily receipts say about who your higher self is?  I think that my next step in personal peace will stem from knowing and accepting that I’m allowing my higher self to express thru my conscious self more often and more powerfully with less obstructions.  And indeed I do see evidence of this.  May you also see the evidence within yourself of your higher expression.

Typically when we speak emphatically, or even harshly, is when we most need to listen to ourselves. Typically we were more talking to ourself than anyone else. Case in point, after posting, the words resounded in my head. "If you aren’t consciously aware of the daily receipts, become more aware of them.”  I went out to plant in my garden.  I focused on the love flowing thru me to the children I could hear playing.  I felt the love for the elementals that would grow my garden.  I focused on the gratitude for my neighbors and their health and well-being.  I sent healing to the one whose husband needed a stint placed near his heart a few days ago.  We can tell the difference when it easily flows and when we are trying to force it.  Then there are also the times when it spontaneously bursts forth with such incredible power.


This energy is sent out thru the protective filter of Father/Mother God's will
 and can only be returned in that will and by God's grace.