September 16, 2013

I was recently saying some prayers and thank God SO MANY people are praying.  My prayers that I’m referring to were in regard to the potential and stoppable involvement of the US in conflicts with Syria.  I envisioned myself in the center of a large city in Syria speaking The Peace Rosary (WINV12: Invocation for Invoking the Flame of Peace) from http://www.transcendencetoolbox.com/en/world-change/world-vigil.  The story of Ester came to mind and I envisioned reminding the women of how Ester took a stand, acknowledged her potential to influence “her man,” which happened to be the king, made him curious to the point that he was willing to promise just about anything, and then she presented her request to not proceed with putting into law something that would have allowed the extermination of the Jewish people.  It had been hidden from him that she had Jewish blood.  So I envisioned myself reminding the women with regular ties to various men in their lives, that they know how to influence those men and to take a stand.  I also made this request to the women associated with the US men making decisions.  I’m not in any way saying that I think men are the only ones responsible for wars, since that is completely untrue.  I’m just saying Ester was the story that came to mind and I went with it.

Well I was doing real well asking the Syrian people to take responsibility for taking a stand against armed conflict, until I reached the part of the rosary that is focused on taking personal responsibility for creating peace.  I realized that, as an American, I could better focus on keeping the US out of the soup, keeping the bull out of the china shop.  But as the rosary kept getting deeper into personal responsibility, I realized, like everything else, it comes back to individuals and the influence that a critical number of drops (individuals) have on the flow of the mass consciousness.  The people making decisions still have the choice of whether to listen to the will of the people or not and that is their decision.  Eventually we’ll learn to reclaim our power and not even have positions in governments where there are not appropriate checks and balances to ensure that the will of the people is listened to.  But right now I can only make my own decisions.  They used to say that a politician figures that the views within any letter they receive are shared by 300 voters.  Whether that number these days is larger or smaller, I think there is still some multiplication that turns my pebble to a stone.  So I did throw my stone into the pool to send out whatever ripples.  A few months ago I also wrote out how my personal consciousness has changed regarding the use of military weapons.  Then I tried to look at many of the questions from a higher perspective.  And overall, I’ve been working on recognizing and replacing fear-based reactions I see in myself.  I still believe that a key ingredient is refusing to define enemies and certainly refusing to allow them to be defined for us.


September 10, 2013

Turning the other cheek.  There is still so much about this that I don’t quite get.  I understand stopping the cycle, not contributing to escalating the situation.  The forces that want conflict will gladly use whatever and whoever they can to get the reactions that feed them the energies they crave.  And so, it is important to stay out of those energies.  So perhaps I get the theory, but what about the application?  Ultimately, I guess the goal might be to be able to remain so still that you might as well be invisible to the energy.  I’m not in any way sure whether there is any truth in that statement.  Perhaps, there is a stillness within just being and radiating your own god flame, your own unique combination of god qualities.  And then when you are that, regardless of any outer situations; the specifics and details of any particular situation become somewhat meaningless.  I guess that would equate to being your higher self unconditionally.  Well, fear, pain, anger and other low frequency energies would not be within your sphere of being, because whatever your god qualities are would instantly consume them. 

I’ve watched this recently – the god flame of Unconditional Love consuming fear and doubt.  This lady creates a sacred space and invites us in to pray.  She has worked very hard on herself.  She is one of those people we occasionally meet in our lives who is putting into action what we are learning.  And so we start out with a certain sense of awe, touching the hem of the guru, so to speak.  So anyway, this lady creates a sacred space.  You walk into the room and immediately feel more free.  I’ve watched this other lady that comes to pray.  She usually mumbles and talks with her head down and her eyes on the floor.  She barely steps.  I mean she walks so lightly and tentatively, almost visibly shrinking, and eager to apologize.  Yet, I have also been surprised to see her be the first to volunteer, and walk with the confidence of a warrior.  So she has it in her.  We were sharing our experience after having participated in a singing bowls session (Think of running a wet finger around the rim of a crystal goblet, but these are huge crystal bowls.  One must be around two foot in diameter and 18 inches tall.)  When it came this woman’s turn, she said a little and lifted her head.  But then when anyone could share more, she volunteered and she spoke out into the room and her voice was strong and vibrant.  There were so many, I don’t know if she actually made eye contact with anyone; but there was a day and night difference in her demeanor.  It is such a delightful joy to watch her awaken.  And so I feel I watched the unconditional love that is present within the sacred space the guru-type woman creates and that you can feel radiating from her – I saw it consume the fear and doubt in this other woman.  Perhaps just for a brief time, but perhaps I saw a shift occur.  Of course, I admit it was not all the woman who created the space.  We each contributed something into the circle.  The energies in the room were quite high.  Some of us heard etheric birds singing.  And some could see angelic beings or various lights.  Christ and Holy Spirit were definitely strongly present in a multitude of ways.

So what is the connection between this and turning the other cheek?  I don’t exactly know.  I’m sure one level is not acting upon the urges that are felt.  For a person who would normally react violently, refraining from violence would be a big step; but I don't normally react violently.  Feeling helpless to stop someone from “slapping a cheek” in whatever way that manifests is something I’m familiar with.  So when I turn that other cheek to get slapped also, I certainly have to watch that I don’t step into the victim consciousness.  I do know turning the other cheek has nothing to do with feeling like a victim.  So maybe being able to move past that is also a big step.  And certainly the consuming nature of our god flames can’t be used as a weapon, so the focus and goal can NOT be to consume whatever negativity is coming our way.

So the age old answer is to BE simply because we love being our higher selves in action, recognize that we are always in action, trust that, let situations unfold and remain centered.  But again, what does it take, what are all the little steps that lead to such application?  I hope you have a better handle than I do on what your next step in growth is towards being able to truly apply “turning the other cheek” and what that means. I do know that the more each of us comes to grip with it individually, we become that many more drops in the pool of nations making more progress in coming to grips with it.

I did recently tell someone that just because I don’t have the metaphoric doctorate degree I would desire doesn’t mean I have to put myself in kindergarten.  It is important to recognize our progress, even as we are abundantly aware that there is so much further to go.


September 7, 2013

When the media is discussing whether the United States should be militarily involved somewhere and once I have my own emotions processed, I sometimes become more aware of people around me having a higher level of agitation.  The image that came to mind this morning was being in a car riding through some fog, but being cautious and not opening the windows.  I don’t mean the concept of the car to sound like I’m focusing on the fog.  It seems like the forces that want conflicts send out more anger and fear at these times.  I guess this would be analogous to the fog.  I strive to be more understanding, gentle and patient; recognizing that there are people walking in this fog.  I also call for protection for those who are willing to receive protection from this “fog,” but don’t realize they can be protected or just don’t think to ask for it themselves.  I’m not quite to the point of knowing how my God Flame consumes anything unlike itself, so I’m still ever so grateful for being able to call for and receive protection, especially from lower frequency emotional projections.  There is a button in the left column called protection, if you don’t have your own practice.  If you do, you might consider expanding it to more of the populace than you usually do.

September 5, 2013

Here are some tools I have found useful in stopping the warring in my own members. To me this means having harmony in my thoughts and emotions.

I recognize that what I hear people say is not necessarily what they think they are saying. Some people don't say what they mean. Some people don't express themselves in words very well. A lot of times my perception is on a different page.

Especially, if I feel an emotional tug to react; I clarify in my own mind what the possibilities are. If I can find one that sooths my feelings and seems appropriate, I let it go. If not I'll try to clarify it with the person, by asking, gently and without any accusatory tones, what they meant.

I don't mean just a tug to react by saying something in return that has the poptential for escalating the situation. I also mean a tug to have a non-verbal reaction such as emotion associated with feeling hurt, or a feeling of not liking the person, or a desire to be separated from the person. So awareness of myself is a tool.

Another tool I use is a stop sign. I envision a stop sign in my mind and mentally say stop and if I have to, I say it out loud. This comes in handy when I'm tempted to think something nasty about another driver, or to label someone as rude. Well those are a couple examples. Part of this is also an attitude of giving people a break and the benefit of a doubt. This attitude was developed from several experiences where I found that, although the people's behavior was affecting me; their behavior had nothing to do with me. In these three experiences the people had extremes in their own lives that were consuming thier attention and whatever I needed from them just happened at a bad time. One was the very raw and recent death of a loved one. One was the imprisonment of their child. And the third was in the midst of deciding to walk away from an abusive situation. That the three were willing to tell me a little of their stories shows my willingness to listen.

So two more tools - Listening and a willingness to get the focus off of self. So say when a person cuts me off in traffic, I recognize that this person could be rude, but this person could also be rushing to some drama their caught in. And regardless, I send a prayer that whatever their issue, they are willing and able to gently come to terms with it. So then, I don't have my own anger reverberating in my head and I can just move on.

Summary of these tools:
Knowledge that communication is difficult at best
Seeking clarification
Knowledge of self
A mental stop sign
An attitude of giving people a break and the benefit of any doubt
Willingness to get focus of the needs of the self
Prayerful thoughts

You probably have tools you use to stay in harmony, to remain in a place of peace. Just give it a moment of thought to see that you already do this and can consciously increase your efforts.

February 2, 2012 thru September 4, 2013

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February 1, 2013

Uniting mind and emotion thru the heart.  We can unite the healing wisdom of the mind with the phenomenal energy of the emotions.  We can do this by alternating consciously thinking loving thoughts with feeling loving emotions.  This flow of energy travels an existing figure 8 with the nexus in our heart.  Envision a figure 8 flow of energy.  The top portion of the 8 goes thru your brain.  The energy flows down thru the heart and reaches the bottom portion of the 8 in the stomach.  The energy flows up thru the heart back to the brain, down thru the heart, into the stomach, up thru the heart, into the brain and so on.  We can consciously think how we appreciate having emotions.  Then we can consciously be aware of feeling appreciation for our mind. 

We can build the momentum by increasing the intensity.  Think how grateful we are for the power of emotions.  Feel how grateful we are for the power of thoughts.  Consciously think about unconditionally accepting all our emotions.  Feel an unconditional willingness to accept all our thoughts.  We can move on to consciously thinking about whatever we are feeling in this moment.  Perhaps try to identify it.  Perhaps just acknowledge that, yes, we are feeling something.  Now let’s move our awareness to consciously feeling what ever emotions are associated with our thoughts right now in this moment.  FEEL them; don’t make a list identifying them. 

Let’s intensify our flow some more.  Think about the figure 8 flow.  Travel the 8 three times with our thoughts.  Perhaps we need to quiet the emotions a bit, in order to focus on the mind travelling thru the flow.  Now, feel the figure 8 flow.  Again, travel the 8 three times with our feelings.  And perhaps we need to consciously quiet the mind a bit, in order to truly feel the flow of the emotions thru the figure 8.  And now let’s combine the mind and the emotions in the flow.  Let’s put our awareness in our heart.  Let’s move the consciousness of thinking thoughts into our heart.  In your thoughts, follow the figure 8 flow from the mind to the heart.  Now, let’s move the consciousness of feeling emotions into our heart.  In your feelings, follow the figure 8 flow to your heart.  Now let both feelings and thoughts travel the figure 8 together.  Consciously mentally follow the flow and at the same time feel the flow of the energy, thru the brain, thru the heart, thru the stomach.  Mentally notice and feel the freedom of motion.  Sit with it for at least seven cycles of the 8.

December 1, 2012 thru January 31, 2013

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